You can sense trouble when there is a rise in the number of abandoned carts in your online store. It can be a web store or mobile store. However, abandoned carts are a sign of an unhealthy business. Because of certain attributes, customers find it difficult to proceed with the purchase. As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to identify the reasons for abandoned carts and take measures to avert them. In the end, you will get faster sales orders.

Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform enabling businesses to build progressive online stores loaded with rich features and apps you will find nowhere else collectively. To save the efforts of the businesses, Shopify’s app store has smart apps that serve their multiple business woes. This includes apps to manage abandoned carts. In this article, let’s take a look at the best Shopify Abandoned Cart apps for 2023 to get back sales.

Reasons Customer Abandon Their Carts

Calculate the Cart Abandonment Rate with this formula.

  1. Divide the number of completed transactions with shopping carts initiated.

  2. Subtract the value from 1.

  3. Multiply the difference by 100 to obtain the result in the percentage.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Before revealing the list of Abandoned Cart apps in Shopify, let’s go through the top reasons for customers leave their cart in the middle without completing the purchase.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Increased Auxiliary Costs

You must have come across instances where your overall product value is less than the shipping charges and taxes. Well, this is one of the primary reasons customers abandon their carts.

Solution: Be transparent about the charges. This will decrease the likelihood of abandoned carts.

Complex Process

Customers opt for online purchases as it reduces their time and has a simpler checkout process. But, what if the checkout takes a lot of time? Every new form you add at checkout reduces the probability of your sales.

Solution: Make the checkout as simple as you can. Don’t overdo the data collection.

Data Security

When customers choose online payment mode, they expect to be redirected to a secure payment gateway through which they can make payments. If it redirects to a site with privacy concerns, they will think twice before checking out your website.

Solution: Partner with secure payment gateways to manage your transactions.

Delayed Delivery

One of the prime advantages that certain eCommerce platforms have compared to others is quick delivery. Why would customers prefer a particular service when some other platform offers the same at a faster pace?

Solution: Take measures to improve the delivery speed of your products and services.

User Experience

Many customers consider it a red flag if the user experience of an application is not good. User experience is an important metric for brand identity. So, a poor experience or glitches results in more abandoned carts.

Solution: Create an engaging UI without any glitches in the application.

These are some of the common reasons for cart abandonments. Apart from this, other general or industry-specific reasons will shape your sales.

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Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps

1. Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Omnisend is a flagship app with an all-in-one interactive platform. It streamlines your email marketing and text messaging facilities. With Omnisend, you can effortlessly convert your first-time customers into long-term partnerships. This brand facilitates improving the customer conversion rate.

The most interesting part about Omnisend is it captures the details related to abandoned carts. It collects data related to abandoned carts and checkouts. Based on that, you can redirect your marketing strategy.

You can automate your workflow with predefined templates. Here, you can customize the messages and modify the workflow settings. You can also set up a time frame for dispatching these messages.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor to build your templates

  • Zero coding needed to customize templates

  • Pick your products directly from the store

  • Create dedicated landing pages

  • Analyze the engagement to make important decisions

  • Recommend collections based on previous purchases


The app has a free plan through which you can reach up to 50 contacts. The paid plans include Standard and Pro. They cost $16/month and $59/month respectively. Based on your business size, you can choose the right plan.

2. PushDaddy: Whatsapp Chat Plus

PushDaddy is another trending Abandoned Cart app in Shopify. With a star rating of 4.5 stars, Push Daddy ensures successful engagement efforts through Whatsapp. This app is your one-stop platform to manage all your customer interactions directly through Whatsapp. You can avert making phone calls and save time with this app.

In addition to Whatsapp, it also has a chrome extension. This app is your best choice if you are looking to send updates and marketing messages through Whatsapp. It has marketing automation to inform customers about the products left in the cart. You can also leverage marketing automation through emails.

The app communicates with customers through a familiar platform - Whatsapp. Hence, it improves the engagement rate. Further, it also sends updates on the order status and strengthens your post-purchase marketing efforts.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Key Features

  • Abandoned cart and order updates via Whatsapp and Email

  • Chat right away with your customers without any delay

  • Use Chrome extension for a faster interaction

  • Automation facility in Whatsapp to streamline your workflow


The app has a free plan that has all the features except Chrome Extension. You should note that though you can access the Automation facility through the free plan, you will be charged per message. The paid plan costs $6.99/month. The paid plan includes premium support and Chrome Extension.

3. PushOwl Recover Abandoned Cart

PushOwl Recover Abandoned Cart is one marketing tool that you can never turn your back on. The main goal of this Abandoned Cart app is to maximize your profits. How? The app is carefully designed to meet all your marketing purposes to increase your sales without causing any trouble to your customers.

