The parcel market in Germany is the largest in Europe. Its revenue doubled in 2020 reaching 23.5 billion euros and at the same time, the number of parcels doubled reaching over 3.7 billion. Deutsche Post DHL, Hermes Group, and DPD Group are the top 3 leading players in the German parcel market.

Here is a chart of the estimated shipping rates by the top parcel companies in Germany.

The German parcel market is projected to reach over 32 billion euros by 2025 with the majority share of shipments in the B2C sales segment.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 e-commerce shipping partners for Germany and their solutions to online businesses.

1. Deutsche Post DHL E-commerce Solutions

DHL, a part of the Deutsche Post, is a German logistics and package delivery service provider. It has its headquarter in Bonn, Germany. DHL eCommerce Solutions is a shipment solution for e-commerce businesses for shipping domestic and cross-border products.

For domestic shipping in Germany, DHL eCommerce offers two options:

1. Standard shipping

weight and dimensions Online-price*
Packet S 2kg

up to 35x25x10cm

3.79 euros >

Store price; 3.79EUR

Packet M 2kg

up to 60x30x15cm

4.39 euros >

Store price; 4.50EUR

DHL Package 2kg

up to 60x30x15cm

4.99 EUR>

only online

DHL Package 5kg

up to 120x60x60cm**

5.99 EUR>

Store price; 7.49EUR

DHL Package 10kg

up to 120x60x60cm**

8.49 EUR>

Store price; 9.49EUR

DHL Package 31.5kg

up to 120x60x60cm

16.49 EUR>

Store price; 16.49EUR

Here, the customer has the option to print parcel stamps conveniently at home or at any DHL location. The delivery duration for standard shipping is usually 1-2 working days.

2. Express Shipping


Next day delivery(Monday-Friday)6


up to 0.5 kg EUR 11.00 >

Store price; 13.50EUR

over 0.5 kg to 2kg EUR 14.00 >

Store price; 16.50EUR

over 0.2 kg to 5kg EUR 15.00 >

Store price; 16.50EUR

over 0.5 kg to 10kg EUR 25.00 >

Store price; 27.50EUR

over 0.10 kg to 20kg EUR 30.00 >

Store price; 32.50EUR

uber 20 kg bis 31.5kg EUR 45.00 >

Store price; 47.50EUR

In Express shipping, the delivery is done within the next day with a time option (there is a surcharge for time options).

For DHL eCommerce international parcel shipping, again there are two types, Standard shipping and Express shipping.

1. DHL International Standard Shipping Rates

Country For Parcel up to 2 kg XS For Parcel up to 5 kg
Inside the EUEUR 4.89EUR 15.99
Switzerland & UKEUR 8.89EUR 26.90
Rest of EuropeEUR 8.89EUR 29.99
Russian FederationEUR 8.89EUR 30.99
United StatesEUR 8.89EUR 36.99
North Africa, Canada, Middle East & Parts of AsiaEUR 8.89EUR 37.99
ChinaEUR 8.89EUR 42.99
Rest of the WorldEUR 8.89EUR 45.99

2. DHL International Express Shipping rates

For international shipping, the rates start from EUR 44.79 (for weight up to 0.5 kg) for different zones in the EU. The rates worldwide (for weight up to 0.5 kg) start from EUR 43.24. DHL offers DHL Expresseasy National & International for urgent parcels. The parcels are delivered the next day for domestic shipments and within 2-3 working days for international shipments.

2. Hermes

Hermes is Germany’s largest logistics service provider for deliveries to private customers. It has over 16000 ParcelShops in Germany with more than 400 local branches and 30 depots. Its headquarter is in Hamburg, Germany. It delivers 817 million shipments in Europe every year. For e-commerce businesses, it offers-

  • Hermes Shipping Interface with all essential functions such as shipping labels, returns, collection, and shipment information.

  • Hermes Shipping Client with SSL- encrypted data transmission to import data in CSV format and daily generation of end-of-day lists.

  • Hermes full integration for high-volume parcels (from 75,000 parcels a year) with complete independence through deep integration into the customer software.

The parcel services it offers are-

Package announcement-

Easy 2-4 hour delivery window with detailed information link to shipment tracking

Desired delivery-

The online buyers decide how they would like to receive their parcels

Parcelshop direct delivery-

The parcel is delivered directly to the ParcelShop


An identity check is done at the front door or in the ParcelShop during delivery

Express Service-

It is a fast track priority delivery service

Cash on delivery service-

Safe and fast delivery of goods to the recipient against cash payment of the value of goods.

Returns shipping-

Hermes offers shipping with return solutions for the customers

International shipping-

For e-commerce businesses to send parcels to international destinations.

