Everyone wants to be ranked higher, particularly in the competitive world of mobile application development. To be realistic, getting it isn't simple & straightforward; there are a multitude of aspects that might bring you there; many application development businesses employ these aspects for App store optimization and improve them to do better than rivals.

Google Play is one of the world's two major application marketplaces for mobile applications. As per Statista, the Play Store has over 3.5 million applications listed in April 2022, far more than the 2.2 million applications listed in Apple's App Store, the second-largest professional application platform

This article focuses on app store optimization, or ASO – the most important aspect of developing your app for the application Store. The article discusses all of the factors that well-recognized applications and industry leaders employ to get top rankings and organic downloads. Identifying the important aspects in the Play Store and how to optimize them can help you establish the groundwork for your mobile application's long-term success.

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What is application optimization?

By making the application visible in relevant user queries, application optimization helps generate more visitors to your application page. When people realize that your rogram will help them locate what they are seeking, they are more likely to download it.

In terms of finding terms that a client is likely to enter into the Google Play Store search bar, you must relate to what people desire. Whenever these keywords are optimized, the application will appear in relevant prospective user searches. More sales of your program result from increased visibility. By the conclusion of this article, you will have learned the essential ranking elements to boost the searchability & download conversion of your application.

Elegant characteristics. A one-of-a-kind user interface. Interesting material. These are excellent benefits for a mobile application. However, application performance—or application functionality—is equally as, if not more, crucial.

Although it may not be what inspires users to download your application, it may be a major factor in whether or not they stay connected with it—or just remove it.

application optimization

A well-performing application provides a wonderful experience to all sorts of users, regardless of device or network limitations. You can optimize and satisfy your audience as a creative designer by testing and optimizing your application for experience in several scenarios.

So, before we go into what helps your application rank high, let's talk about what keeps it ranking high.

Consider the big picture.

You may be designing your application for a certain demographic & technology, but bear in mind that it will be internationally visible and accessible to consumers in several marketplaces. Comments from such audiences, particularly those concerning application capability and performance, can have an impact on your rankings & popularity, which in return can have an impact on your application's purchase and customer engagement statistics.

Understand that it requires time for the most recent technological developments to spread over the world. Make sure that consumers with old phones or on slower or less dependable connections could still use your application fully.

Should you restrict your app's functionality to meet efficiency targets? Certainly not. The finest successful applications are meticulously developed to give all users distinct, rich, and critical features.

big picture

Include your logo in the application's name & URL.

While optimizing your application for Google search, the brand name of your company is critical. As a result, on your application page in the Google Application Store or other Android markets, utilize your brand as a hyperlink text. This allows Google to simply locate your application and, as a result, reward your visits.

To finish the optimization, include your brand names in the downloading page URL.

On your website, include hyperlinks to your app page

When optimizing your site with backlinks, be sure to include connections to your application pages. This is crucial and is frequently overlooked by entrepreneurs. Incorporating connections to your application from your home page, and website footer will enhance your application's ranks considerably more than you expect.

Incorporate the brand name into the anchor text

Anchor text is important in helping your website perform effectively on the internet. Always incorporate your brand name in the anchor text for the URL where you may install your application. Don't merely provide links to the Application Store and Google Play.

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Make your application known to mobile web users

It is usually a good idea to create an application for your eCommerce shop. However, it will be useless until you effectively advertise it. Users that frequently visit your mobile website are the simplest to convert to mobile application users. Giving consumers a stronger mobile experience can entice them to invest more time in your shop, which will undoubtedly benefit you. A CTA button on your website will work wonders.

Boost consumer reviews & ratings, as well as other user input

The smartest approach to acquiring a comment is to encourage your users to leave one within the application. Encouragement of user-generated material is an effective form of marketing strategy since it is performed by the consumer itself. These can take the shape of posts on social media, articles, and so forth.

reviews & ratings

Ranking of mobile keywords

The ranking of mobile keywords is critical for advertising applications. Using mobile keyword ranking, you may determine how effectively your application appears when particular terms are used. Ensure that your application ranks favorably for all relevant keywords will help you attract as many users as possible.

You can increase the revenue of your mobile application by employing an effective mobile keyword ranking strategy.

Ranking of mobile keywords

Prioritize the organic search

People searching for your application on Google might employ long-tail keywords or search queries. Such organic & genuine search results might serve as a preview of your application. Optimizing search engine results is critical for a bespoke mobile app development strategy.

Application information can be shown with standalone snippets from Google Play using such a preview. The snippet will display the application name, icon, rating, as well as the first phase of the application description, accompanied by a download button that will direct interested viewers to the application page in the application store.

Ranking of mobile keywords

Reach journalists & influencers

The application marketing team must contact the media or influencers. When well-known and respected industry figures start communicating about your application, Google will emphasize it, resulting in additional traffic to your company page and application ranking page.

There are several successful examples of contacting the media and assisting your application in gaining immediate attention among the target demographic. The most successful applications seize every opportunity to reach out to the journalists at the appropriate moment and in the correct context. When the latest feature is published, or the application user experience is revamped with some critical value adds, the news is broadcast in the media to inform the public exactly what they can accomplish with the application.

Ranking of mobile keywords

Note that influencers such as bloggers, celebrities, sector giants, and well-connected persons in various circles may play an influencing role in any kind of digital marketing. These influencers may play a key role in ensuring that your application appears consistently in search engine results.

First and foremost, you must compile a list of influencers from diverse circles whose opinions have a significant impact on your target audience.

You should perhaps target micro-influencers or important people with substantial reach & significance in local and tiny circles. Social media content producers with a significant audience amongst your intended audience may be quite effective in assisting you in reaching out to them.

Ranking of mobile keywords

Don't stuff too many keywords into a brief explanation

While keywords are important for increasing application discoverability, they should not be your major focus in the brief description. Particularly when the brief description is limited to 80 characters. Consider this section to be your application's "mission statement." You just have a few seconds to capture your prospect's interest, make a solid initial impression, & sell the tale of your software. You may include a keyword or two; simply ensure they don't detract from the overall content.

Instagram does an excellent job at this with its tagline: "Getting you nearer to the people & things you love"

brief explanation

Attach screenshots of your application

Application screenshots, like videos and images, do not affect the Play Store search method. They can, nevertheless, contribute to higher installation conversion rates. Images & prototypes provide such a simple illustration of what your application appears like in operation, as well as a sense of the user experience as well as how the user navigates through the various capabilities of your application.

Consider how you explore and choose which applications to install. If you don't know something about an application and discover it, you're reluctant to download it until it benefits you.

In the Google Play store, you may upload up to eight app images for whatever device model your app covers.

Although getting publicity for a new application is difficult, I believe that these strategies will assist you in developing a successful ASO campaign.