Providing discounts to customers is an excellent strategy to win over customers. This not just improves sales, but also helps with acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. In short, you can create a loyal customer base. Nowadays, the competition is too tough. Hence, it is difficult to sustain over a longer period. Through discounts, you can sell products sooner and accelerate your average order value.

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

Last year, there were a couple of brands that chose the path of offering heavy discounts and ran promotions every month to enhance their brand visibility and clear their stocks. This had worked in their favor and many brands have come forward to follow this path. If you are a brand using Shopify’s eCommerce platform to display and sell your products, you certainly need discount apps to offer exciting discounts to your customers. Why waste your time choosing the best one when we have got you covered? In this list, we have noted the top 7 discount apps of Shopify in 2023.

Best Discount Apps In The Shopify Store

After going through several discount apps in the Shopify app store, we have come up with the seven best discount apps. These apps offer volume discounts, bundle discounts, countdown timers, and other features that will make a wonderful treat for your customer during promotions.

1. Revy Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Revy’s discount app is one of the best apps helping businesses offer discounts to customers. This app basically clubs two or more products into a single bundle. Based on the selected bundle, businesses can offer discounts and increase sales. The discounts are not restricted to a single tier. You can offer multi-tier discounts.

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

Use Case:

If your customers select two products, you can offer a 10% discount and if your customers select three products, you can offer a 15% discount. Likewise, you can offer bundle discounts for your customers.

With this app in your online store, you can show cart tips to your customers recommending the best saves and right bundles. Through these tips, you can strengthen the purchase intent of your customers and increase the conversion rate.

With this dynamic app, you can create an exclusive bundle page or incorporate bundles into your existing page, resulting in a rise in AOV (Average Order Value). Enjoy a comprehensive package with updated metrics. This app loads reports on Purchases, Add-to-cart, Bundles, Orders, and Discounts.

Key Features

  • Basic installation or deep integration depending on your business requirements

  • Leverage automation for starters and APIs for experts

  • Apply bundle discounts automatically during checkouts

  • Use discounts for a single product based on volume or multiple products.

This app has a free plan and it allows one bundle. The paid plans are Basic, Professional, and Advanced plans. Depending on your Shopify plan, the price of your app will vary.

2. Shopacado - Volume Discounts

The second one to add to our list of best discount apps is Shopacado. This app was launched in 2019 and has features that focus more on volume discounts. This app has received rave reviews from customers and left a unique mark for itself among other discount apps on Shopify. This app is smooth and easy to use.

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

Having different discount types in your store helps you to do stronger sales compared to the conventional methods. Shopacado lets you offer volume discounts, spend amount discounts, and discounts for buying a certain number of products at a specified amount. This will encourage the customers to buy more.

Use case:

You can motivate your customers to buy 5 products at $200 or save $10 if they buy more than 5 products. You can also offer discounts in percentages like a 20% offer for purchasing more than 5 products in one transaction.

Having a customized discount table draws your customer’s attention and improves your chances of sales. Shopacado allows businesses to design their table’s look, show notifications to upsell products, and create a productive environment.

Key Features

  • Adding the most complicated discounts becomes simple with this discount app

  • Display cart messages to upsell products and increase your AOV

  • Customize the discount bars to go along with the outlook of your online store

  • Offer selective discounts based on products, collections, or tags

The app doesn’t have a free plan. However, it lets businesses run a trial period of seven days. Post the period, the users have to pay plan specific amount. You can refer to Shopacado’s website for detailed information on pricing.

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3. Bold Discounts - The Sale App

Another top-rated application that has unique features, Bold Discounts is definitely worth a try according to our research. Why? It has been there since 2012. So, you need not worry about its reliability. They have had a stellar record for more than a decade. Hence, you can trust them for longstanding services.

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

Let us give you a brief of its best feature - this app provides the ability to schedule your discounts or sale. So, if you are going on a holiday or on a road trip, you can stay at ease as this app lets you plan your sale beforehand. You can simply configure the start date and end date of the sale. The app will automatically run the discount and end it at the configured time.

Use case:

If you are going to be unavailable during the Christmas holidays, but you want to run a sale. The main purpose of this is to clear your stocks. You can set the time duration in this app and enable it. It will operate automatically.

Other features include customizing the pricing tag to suit your website or mobile app’s theme. If you are running a recurring sale, you can configure the app accordingly. Strengthening the buying intent of customers is simple when you have their countdown timer feature. This app deserves a thumbs-up for its varied features.

Key Features

  • Schedule your discounts to run over a particular period of time

  • Avert stacking discounts and run several discounts at a single time

  • Add a sale tag to selective collections while preventing others from adding to the sale

This app also doesn’t have a free plan. However, they have a longer trial period of 14 days. After that, you can sign up for its sole paid plan. It costs $19.99/month. It includes all the features that we have mentioned in this section.

4. AIOD - All Automatic Discounts

Though launched recently by CirckleStudio, this app has received quality reviews from its users. AIOD stands for All In One Automatic Discount app. This helps merchants to offer a variety of discounts to customers without any hassle. With this app, merchants have the advantage to incorporate different discounts for different products. Isn’t that great?

