What are the finest free ways to advertise and promote your app? Keep scrolling for more information!

Because application development is a time-consuming & incredibly expensive activity, many companies believe that once their application is launched on the app platforms the majority of their work is done. However, this is not the scene any more. You can now just develop an application in minutes and you are all set to promote it.

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In actuality, this is only the beginning! While mobile applications surely have strong search algorithms and a large database of prospective users who may come across the application, if you lose something to bring it in before your intended audience, it will most likely accumulate dust.

In this article we have compiled for you 24 free awesome ways to promote your app plus what to present to your customers so they can retain it with your app.

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What is a mobile app promotion?

Mobile app marketing is also known as mobile app promotion. It is an engaging activity that occurs throughout the lifespan of mobile applications. It entails app developers engaging with current or future application users to create efficient mobile marketing application campaigns that boost client conversion & client retention.

In short, mobile app promotions are about connecting out to your consumers at every point of the marketing/sales funnel, from the minute they see the mobile app to guiding them to installation or download an app and beyond. Thankfully, you don't need a significant marketing budget in addition to your application development expenditures if you become smart with the tools you already have.

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Once your application is on the market, one of the foremost crucial things you should concentrate on is promotion. We don't indicate employing Online Ads or any other type of sponsored content when we say "promote" we're discussing how to get your application in front of individuals who are engaged in what it has to offer. Best of all, they are all inexpensive and rather simple.

Customer research

Mobile application marketing begins much before the application is released to the public. Reach out to your clients and chat with them before asking your development staff to continue building your application with a thousand different things. And besides, you want to be certain that everything you create is suitable for them.

You may begin your market survey by compiling a list of everyone you've ever marketed to, including those who have merely signed up for a newsletter. Send them an email requesting 5 minutes of their attention.

Customer research

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Utilize Social Media

If utilized correctly, social media may help your app gain popularity. Copying and pasting links will not get you there. You should write captions that are interesting, suitable, and entertaining. Only consumers will find it worth hitting a click if you do so. The easiest method to achieve this is to promote on Twitter. Create a Twitter profile and connect it to your application on the Application Store to send out tweets. The use of proper hashtags is also required to reach the intended audience in a hurry.

Guest posting

Spend some time searching the web for industry experts who have research articles. You could inquire whether they are willing to publish your applications on their blog. Invite them to write a guest article for you. Select a subject that explains the benefits of your smartphone app. If your application has a free version, make it accessible to their (influencers') followers.

Guest posting

Optimization for the App Store

It is somewhat identical to SEO. ASO is the technique of enhancing the prominence of your application in the application store. It is critical to make certain aggressive activities to push your application to the peak of search results. The battle will be difficult. In truth, it will become more difficult with each approaching day. As a result, creating an ASO campaign is among the most important things you'll need to compete in this market.

Optimization for the App Store

Add a link to your email signature

Nearly every day, personnel send & compose hundreds of emails, most of which are to prospective customers or individuals who are unfamiliar with your company - and your application. As a result, one fast and simple way to advertise your application is to have everybody post the link in the email for app download.

You could even create it more visually appealing by tying your application to a picture or a brightly colored symbol that catches attention. If you develop a progressive app, you can connect directly to it because it does not need to go via the application store. If you have a native smartphone application, you may direct customers to the app store once they tap on your hyperlink or logo.

email signature

Contact influencers

Reaching out to celebrity influencers is another fantastic strategy to market your application for free. When we talk about influencers' endorsements, we frequently envision expensive postings that many smaller companies cannot pay. Nevertheless, you will be astonished at how many micro-influencers (those with a 1,000 to 100,000 fan base) will be eager to promote your software for free.

Contact influencers

Add your application to your visiting card

If you use business cards to introduce your firm to potential consumers, you can make them even more useful by incorporating a brief URL or QR code for the application. Many businesses include a website as a means for customers to learn more about whatever they offer. You may also add a URL for your dynamic app or a QR code for your app to direct consumers to the application store. Please remember that if your application has a particularly long URL, customers might not be persuaded to put it into their browser. In this scenario, a QR code will be the preferable solution on both counts.

visiting card

Join social media groups

Our next suggestion for free application promotion is to use social media, but this time to make use of a different feature: Communities/Groups. Having joined relevant communities where your target audience is most likely to be found and publishing application-related material will surely bring focus to your application - and gain you more app installs. Just be wary of spam and overly commercial content - consumers dislike firms who are just interested in selling their goods. Make certain that you are genuinely providing useful information and updates.

For instance, if you've entered a Health and Wellness community and want to advertise your fitness application, you may write blog entries with useful advice, workouts, and information on the finest gyms in town, among other things.

You can include a portion about your application after the post, or just introduce it at some time. The goal is to deliver value - people will quickly abandon a firm that does not care about the community.

social media groups

Make a loyalty program

According to many studies and concepts, just 20% of a brand's customers provide 80% of its revenues, and maintaining existing customers is significantly less expensive than recruiting new ones. As a result, creating a loyalty program is one of the finest methods to market your app for free - in this example, to your existing mobile apps users who may subsequently suggest you to your family members and friends, you can create a loyalty program for them.

By retaining your current users delighted, eager, and you will receive free marketing when they begin to publicize how wonderful your application is.

Make a loyalty program

YouTube Comment

One unconventional technique to advertise your application for nothing is to leave comments on Youtube clips using your firm's YouTube account. No, we're not speaking to leaving spam comments to attempt to sell anything to people - no one loves that.

You can, instead, provide informed commentary on trending subjects connected to your application. For instance, if you have an application that teaches students how to play instruments, you can browse other guitar-related accounts & leave comments about what you enjoyed or discovered fascinating in their clips. If you wish to offer critical feedback, try to be helpful, kind, and respectful of other people's ideas.