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3. DPD

DPD Germany is a part of the international DPD group. In France, DPD is a part of Groupe La Poste, Europe’s second-largest postal service.

For Germany, it has the DPD Classic parcel delivery services for fast standard delivery times and outstanding value for money.

Shipping possibilities DPD Shop2Shop DPD CLASSIC DPD Gurantee International- Express Shipping
GermanyGermany/Europe Austeria,Czech Republic,Denmark, Estonia,Finland,France,Latvia, Lithuania,Monaco,Poland,Slovakia Worldwide
Drop off at a Pickup Parcelshop

max weight 20kg,Length 100 cm,combined circumference length 250 cm


max weight 31.5kg,Length 175 cm,combined circumference+ length 300 cm

Online POD -

The DPD Express Shipping is for faster delivery of parcels domestically and internationally. For domestic shipments, the delivery is on the next working day.

Your supplementary Services DPD 8:30

Delivery by 8:30 hours

DPD 10:00

Delivery by 10:10 hours

DPD 12:00

Delivery by 12:10 hours

DPD Express

Delivery by 18:00 hours

DPD 12:00 Saturday

Delivery by 18:00 hours

GermanyGermany/BeNeluxGermany,Switzerland and BeNuluxGermany,Switzerland liechtenstein and BeNuluxGermany
online POD
Parcels up to 31.5 kg

The international shipping solutions, DPD has an efficient international network of more than 800 locations with cost-effective priced delivery to 37 European countries.

Services Europe-Wide Shipping With DPD CLASSIC Europe-Wide Shipping With DPD EXPRESS1 world-Wide Shipping DPD EXPRESS1
Srandard Delivery Time 1-4 working days (Garuntee-Service as Optional estra) 1-3 working days2-5 working days
Consignee Delivery notification Predict free of charge in 21 countries Only with time specific delivery-
Networkroadby road/airby air
parcel tracking Live-trackingOnline trackingOnline tracking

For e-commerce businesses, DPD offer services such as-

  • Shipping software integration with CRM and online shop systems

  • Delivery notification for customers informing them of their parcel arrival time

  • Live-tracking to show where the parcel currently is

  • One-touch returns management

  • Redirection options for customers to change the place of delivery

Refer to the below image for the DPD domestic shipping price chart.

Parcel Size (Shortest +Longest size) pay online and send off at pickup parcelshop1,2 ship the parcel directly from a pickup parcelshop7 pay online and have a parcel pickup from home/parcellockbox3,4,8
DPD shop2shopDPD CLASSICDPD CLASSICDPD CLASSIC DPD 10:00 DELIVERY Mon-Fri5 DPD 12:00 Delivery Mon-Fri5 DPD 12:00 Delivery Sat5 DPD EXPRESS Delivery Sat5
upto 35cm
4.00 €4.39 €-7.60 €32.00 €22.00 €42.00 €17.00 €
upto 50cm
4.50 €4.99 €5.10 €7.60 €32.00 €22.00 €42.00 €17.00 €
upto 70cm
5.90 €6.40 €7.20 €10.90 €35.00 €25.00 €45.00 €20.00 €
upto 90cm
9.70 €9.90 €11.50 €17.20 €42.20 €32.20 €52.20 €27.20 €
upto circumference +Longest side 300cm/td>
-16.90 €17.50 €24.00 €49.00 €39.00 €59.00 €34.00 €

Refer to the chart below for DPD international shipping rates from Germany within the EU.

Parcel Size (Shortest +Longest size) pay online and send off at pickup parcelshop1 ship the parcel directly from a pickup parcelshop3 pay online and have pickup parcel from home/parcellockbox2
upto 35cm
9.90 €12.90 €35.00 €------
upto 50cm
12.00 €15.10 €38.00 €12.50 €15.60 €38.50 €15.20 €18.20 €41.10 €
upto 70cm
15.80 €18.80 €43.80 €15.80 €18.80 €43.80 €15.80 €18.80 €43.80 €
upto 90cm
19.00 €23.00 €56.00 €19.00 €23.00 €56.00 €25.50 €29.50 €62.50 €
upto circumference +Longest side 300cm/td>
22.50 €27.50 €65.50 €22.50 €27.50 €65.50 €31.20 €36.20 €74.20 €

4. GLS

GLS Germany is a part of the global GLS Group. It has over 7000 GLS ParcelShops and 6000 vehicles to transport parcels throughout Germany.

GLS for e-commerce businesses offers the following domestic shipment solutions-

Flex Delivery Service-

The recipient gets a variety of delivery options and is notified about the expected delivery date and time

Store Return Service-

The recipient can return parcels for free through a GLS ParcelShop

Store Delivery Service-

The product is delivered directly to a GLS ParcelShop

Pick & Return Service-

The package is picked from any point and returned to the desired address.