The unique feature of this app is its ability to focus more on Push Notifications. Several apps in the marketplace try to be a jack of all trades by providing emails, text messaging, and Push notifications features. In most cases, the model turns into a failure. PushOwl Notification, on the other hand, strikes the right balance.

PushOwl personalizes the marketing experience depending on the target audience. They have done their homework before introducing the app. Because the app serves the purpose very well with all the necessary features.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Key Features

  • Allows unlimited subscribers in all the plans.

  • Automate Back-in-Store, Price Drop, and Abandoned Cart processes.

  • Enables you to track the subscriber details and obtain email reports.

  • Additionally, you also get chat support once you subscribe to this excellent app.


The app has a free plan along with two paid plans. Depending on the plan, the number of impressions varies. This app provides you the choice to pay monthly or annually with some discount for users who opt for the annual plan. The only difference between the two paid plans is the number of impressions. All other features are the same.

4. Postscript SMS Marketing

Postscript SMS Marketing app focuses on the SMS marketing channel to retain your customers and increase sales. The apps we discussed previously in the article talk about Push Notifications, Emails, and Whatsapp Messaging. This app makes a difference with its SMS feature.

With around 97% of the text messages read in fifteen minutes, one can understand the power and capabilities of SMS marketing. With SMS marketing, you can boost sales and expect better ROI, and faster results. There are several regulations in place to control spam. So, it is impossible to cause any hindrance to customers with this facility.

The detailed dashboard of this app collects and displays all the information related to your marketing strategy. You can also gather insights on the acquisition, analytics, and other parameters related to your marketing.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Key Features

  • Personalize the messages with powerful automation tools

  • Leverage Postscript to integrate with other apps for a seamless operation

  • You can test out your keywords on your mobile phone before launching campaigns

  • Utilize the billing dashboard to track your billing information

  • You get a unique toll-free number along with unlimited segments and subscriber acquisition tools


The platform is free to use and install. As you sign up, you get $1000 credits for your first 30 days period. Post that, you have to pay extra for SMS, MMS, and carrier fees. Along with the free plan, you can also use the paid plans. However, both plans have distinct features. So, one has to be cautious before choosing the right one.

5. Amplified: Abandon Cart, Email

Amplify your sales with the Amplified app, tailor-designed for email and SMS marketing. It is a two-in-one app that has two powerful marketing tools in one application. These tools help businesses to expand their business and bring in more sales. If you are looking to skyrocket sales, you can reach it through Amplified.

The email editor is a highly personalized tool that empowers you to create attractive and engaging emails. Once designing your email, you can automate your emails for the welcome and abandoned cart flows. This app has an additional perk to integrate with multiple apps for better engagement.

The SMS flow of Amplified lets you determine how you must proceed with the SMS messages. Right from the waiting period to adding images, the Amplified app has everything you need to manage all your sales.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Key Features

  • Pre-built SMS and Email messages for your business

  • Create automation flows for all important services for your customers

  • Easy-to-use and flexible operations

  • Take data-driven decisions with metrics that boost your sales

  • Segment your audience and focus on your marketing strategy


The app has a free plan and you can kickstart your Amplified journey with 500 contacts. In the Free plan, you have workflow automation, cart sync, lead capture tools, campaigns, and several tools in one platform. The paid plan has the same features available in the free plan. The contrast lies in the number of contacts allowed in the plan.

Why is a mobile app essential to streamline your marketing strategy?

Mobile phones have grabbed an essential position in our life. Especially the development in technology has made it possible to have everything right on your mobile phones. These pocket-friendly devices have the potential to boost your sales and develop your business. How? Mobile apps.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

The main advantage of a mobile app compared to a website is that your mobile app goes along with you. Unlike the web store where customers have to use a browser, search for the website, and then carry out their tasks - the mobile app lets everything happen with a click of your fingers. Hence, businesses are investing heavily in mobile stores.

With a mobile store, there is a higher probability of a decrease in abandoned carts. Further, you can use your mobile store to send push notifications, SMS messages, and emails. Swipecart is a no-code mobile builder that lets you build your mobile app right away without any need for coding or development.

Best Shopify Abandoned Cart Apps To Get Back Sales

Swipecart is your best option in the market to manage your eCommerce store. This app lets you integrate with the best abandoned cart apps in the Shopify store for an enhanced productivity rate. With Swipecart, you can:

  • Automate your mobile store’s workflow

  • Have your Android and iOS application

  • Send Push notifications

  • Send abandoned cart notifications

  • Integrate with multiple plugins and apps

Swipecart has manifold features whose accessibility varies depending on your pricing plan. Leverage Swipecart today to segment your audience, manage your sales, increase customer retention, and create a long-running business.