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

A wide variety of discounts including Bundle discounts, Volume discounts, Wholesale discounts, BOGO discounts, Cart Condition discounts, gift discounts, Post Purchase discounts, and Stackable discounts can be availed in this app. You can mix and add the best one for your business.

Use case:

As there are multiple options, you can choose the discount type that works best for your business. For instance, if you are running a clothing store, you can go with a BOGO discount. This is a great way to clear your stocks.

Other features include upselling popups with offers suitable for your customers, showing additional discounts on the cart page, and other forms of discounts. However, by leveraging any of these types, you can certainly increase the shopping intent of your customers and improve your sales.

Key Features

  • Communicate with your customers through progressive messages on their orders

  • Automatically apply different forms of discounts to the cart page during checkouts

  • Rather than using discount codes, use automatic offers and discounted prices

  • Analyze the performance of your sale and realign the sales strategy

This app has a free plan. If you want a run over all the features to assess the app, you can try the trial period for 30 days. Moreover, it has three more plans whose cost depends on your Shopify plan. This is a good choice if you want to try different discount types for your business.

5. Volume Boost: Volume Discount

As a business, if your marketing strategy is focused on volume-based discounts, nothing can beat this app on our list. Why? It has volume discount facilities along with other features that will make your business double its profits. It has a Shopify rating of 4.6 stars and it is in the market since 2018.

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

There is a disadvantage to having bundle discounts in certain businesses, particularly if all the products are not essential. Those businesses can leverage the Volume discounts option for a positive return and streamlined sales. Volume discounts also help in stock clearance at the end of the financial year.

Use case:

You can offer discounts for your customers when they purchase 2 or 3 variants of the same product, depending on your workflow configuration. This will prompt your customers to buy the products. Adding a countdown timer fortifies their buying intent.

This app has other features that include adding a discount coupon box on the cart page. You can also create more than one customer tag and offer discounts based on that. The app enables businesses to use location-based discounts and expand their market in areas where they are new or growing.

Key Features

  • Enable the bulk discounts feature in countries of their choice

  • Configure the messages displayed to the customers during the time of checkouts.

  • Create more than one tag for customers during the purchase

  • Display the discount options in card view or grid view

The app doesn’t have a free plan. However, you can have firsthand experience of the app’s complete feature set through its seven-day trial period. After that, you can sign up for any of its paid plans depending on your budget and business requirements.

6. Bundle Bear - Volume Discounts

Another exciting app to feature in our list of 7 best discount apps in the Shopify app store for 2023 is Bundle Bear. This app has excellent UI, interesting features, and advanced functionalities that make it a good choice for businesses interested in offering discounts to customers and boosting their business.

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

This app lets you provide discount codes to specific customers and enable them to use them to buy products. With this app, you can stack up multiple discounts together and depending on your purpose, you can activate them for your business. This app is suitable for creating bundles, kits, and sets.

Use case:

If you have loyal customers who have been with you for more than a year, you can convey your gratitude and encourage them to purchase more by offering a discount code that can be availed by them during checkouts.

Other features of these apps are the ability to create product bundles, volume discounts, and quantity breaks. You can apply these discounts for a specific product or collection based on the time of sale or inventory availability. You can also add the most popular tags for the offers that are the best buys for your customers.

Key Features:

  • Choose custom themes to suit the visualization of your brand

  • Leverage the option to display how different discounts will appear to customers

  • Restrict discount to one product or apply the same for all the products

  • Offer free gifts for customers when they choose a bundle of products

Bundle Bear doesn't have any free plans. It has four paid plans that match the plans of Shopify. You can have a trial run during your trial period of fourteen days and choose the plan that can be leveraged for your business.

7. Bundler - Product Bundles

Be it promoting your products, upselling, cross-selling, or discounts - the Bundler app has everything you need to offer bundle discounts to your customers. This app has extensive features that are difficult to find in other conventional apps. It has excellent features and a flexible UI that can be understood easily by a beginner.

7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

Increase the average order value of your products by providing discounts in percentage, flat rate, or any other format. Moreover, you can add quantity breaks to control how the orders are sold by customers. Businesses can create different types of bundle discounts for customer preferences.

Use case:

If you are running a clothing store and want your customers to buy a set of shirts and pants at a discounted price, you can use the mix-n-match discount. With this, the customer will be prompted to buy a pant while searching for shirts.

The Bundler app has features that allow businesses to create classic bundles, quantity bundles, fast bundle upsells, grocery discounts, discount popups, tiered discounts, and automatic bundle discounts, and if needed, you can create your own discount bundle. Businesses can use these types of discounts for a better promotional strategy.

Key Features:

  • Create bundle discounts, volume discounts, and quantity breaks

  • Create different types of bundle discounts to suit the time and duration of your sale

  • Customize the bundle to offer and convey exciting returns to customers

  • Use funnel popups to boost your bundles to strengthen customer’s buying intent

The app has a free plan that includes basic features. It doesn’t have any trial period. So, you have to buy the paid plan to experience all the features. The paid plan starts at $6.99 every month. The paid plan has more features like funnel popups, free shipping, discount in carts, and custom bundle image compared to the free plan.

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7 Best Discount Apps In The Shopify App Store 2023

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