Pick & Ship Service-

The package is picked from an address and delivered directly to the recipient

Guaranteed 24 Service-

Guaranteed delivery on the next working day throughout Germany

GLS Same Day-

Delivery to the customer on the same evening between 5:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Delivery at Work Service-

GLS delivers the parcel directly to a department or office.

Exchange Service-

Delivery and returns are collected in one go.

Identity Service-

Proof of identity at the time of parcel handover

Ident PIN Service-

Parcel handover to the person against PIN number

Cash Service-

Cash paid by the recipient upon delivery and the amount is transferred to the sender.

Consignment Service-

Delivery of multiple packages to one recipient

Letter Box Service-

Parcel delivered directly to the mailbox without the recipient’s signature.

Similarly, for international shipping, GLS offers a wide range of services.

Store Return Service-

The consignees return parcels free of cost through GLS ParcelShop

Store Delivery Service-

The parcel is delivered directly to a GLS ParcelShop

Cash Service-

The recipient pays for the goods in cash upon delivery

Pick & Return Service-

The package is picked from any address and returned to the desired address.

Pick & Ship Service-

The package is picked at an address and delivered directly to the recipient

Flex Delivery Service-

The recipient gets information on the delivery options

eDeclaration Service-

GLS takes care of the customs clearance

The domestic shipping rates in Germany are based on the package sizes. Here’s a chart for it.

Package Prices for shipping to Germany

Standard transit time:1 day (Mon-Fri)

Max Weight:40kg

Siz Dimensions ** Online send@parcelshop Online send@home Payment in the GLS Parcelshop
XS Maximum 35 cm€3.50€4.30€4.90
S Maximum 50 cm€4.30€4.90€5.50
M Maximum 70 cm€5.40€6.30€7.50
L Max. 90 cm€9.50€9.90€11.50
XL Max. 3m girth*€18.90€18.90€19.50

5. UPS

UPS Germany is a part of the global UPS group founded in Seattle in the year 1907. It ships parcels to 220+ countries with 2,285 daily flight segments globally.

In Germany, for domestic shipments, its solutions are-

UPS Express Plus-

Next day delivery as early as 9:00 a.m.

UPS Express-

Early delivery to destinations within Germany as early as 10:30 a.m.

UPS Express Saver-

An economical alternative for next-day shipments

UPS Standard-

Specific day delivery estimates to plan delivery dates.

Same DayDelivery time provided when order is placedUPS Express Critical
1 Business Day Delivery by 9:00 a.m. UPS Express Plus
1 Business Day Delivery by 10:30 a.m.UPS Express
1 Business Day Delivery by 12:00 noon UPS Express 12:00
1 Business Day Delivery by end of business dayUPS Express Saver
1-2 Business Days Delivery during the dayUPS Standard

For international shipments, it has-

UPS Worldwide Express Plus-

Delivery to 55+ countries with time-definite delivery. Send parcels to the USA, Europe, and Canada within 9:00 a.m. the next day. Send parcels to Asia in 2 days as early as 9:00 a.m.

UPS Worldwide Express-

In-house customs clearance with 3 delivery attempts. Delivery to Europe the next day as early as 12:00 p.m. and to cities in USA and Canada in 1-2 days as early as 10:30 a.m. For South America and Asia, it takes 3+ days.

UPS Express Saver-

Fast and economical international shipping with delivery to locations in Asia in 3 days and the U.S., and Canada by the end of 2 days.

UPS Worldwide Expedited-

Door-to-door service with in-house customs clearance. It includes 3 delivery attempts and day-definite delivery. It takes 3 days for Russia and Ukraine and 3+ days for the U.S., Turkey, and Japan.

UPS Worldwide Standard-

Cost-effective specific day delivery estimates within 2-3 working days.

1-2 Business DaysDelivery by 9.00 a.m.UPS Express Plus
1-3 Business Days Delivery by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noonUPS Express NA1
1-3 Business DaysDelivery typically by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noonUPS Express
1-3 Business Days Delivery by end of dayUPS Worldwide Express Freight
1-3 Business Days Delivery by 12:00 noon or 14:00, depending on destination postcode UPS Worldwide Express Freight Midday
1-5 Business Days Delivery during the dayUPS Express Saver
2-5 Business Days Delivery during the dayUPS Expedited
1-5 Business Days Delivery during the dayUPS Standard


With e-commerce set to grow at a rapid pace, technology has taken the front seat. It is a heartening fact to know that more and more shipment providers are focusing more on environmental sustainability and doing everything to reduce their carbon footprint. The e-commerce shipping companies in Germany have had a solid year. 2022 looks promising with first-time online shoppers set to grow and e-commerce companies doing everything to satisfy their customers’ shipping concerns.