2020 was the year when retail e-commerce was thrust forward due to the stay-at-home measures across Canada and the world. Both the retailers and shoppers in Canada were quick to adapt to these changes and new conditions, setting them up for continued volumes of online ordering for 2021-22.

With the pandemic appearing sporadically and not completely disappearing, people are still afraid to shop in-store. It has permanently changed the shopping behavior of customers with most of them preferring to buy products online.

Shopify has gained immensely from the pandemic and is steadily growing from 2019. In its home country Canada, Shopify is the most commonly used online shopping platform with around 30,000+ active stores. Let’s see some important Shopify store statistics for Canada here.

Shopify stores in Canada

There are currently about 127,773 Shopify stores in Canada. It has seen exponential growth from 2020 onwards due to the shift in online shopping of the customers post the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. It can be observed from the steep 15.65% jump in the number of Shopify stores between 2019 and 2020. Shopify stores in Canada increased 6.1% in 2021 over its previous year.

Growth Of Shopify Stores In Canada (2017-2021)

2022 also looks impressive for Shopify in Canada with about 8600 stores already added in the first quarter.

Of the total Shopify stores in Canada, 66% have a .com domain and 29% have a .ca domain. The other common domain extensions are .co, .shop, .net, and .store.

Highest selling product categories in Shopify Stores in Canada

Top Product Categories for Shopify Stores in Canada

As evident from the pie chart, apparel is the top-selling product category for Shopify Stores in Canada at 28%.

  • 29,082 Shopify stores have apparel as their product category.

  • Home & garden products are at the second spot at 14% or 29,082 stores in total.

  • Beauty & fitness products come third at 12% and 12,532 Shopify stores sell related products in Canada

  • 9% or of the Shopify stores sell food & drinks in Canada.

It is followed by sports, people & society, and health-related products.

Shopify’s Black Friday sale in Canada for 2021

The 2021 Black Friday sale for Shopify stores in Canada saw $148.41 CAD as the average cart price up from $132.73 CAD in 2020. Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal were the top-selling cities. Apparel & accessories was the top product category followed by home & garden and health & beauty products. There was also a 97% increase in point of sales (POS) made by Shopify merchants as the lockdown measures had eased significantly.

Social Media & contact information usage on Shopify Stores in Canada

Integrating social media platforms into Shopify stores helps merchants to directly post product images and reviews. The analytics of paid ad campaigns on Instagram and Facebook can also be integrated into the store to get an idea of visitors on the landing page through various social channels. In Canada, most of the Shopify stores use Instagram followed by Facebook and Twitter.

  • About 58,723 stores or 45.95% of Shopify merchants use Instagram.

  • Facebook is used by 40.38% of Shopify stores in Canada.

  • It is followed by Twitter at 11.57% and Pinterest at 9.43%.

  • YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok are also popular social media channels accessed through the Shopify store.

When it comes to contact information, about 46.96% of the Shopify stores display their email addresses while 27.10% display their phone numbers.

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Popular Shopify apps installed in the store in Canada

Shopify apps in the Shopify App Store can be integrated into the website to enhance features and improve its functionality. These apps not only help in increasing user experiences they also help merchants in numerous ways to engage with customers and receive crucial information. The most popular Shopify apps in Canada are-

  1. Product Reviews

  2. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

  3. Mailchimp: Email Marketing

  4. Shopify Inbox

  5. Instafeed- Instagram Feed

  6. Printful: Print on Demand

  7. Oberlo: Dropshipping App

  8. Customer Privacy

  9. Judge.me Product Reviews

  10. Privy- Pop Ups, Email & SMS

Among the top ten, three apps deal with email marketing while two deal with product reviews. The print-on-demand app for custom prints on t-shirts, mugs, etc is in great demand as a business in Canada. Similarly, the dropshipping business is flourishing through the Oberlo app for dropshipping on the Shopify store.

Shopify store locations in Canada

It is easy to identify the country where merchants set up their online stores. But it becomes challenging to identify the province or city from where they operate. Few stores provide their street or city address. Here, we provide you with the top province and city locations of Shopify stores in Canada.

The top 5 province distribution of Shopify stores in Canada are-

  1. Ontario- 9,221

  2. British Columbia- 3,702

  3. Quebec- 3,240

  4. Alberta- 1,957

  5. Manitoba-389

Similarly, the cities with the most Shopify stores in Canada are-

  1. Toronto- 79, 996

  2. Montreal- 1,684

  3. Vancouver- 1,479

  4. Ottawa- 869

(Note: Many of the Shopify stores have unknown city or province locations)

Preferred shipping partners for Shopify stores in Canada

Shopify has partnered with the leading shipping carriers in Canada to help merchants integrate the software into their websites. They can print shipping labels, track shipments, and select the best option for shipping products to their customers. The top shipping partners for Shopify stores in Canada are-

  • Canada Post is preferred by 14,328 stores.

  • USPS shipping solution is integrated into 4,936 Shopify stores in Canada.

  • 4,552 Shopify stores prefer UPS shipping software.

The other popular shipping partners for Shopify stores in Canada are FedEx, Purolator, DHL, and Royal Mail.


Shopify stores are increasing in number in Canada and this can be attributed to the growing e-commerce trends. For those already having a store on Shopify, creating a mobile app is the next best step to retain customers.

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