OK. You have a fantastic app, a one-of-a-kind app that everyone will enjoy.

It's all marvelous, however, I have some unfortunate news for you: there are roughly five million (5,400,000) applications in both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store (reference: Statista), & when you do not make the necessary efforts to optimize your app for the stores, you will not appear in general search so as people can / find, install, and then use your app.

That is something you do not want.

Worse, imagine a competitor (with a very similar item) appearing & stealing your target audience.

That is something you do not want, believe me.

Thank goodness, there is a solution for this, and it is known as App Store Optimization. (ASO).

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

What exactly is an organic installation?

An organic install occurs when a user discovers and installs your program without any assistance, i.e. he hasn't encountered any advertisement or associate (measured) link from some other sources. Associate links are practiced more on a website than that of a mobile app.

In an ideal scenario, when all sponsored campaigns & owned resources are accurately tracked, organic installations are created through google play store discovery, top charts ranks, and features, while consumers search mobile applications to find new apps as per their requirements.

It's critical to separate (and measure) the three types of installs: paid, owned, and organic.

Let's get ASO advice now!

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

Tip 1: App Store Optimization (ASO) - you must Do it!

As you may know, app store optimization (ASO) is the act of improving an app to raise its exposure in app stores, increase conversion rates, & increase organic installations. ASO is primarily concerned with traffic & CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): the more and more traffic your mobile app listing receives and the greater your conversion rate, the more free installations you receive.

According to Apple, search inquiries account for 65% of app downloads in the App Store, therefore don't hesitate to work on your ASO. Your application will be grateful.

ASO is comparable to web SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in some respects, particularly when it comes to Searching (App Search Optimization), but there is a significant difference: web paid campaigns do not influence SEO, but paid mobile user acquisition efforts have a serious influence on ASO.

When you conduct sponsored advertising, your app's keywords or leading charts rankings rise, visibility grows, and so do organic install numbers. Organic uplift is a direct relationship between organic and uninstallations.

There are various distinctions between App Store ASO and Google Play ASO, so each market's strategy should be adapted properly.

As a result, the strategy for each market should be distinct.

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

Tip 2: Use the appropriate keywords in the appropriate areas (keyword/market research).

ASO revolves around keywords whenever it comes to searches.

For some, selecting the appropriate keywords for App Store Optimization might be difficult. Consider which terms are most closely related to your app. Would you identify with the phrase "working out" if your application is about preparing food? Once you have a concept, you may use Google Play's "auto-complete keywords" to search for relevant phrases.

Enter any phrase into the Google Play Search Bar to receive some good recommendations. All that remains is to select the finest ones and add them to the keywords that are actively working with.

Once you've identified the proper keywords, examine them using a method like TheTool's ASO tool. Choose the ones with the lowest difficulty and the most traffic.

Lastly, put everything together at the correct places: add the finest and most-trafficked keywords to the title of your application in both the App Store & Google Play:

Apple Search Ads: View the keyword popularity score for each term in the App Store with the Chrome addon.

The viewer of Google Play Short Descriptions: View the brief description of any Google Play application from your desktop browser.

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

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Tip 3: Run A/B testing to enhance stats

In a bid to improve, every change must be measured.

Your primary objective should be not just to top the list, but also to maintain an appealing app store listing; otherwise, the conversion rate of your application or game will be suboptimal. The conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of the app installed by the total amount of visitors to your app (listing). Users will not download & install your software or game if the listing is not interesting to them.

Change the title, icon, description, images, and so on to observe what effect it has on your app's conversion rate to install. Run an A/B test to determine how these modifications affect the number of installs. Once you've discovered the best outcome, keep with it and appreciate the growing number of installs.

Pro tip: When running A/B testing, assess each listing item independently; otherwise, determining which modification had the most influence on total installs will be difficult.

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

Tip 4: Do not concentrate on a particular nation.

Increase user reach by localizing app store listings.

Do not however limit the scope of your application; if you're able to make it global, do so. You never know where & when your mobile app or game will find a market - the United States, Singapore, or even Brazil?

Consider localizing your app store listing and making it available in many languages to reach prospective consumers in other areas. This is possible in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Examine the keywords for various markets and enhance them to increase visibility, conversion rates, and installation volume in each area.

Tip 5: ASO is a long-term procedure

Don't give up - optimizing once early in the procedure is insufficient.

You must understand that there will always be room for improvement in your ASO approach. In an ever-changing world with constant rivalry in app stores, your ASO must adjust rapidly to market changes. This is the only method to compete with your competition or other applications vying for the same phrases as you.

It's not sufficient to evaluate your app; if you haven't already, try to measure your competitors. Controlling your keyword rankings versus the competitors daily is essential if you wish your application to flourish.

Track your application's position among the top rankings, the rankings of your rivals, and which other applications are ranking highly in the same area or using the same keywords. Investigate more to see how companies obtained these achievements.

Monitoring & improving keywords, top lists rank, exchange rates, and customer feedback/ratings is indeed an effort you must make to stay current with your competitors. There's always room for improvement in your app's ranking; ASO is a continuing activity.

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

Tip 6: Use the proper instruments to determine the correct things.

Data is crucial to app marketing and ASO. There are several techniques for measuring it. Since the inception of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, various tools have emerged to assist in monitoring & tracking every aspect of app exposure in stores.

Keywords, top charts rankings, reviews & ratings, rivals, organic installations, organic revenues, and so on. The most common error that app marketers do is failing to adequately monitor every ASO KPI linked to their app's exposure.

To gain a broader view and make much better ASO decisions, you must have data on the progression of key KPIs. Use new and current technologies to measure every component of your application, and remember the prior tip: never cease optimizing.

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

Tip 7: Always stay current on ASO best practices

A single modification has the potential to reshape the market. The first of September, 2016, represented a watershed moment in the app marketing field. That was the date Apple reduced the character restriction for app names from 255 to 50. In a bid to react, applications have to radically rethink their keyword approach.

 7 Tips To Get Organic Installs

Finishing up

Possessing an ASO plan in place is critical for any application or mobile game's success. You can create the greatest app, however, without the proper location, you would never attract your intended audience. Once you've adopted ASO & improved your application's statistics, keep measuring your application and your competitors, upgrading, optimizing, & adapting to any changes in this ever-changing market.

The stronger your ASO approach, the greater the influence it will have on the exposure & amount of installations of your application, requiring you to spend fewer dollars on sponsored user acquisition while achieving a higher number of organic installs.

See you on the top lists & search engine result.!