Acquiring consumers through the sales pipeline may be a difficult endeavor at times. It may also be challenging to manage several possibilities at various phases of the pipeline, and that is why you should streamline as much as possible. Implementing your selling procedure does not have to be costly and difficult. Integrating chatbots on your mobile app/site to handle queries or repeating email formats for cold marketing are simple ideas that may help you get things done faster.

It's 2022, and the greatest and largest firms' sales procedures are progressively being automated using sales automation software, allowing their sales agents more time to offer. On the contrary, most sales teams continue to expend approximately 30% of their effort on sales activities that can be automated. Sales automation is certainly playing a significant part in the selling procedure by automating numerous manual operations that are now performed by salespeople.

More then 30% of sales related activities can be automated

Automation potential within sales related activities (out of 100%)

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of business owners are looking at marketing automation solutions because they recognize the need of streamlining their selling management procedures. Are you one of them? Great!

What is sales automation?

Sales automation is the technique through which software removes repetitive, time-consuming sales operations and automates them in secs instead of hours & days. Sales automation relieves sales representatives of the burden of managing normal manual chores that are completed on a monthly, quarterly, weekly, and even daily basis.

In a variety of ways, sales automation saves time & keeps costs down. For instance, sales automation may enable your company to remove sales roles, saving money on human salaries. Better sales automation may enable you to maximize the productivity of your existing sales team, allowing you to triple or quadruple your sales with the employees you presently have. When done right, sales automation may help you achieve productivity without sacrificing the human elements that make your sales stand out.

Does sales automation replace sales representatives?

It's not even nearer. Sales remains a very human-centered company, & individuals enjoy human-to-human connections, particularly in B2B commercial interactions. Although sales automation can minimize the amount of sales responsibilities on a sales representative's plate, technology cannot fully eliminate the human touch.


Technology has advanced significantly, but it nonetheless can reproduce the type of human conduct that fosters and maintains confidence. The interesting aspect of automating is that it provides sales representatives more space & opportunities to hone their own traits. They may then communicate with clients in a manner that develops a favorable, long-term relationship.


How well does sales process automation work?

There is no possibility of entirely automating the sales cycle since some functions still demand human intervention. However, according to a McKinsey Global Institute study, one-third of sales operations functions can be automated as we already stated that above. That implies there's a huge chance to offer human salespeople additional time while developing a more successful sales business.

Users can develop a multimodal sales experience using automation technologies. Certain duties are done automatically by the programme, while others are continuously overseen by the sales/marketing staff. Automation may handle a variety of jobs, including but not restricted to:

  • Predictions

  • Managing talent

  • Screening and validation of leads

  • Establishing quotas and managing orders

  • Follow-ups

  • Analytics and sales reporting

  • Pipeline optimization

  • Analytics

Automation implementation in sales is lagging.

which of the functions within your organization have already automated at least one business process

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6 ways to automate your sales process

Automate lead generation process

The automated lead generation process is among the initial sales automation improvements. It might be difficult for a sales representative to develop fresh prospects, retain them, then convert them. Representatives will need some help with all this, & the correct method to do it is first, via sales process automation software. A sales automation program may evaluate prospects in your sales funnel and send them to the best-experienced representatives. It assigns representatives to prospects based on characteristics such as geographic area, previous experience, as well as other specified criteria. This will undoubtedly increase your conversions.


Secondly, data collection for fresh leads - from repetitive copy-paste to data retrieval. When we talk of an effective lead generation pipeline, it's one point to engage with current connections, but the other point is to seek out new connections. This is where one of the best approachable methods of automatic data collection may come in, to the extent where you may not even realize it's backed by AI & automation. It's known as data scraping or web scraping.

Automate data management process

In the sales representatives, information flows at such a rate that not even a top-tier Head of Sales can handle it, much alone create a comprehensive report on it. Bearing in mind every vital component is practically unattainable without the assistance of automated solutions. This extends to strategy as well. Distributed data results in a skewed reporting perspective, which results in poor corporate objectives and forecasting. The report might also require a long time to compile, which adds to the difficulties.

One of the most important parts of excellent team leadership is precise & timely monitoring. Automation will retain managers up to date on the everyday workouts of the sales associates, as well as assist them in producing more accurate findings in less time. As a consequence, companies may develop a dependable sales plan based on actual, data-driven results. As a result, automation technologies enable sales to not only decrease repetitive administrative activities but also analyze and discover unproductive procedures that have to be modified.


Automate your emails

Make use of email templates. The sales personnel send a phetlora of emails to communicate with their clients. The usage of email templates can eliminate the need for thought & sentient error in creating introductions & follow-up letters from scratch. Save effort & capture your prospects' interest with a quasi (partially-personalized) template that can be simply reused or re-created.


Automate sales follow-up

Did you know - 44 percent of salespeople abandon a customer after only one follow-up? Recognize that your target consumers are preoccupied with a variety of activities & interactions. Even when people are interested in an item, they frequently fail to contact sales representatives. As a result, if you don't follow up, you eventually lose key prospects.

Manual follow-ups, on the other hand, might be time taking. Composing follow-up emails or copying and pasting very identical follow-up emails would only lower your representatives' performance. So, all you need to do is design a few layouts and their context and then automate them. That is essentially timing your follow-up emails so that you chase each quality prospect two to three times.

80% of sales require five follow-ups after the intial contact, but 45% of sales people give up after one.

Monitor your results

In today's digital environment, doing the identical activity again and again & expecting various outcomes isn't going to run. Marketers must measure the ROI of every campaign they execute to determine whether or not there are actual outcomes. An optimum ROI is 5x, in comparison to the cost of running this campaign. By collecting this sort of data, you'll understand which campaigns produce the best revenue outcomes - and you'll be able to keep those programs running while canceling the ones that aren't.


The difference between sales and marketing automation

The distinction between sales and marketing automation is very subtle. It may be determined by how far your firm has progressed in allocating different duties to the marketing & sales teams. Marketing duties are primarily concerned with attracting prospects, evaluating them depending on their behavior, and sending high-quality leads to the sales department.

Sales automation is a powerful

Sales automation allows your company to obtain a strategic advantage above its rivals. Prepare your strategy & select tools that fulfill your requirements, then test & modify to increase performance. Streamlining the sales process is one of the most essential components in making sales personnel' jobs smoother. Automation also helps businesses operate effectively by increasing the productivity of the sales crew. Automation technologies have become critical parts of today's environment for businesses to grow, prosper, & retain consumers.

Learning how to automate the sales process in an organization & executing it in the stages provided allows businesses to thrive & maintain in their sector.