Putting a tinge of comedy also works wonderfully. Viral remarks typically receive lots of likes, and several individuals will check your company's page as a result. That's fantastic!

YouTube Comment

Include an app pop-up widget on your website

Businesses frequently utilize pop-up buttons to entice consumers to register for their blogs or email, promote their products, or perform other similar Market strategies, with their application download link buried at the website's bottom.

However, adding a pop-up button to ask visitors to install your application instead is a simple and efficient approach to marketing your app for free. If you have a progressive web application, your pop-up button can transport users directly to your content. This is an excellent approach to increasing app installs and visits by using your preexisting traffic to the website.

widget on your website

Respond to Quora questions

Quora is a very renowned question & response site that receives a large amount of traffic from individuals seeking responses each day. Several of these queries are about what your application does, and you just might direct some of those individuals to your app's website by answering them and referencing it.

Essential: The purpose is to give valuable content while also promoting your application, therefore only responding to questions on which you are knowledgeable, and not in a way that supports your smartphone app.

Respond to Quora questions

Create guides and tutorials

Another wonderful strategy to get your application in front of the correct people is to provide knowledge about what the application does via guidelines or tutorials. You presumably already understand what your average user is attempting to do or understand, so create a guide or lesson that illustrates that.

For instance, if your application is a guitar tuner, you might write a step-by-step instruction on how to adjust the tune of a guitar or a guide on alternative tuning used in famous tunes. Show images about how to use the application during the procedure.

Essential - Marketing your content is just as important as developing it, so make an effort for it.

Improve your keywords

Every day, huge numbers of people browse the App Store & Google Play for games and applications. Keyword optimization places your application next to more of these users, increasing your chances of receiving downloads rapidly. The optimization procedure is determining what keywords your target consumers are most likely to research for, and then employing those terms where appropriate to "inform" Google and Apple to showcase your application when those words are queried.

The Apple search algorithm is configured to analyze applications based on their title, description, and keywords list. The title, short description, and lengthy description are all considered by Google's algorithm. The keywords will be used here.

Improve your keywords

Speak with journalists

Being featured in a major blog, journal, or newspaper is a terrific method to get your application in front of a large audience, but there are 2 methods to do it for your application. The initial, and most developers' first thought when they hear the word "press," is to promote your application to reporters so that they may discuss it. Reporters are primarily interested in reporting fresh developments, therefore this is an excellent thing to do when launching your app or releasing a significant update.

Presenting a reporter is comparable to proposing a blogger or influencer in that you identify yourself, discuss the value your application provides, describe why they must take interest in your application, and then deliver your request.

Make it simple for users to share information from your application

If your application provides any sort of data that might be published, make it simple to do so and trademark it. Users enjoy sharing, and by doing so, they are trying to raise awareness about your application and bring more attention to it. It's a really simple procedure that values commitment. Users may share their accomplishments with a single click, and each sharing produces a slew of "what application is this?" questions. This results in downloads.

Submit your application for a reward

Award contests attract enormous crowds of people seeking the future best app, and winning an achievement will place your app directly in front of those people, resulting in immediate downloads. Most reward contests accept entries, and numerous are free or have a minimal entry cost, making it an easy approach to increase downloads.

Crucial: Awards are granted to the best applications among all entries, so only register yours if you genuinely feel it deserves the honor. Check out prior winners first to determine whether your application can compete with them. If it isn't, take the time to solve it before submitting it.

Participate in app-related events

This one isn't for everybody, so consider it a perk, and if you're comfortable presenting in public, you may utilize it to your benefit by presenting at events related to your application. By presenting, you will both expose your software to new prospective customers and position yourself as an expert, making it much simpler to obtain installs in the long run.

There are several events where you may talk, ranging from small gatherings to conventions and sometimes even internet webinars, so you can select the one that suits you best. Begin by looking for events related to your application, and once you've found a couple, look for recordings from previous conferences to see the structure and sort of lectures that they've had. Then, come up with a suitable topic and hunt for a means to submit it. Most conventions make it fairly simple to submit lectures, and for meetings, you may directly approach the organizer.

Consider Other app stores

As we all know, there are two major app shops on the market: Google Play & App Store. You can, though, consider uploading your software to other web shops. Here is a rundown of several useful application stores:

  • AppBrain

  • GetJar

  • AppsLib

  • Opera Store

  • Amazon Appstore

Consider print marketing.

There is nothing wrong with attempting some traditional marketing methods. Create a flyer and distribute it to supermarkets, coffee houses, and colleges. This approach is free, however, there is a chance that you will receive a lead.

Improve your keywords

Request feedback from consumers

Request that your users offer you comments on Play Store or the App Store. Excellent reviews influence purchase preferences and also have a significant effect on google play store algorithms, boosting your trust and ranking in search engine results.

Create original content

Develop quality content for your smartphone app. You may post it to your blog. If you don't have one, Medium will suffice. Content writing is an excellent strategy to gain followers while also increasing brand recognition and trust.

Create original content

Collaboration with other apps

Another effective app marketing strategy is to collaborate with applications that are complementary to yours. For illustration, if you provide a survey application, you may collaborate with a company that sells a Customer Service Management platform. You may perform a cross-promotion in which they mention your application in their email to their client base and simply do the same for them.

Make a demo video available

According to a Hubspot survey, 54% of customers want to experience better video content from businesses they like and trust. Develop a 30-second video demonstrating how customers may profit from your application, advertise that on various social platforms, and add it to your website if you want to receive more attention. Therefore, video is important to marketing.

Create original content

Last Thoughts

Creating an app isn't enough. In reality, it is merely the first phase. It is critical to promote it more effectively. As a result, I've included some suggestions for promoting your mobile application in this article. I believe you will put these suggestions into action and get the advantages.