Businesses all over are using Shopify, the most popular e-commerce platform to set up their online store easily and fast. You can gauge the popularity of Shopify from the fact that it is present in 175 countries and supports 20 languages.

Almost one in three online stores in the United States use Shopify. The United Kingdom is the second country that has the largest number of Shopify stores.

Let us see how Shopify fares in the U.K. and learn some interesting statistics on its usage.

Shopify stores in the U.K

The number of entrepreneurs setting up their online store on Shopify increased by 106% in the U.K in 2021. Shopify continues to grow tremendously and has shown a 55% YOY increase in the U.K.

Year Number of Shopify Stores

From the chart, it is obvious that the pandemic in 2020 hastened the process of setting up online stores. But the succeeding year of 2021 has also seen a steady growth indicating the need for businesses to have a strong online presence.

Of the total Shopify stores in the U.K., about 53% have a .com domain name. Only 38% have a domain name.

What sells on Shopify stores in the UK?

Clothing and apparel occupy the top spot among the product categories sold through the Shopify stores in the United Kingdom. As per Shopify, t-shirts are the most sold items in the apparel segment across all its stores. 27.85% of the Shopify stores in the U.K. sell clothing & fashion followed by 15% that sell home and garden products. The third slot is occupied by beauty and fitness products at 11.76%.

Product Category Percentage of Shopify Stores in the U.K.
Home & Garden15.26%
Beauty & Fitness11.76%
Food & Drink8.74%
People & Society4.48%
Arts & Entertainment4.09%
Gifts & Special Events3.53%
Toys & Hobbies3.45%
Pets & Animals2.61%
Autos & Vehicles2.06%
Business & Industrial1.87%
Consumer Electronics1.74%

Social media usage on Shopify stores in the U.K.

E-commerce businesses use various social media platforms to engage with their customers. Shopify allows integrating these accounts so that customers can share product pages through them. Instagram and Facebook are used by a large majority of businesses in the U.K.

  • 78,550 (59.3%) Shopify stores use Instagram in the U.K to connect with customers.

  • Around 69,384 (52.5%) of the Shopify stress use Facebook

  • 29,557 (22.6%) of them use Twitter.

It is followed by Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok.

Another interesting aspect when we talk about customer interaction is that 66% of the Shopify stores in the U.K. provide an email on their website as contact information whereas 33% provide a phone number.

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Shopify Stores as per the locations in the U.K.

In the U.K, Shopify is dominant in England location followed by Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. London has the highest number of Shopify stores at 38.26% followed by Manchester. In Scotland, Edinburgh tops the list with 368 Shopify stores.

Installed Shopify Apps in the U.K.

The Shopify App Store has about 6000+ apps that help in enhancing the functionality of the Shopify store. Here’s a list of the top 10 Shopify apps installed by business owners on their Shopify store.

  1. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

  2. MailChimp: Email Marketing

  3. Customer Privacy

  4. Instafeed- Instagram Feed

  5. Shopify Inbox

  6. Klarna On-Site Messaging

  7. Product Reviews

  8. Oberlo- Dropshopping app

  9. Product Reviews

  10. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

Email marketing still holds prominence as it is seen from the list. The top two slots are occupied by email marketing apps. Also, customer privacy is a must-have after the stringent rules on customer data privacy. From the above list, it is obvious that business owners in the U.K prioritize product reviews. There are 3 product review apps in the top 10 installed Shopify apps.

Preferred Shipping Partners by Shopify Stores in the U.K.

In 2021, Shopify introduced Shopify shipping to merchants in the U.K. to enable them to buy shipping labels directly from the Shopify merchant admin. We have already discussed the top shipping partners for e-commerce businesses in the U.K. When it comes to Shopify, business owners prefer shipping products to their customers through Royal Mail.

  • 17.87% of the Shopify stores in the U.K prefer to ship through Royal Mail.

  • 4,110 Shopify stores in the U.K prefer to ship through UPS.

  • It is followed by USPS and FedEx with 2,702 and 2,421 Shopify stores preferring these shipment methods.

DHL, Canada Post, Australia Post, and China Post are also on the list but they are least preferred when compared to the top shipping partners.

Shopify Store revenue for 2021

While the Shopify revenues for the U.K are not specifically known, the global sales and revenues for 2021 were published by Shopify.

The total revenue for 2021 saw a 57% increase from its previous year and stood at $4,611.9 million. Of this, the Subscription solutions revenue grew 48% while the Merchant Solutions grew 62%. Shopify’s profits for 2021 were $2,481.1 million, a 61% growth from 2020.

Shopify has contributed to $319 billion in global economic activity. Shopify and its success continue to grow in the U.K.

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