Everyone is reliant to a greater extent on digital media in the present day and age, from socializing to purchasing essentials, etc. It is not exceptional that more businesses are resorting to the Internet to boost their target market.

In fact, as per a report by the US Commerce Department, e-commerce revenue rapidly increased by 37% in the 2nd quarter of the previous year, with many online businesses choosing Shopify as the foundation of their operations. But creating an online store solely is not adequate; you may also need to consider transforming your Shopify store into a smartphone app and advertising it on social media. Especially with Instagram, there is more chance to engage and communicate with more individuals.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a well-known picture-based social networking site, but it provides more than simply a way to stay informed regarding your friends' activities. Instagram is a tool in use by influencers and business owners for consumer engagement, interaction, and purchases. Instagram also provides a more favorable return on investment, specifically for mobile apps.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

Instagram's Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is one of the most important factors for app marketers. While this is unimportant to regular users who want to communicate with their friends, the algorithm is critical when it comes to getting the name of an app brand out there.

The Instagram algorithm is a collection of rules & directives that govern how an account as well as its posts are discovered.

The system will assign individuals to specialized media groups based on:

  • A collection of hashtags,

  • Metadata,

  • Vital indicators,

  • User participation

This is how things become popular on the internet and therefore is critical for brand growth.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

What Is the Importance of Instagram Marketing for App Growth?

Every month, almost 1 billion individuals use Instagram, according to data. With such a large number of active users, the application has evolved into a fixture in the advertising sector.

The app's user demographics are most likely to blame for its prominence among online companies. Instagram accommodates a majority of one of the greatest consuming age brackets, including over 60% of the platform's users belonging into the range of ages between 18 - 34 years old.

Because of the high interaction rate, Instagram is especially useful for app advertisers. Brands on Instagram have engagement rates ranging from 1.18% to 3.15%! Facebook, in contrast, trails far behind with only 0.27%.

If you want to get your app recognised, Instagram is a great place to start.

There are several more benefits to promoting your app on Instagram.

First and foremost, the basic price is zero. While money may and is frequently diverted into marketing initiatives, everything can be done for firms with a limited budget. Instagram is a terrific alternative if you've established an app and want to keep prices low.

This helps achieve greater commercial objectives while preserving resources. Instagram is very efficient for marketing initiatives due to its accessibility & convenience to anybody with a phone.

According to another research from 2022, the typical user spend 147 minutes every day on social media.

Considering an 8-hour good rest, that's about 12% of a person's awake day.

Because consumers spend so much time using social networks, it's the finest location to advertise a brand and reach the ideal buyer. With about one billion potential customers for your application, you can't really afford not to leverage Instagram to boost your revenue.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

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1. Initiate with a business profile on Instagram

Regardless of whether you are persuaded, it might not be the smartest choice to showcase your brand on your private Instagram account. You may begin by creating your account as a business profile. The updated contact links on your bio will make it simple for prospective customers to get in touch with you in this approach.

Furthermore, you will advantage from having access to Instagram analytics, which let you identify and manage your audience's viewing and engagement habits. Here are some of the relevant data that a business account provides you access to:

A. Current Highlights - Based on the time frame you select, you may evaluate whether your account performance has changed substantially.

B. Accounts Visited - This section gives a summary of your followers and unfollowers in addition to the number of unique accounts that were reached by your publications.

C. Content Encounters - This section contains a full report on the likes, remarks, shares, bookmarks, and responses made to your content.

D. Cumulative Followers - By examining your followers' geographies, ages, and peak engagement hours, you may be able to learn more about them.

With the help of the above-mentioned details, you can make your next efforts by filtering your posts/published content to match the demands and preferences of your community. Don't forget to include marketing messages in your bio as well. It only has to be clear and compelling to your intended audience that a precise explanation of what you do is not mandatory.

Having an Instagram business presence is essential for advertising your mobile phone app on this social media platform.

There are four advantages to having an Instagram business profile, along with the potential to:

  • Add contact options so that your customers may contact you (call, email, and directions)

  • Use Instagram analytics to determine how your material/content is functioning.

  • Run Instagram advertising to help you market your posts.

  • Include links in your Instagram stories.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

2. Make intriguing and captivating captions

Instagram captions are restricted to 2,200 characters. Yes, you may observe them all convey your argument, but you don't want your viewers to feel sleepy while perusing your captions. Instagram itself encourages consumers to keep captions below 125 characters in a bid to avoid hitting the "See more" option. If your consumers can't instantly comprehend the most essential ingredient of your caption, they'll certainly just keep scrolling through your content.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

3. Make the best use of hashtags

Instagram captions commonly terminate with hashtags, and some users only add them when they are lacking words. However, some people like hashtagging every single thing. You must tread cautiously as a business owner when adopting and applying hashtags for your account because they might be massively valuable, notably in marketing.

A. Hashtags for a product or service - Hashtags like #photography or #handbags are widely used to promote goods and services in general.

B. Industry-specialized hashtags- Hashtags such as #weddingphotography or #recycledhandbags, are much more particular than those used for services or products.

C. Branded hashtags - Hashtags that belong exclusively to your business and showcase your brand. You often include your brand names or slogan here.

D. Community hashtags- On Instagram, individuals who operate in the same field frequently form communities. Use your hashtags, such as #photographersofinstagram or #recyclersofinstagram, to communicate with them and boost the recognition of your business.

E. Hashtags for cultural trends:- Utilizing hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter and #Pride, you could express your viewpoint on various social and cultural issues. As a bonus, you gain more acquaintances who share the same ideas as you while disseminating education and pushing these causes.

Employ them with each Instagram post you make, and ask your consumers to have included your branded hashtags whenever they share their comments and purchases to increase engagement.

Using hashtags to advertise your app on Instagram has three major outcomes:

  • Boost brand visibility by increasing comments, likes, & follows.

  • Allows you to share free user-generated material on your Instagram account.

  • Inspires your audience to tell their friends about your business. You may increase traffic and app downloads by enticing your audience to mention their friends.

Just take into account that Instagram only permits 30 hashtags per post. So make sensible and original selections!

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

4. Make use of tools for posting schedule

You may improve your Instagram visibility by posting frequently. You may accomplish so by first analyzing when hours of the day your audience is the most inclined to be online, and then arranging your publishing plans accordingly. However, it may become tedious to regularly monitor the clock to determine whether you have to publish fresh content, and you risk missing your schedule as you go about your daily tasks. You may utilize scheduling tools that will post automatically for you.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

5. Pick a filter

Modifying pictures that were taken in a studio might make them look worse if you're posting them. However, if you're dealing with the limited powers of a smartphone camera, you can still enhance your pictures by using filters and editing tools that have already been included in the application.

Whether your picture requires additional saturation, contrast, or a filter is up to you and your artistic eye. It's true how much you've probably heard: "Everyone assumes they're an excellent photographer because they're fantastic at Instagram." If you were a horrible photographer in college, don't concern yourself with Instagram's editing options and your conviction in your photography will increase.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

6. Create a unique theme for yourself

Instagram values originality. The preferred technique to inspire your Instagram content and distinguish yourself aside from the competitors is to choose a specific specialization or logo. In contrast, tone features a spectacular color-coded feed based on the product shade that is currently being pushed. Don't worry if you're having difficulty determining what your creative logo should be. There are a huge amount of Instagram tools (like VSCO) that may help you give your pictures a creative edge. You can make your feed feel more like you by employing consistent gradients, colors, and filters.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

7. Utilize the assistance of influencers to increase your app reach on Instagram

Instagram profits from being a medium where businesses can essentially publish advertisements without pushing them in the faces of their followers. We now have influencer marketing on the increase.

Simply said, influencer marketing includes negotiating together into contractual relationships with some other Instagram account that has a significant, dedicated audience. Appropriate audiences for influencers would be crowds close to your own or ones that would assist you to reach a new group of people.

In that the relationship does sometimes cost money, influencers are similar to commercials. Finding the proper influencer, though, maybe an affordable way to expand your following and sell more products.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

8. Organize an event or giveaway

Consider this: brands that hold sweepstakes expand their followings 70% more swiftly than those that don't. It's no surprise that posts about giveaways and competitions from numerous enterprises attract extraordinary levels of interest. Social media contests may produce followers and fans when done right, but they can also attract those looking for free stuff. To test the waters and determine whether or not challenges are something you want to explore for the long term, we recommend doing a one-time contest campaign on Instagram.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

9. Utilize Instagram Stories and its most recent additions

Instagram Stories are by far the most used feature. Brands should employ Stories as much as possible when advertising apps on Instagram because it is utilized by over 500 million people every day. This comprises publishing user-generated images and behind-the-scenes content for many firms. The allure of Stories is that you don't have to stress as much about making your images "perfect" or polished.

Even after this, creativity still is crucial when it comes to stories. Stories are consistently at the vanguard of Instagram's most important advancements. For a more individual and involved sort of Instagram marketing, new interactive stickers, like the new Quiz sticker, showcase inventive solutions that businesses/app may engage with followers.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

10. Consider conducting a branded campaign

Last but not least, don't overlook the possibility of Instagram paying to advertise. After all, social media as a whole is heading toward a pay-to-play structure. You may leverage Instagram's eye-catching ad alternatives as part of Facebook's incredibly sophisticated ad platform to attract new customers.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

If we draw any conclusions, it would be that there are many diverse Instagram promotion approaches you can try out, which is a good thing.

11. Instagram Reels & Visuals

As instagram current algorithms give more importance to reels and visulas try making reels for your app. Make sure your visuals are eye-catching and reels include content that your audience wants to see, not what you aesthetically like. Also ensure that your content is unique and appears natural and you can run ads for your app install on reels aswell.

 How To Use Instagram to Promote Your App

Understanding the platform's industry standards and trying to keep up with Instagram's evolution is necessary for making sure that your feed stands out. You may increase interaction while you market your Instagram to new followers and consumers by opting for the above-mentioned recommendations or developing novel concepts for Instagram posts.