A poor online selling experience to sell snowboard equipment in Canada gave birth to Shopify. That was in the year 2006. Today, Shopify is present in hundreds of countries with almost 3,000 million active websites on this popular e-commerce building platform.

Shopify occupies the second spot on the list of leading e-commerce software providers in Germany. It has about 15% of the market share with around 63,200 stores on Shopify of which about 46,000 are live stores.

Shopify Statistics for Germany

Shopify’s growth in Germany has been impressive in the last two years. It grew by over 65% in 2020 from its previous year. Similarly, its growth has increased by 35% in 2021 when compared to 2020. It has already added 6,400+ stores in the first quarter of 2022.

Growth Of Shopify Stores In Germany (2017-2021)

What is worth noting in this graph is its growth even in 2021. While Shopify’s growth in other countries for the year 2021 is around 15-20%, in Germany, it has grown by 35% for the same year.

Of the total Shopify stores, about 29,400 have the .de domain while 24,950 have the .com extension. The remaining stores have .shop, .eu, and .store domains.

Another thing to note in Germany is that about 45,800 have their stores set up in the German language while only 13,780 of them are set up in English.

Regarding the contact information, 33,090 stores provide their email addresses. 19,628 stores have displayed their contact numbers too.

Top product categories on Shopify stores in Germany

In keeping up with the global trend, apparel and fashion is the top product category in Germany. Around 6,200 stores list apparel as their product category.

It is followed by home & garden, beauty & fitness, and food & drink.

  1. Apparel

  2. Home & Garden

  3. Beauty & Fitness

  4. Food & Drink

  5. Provides real-time analytics dashboard and support.

  6. Arts & Entertainment

  7. Health

  8. Sports

  9. Consumer Electronics

Note: The majority of the Shopify stores in Germany (around 47,000) have an undefined (None) product category.

Most Installed Shopify Apps in Germany

There are over 6,000 available apps on the Shopify App Store. These Shopify apps are used to enhance the e-commerce business, like those that help with shipping, marketing, merchandising, store design, customer service, and more. Let’s see the most preferred Shopify apps by merchants in Germany.

  1. Klarna On-Site Messaging

  2. Product Reviews

  3. Customer Privacy

  4. Klaviyo: Email Marketing SMS

  5. Loox Product Reviews Photos

  6. Oberlo- Dropshipping App

  7. GDPR/CCPA + Cookie Management

  8. Printful: Print On Demand

  9. Instafeed- Instagram Feed

  10. Judge.me Product Reviews

Klarna On-Site Messaging Shopify app is installed by 27,000 stores on Shopify. With strict data privacy regulations in place in Europe, apps related to Customer Privacy and GDPR/CCPA find a place in the top 10 list. Also, product review apps are most installed to help merchants build trust among their customers.

Social media usage on Shopify stores in Germany

When it comes to social media channels to engage with customers, Shopify store owners prefer Instagram followed by Facebook and YouTube.

  • Instagram is used by 26,647 stores or roughly 42% of the Shopify stores in Germany.

  • 32% of the store owners use Facebook.

YouTube and Pinterest are used by 9-10% of the Shopify stores. Similarly, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok are used by 2-4% of the Shopify stores in Germany.

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Locations in Germany with the most number of Shopify stores

When we see the province distribution of Shopify stores in Germany, Berlin has the highest with about 920 stores followed by North Rhine-Westphalia. The top 5 provinces with Shopify stores in Germany are-

  • Berlin

  • North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Bavaria

  • Baden-Württemberg

  • Hamburg

Similarly, when we study the distribution of Shopify stores based on cities, Berlin is in the top spot.

  • Berlin

  • Hamburg

  • Munich

  • Cologne

  • Frankfurt

Note: Many of the Shopify stores do not specify their addresses in Germany.

Preferred shipping carriers for Shopify stores in Germany

Shopify has partnered with the leading shipping carriers to help merchants easily send products to their customers. Many of the popular shipping companies provide their software solutions to be integrated into the Shopify stores so that merchants can download shipping labels and arrange for delivery of the ordered products. The preferred shipping solutions by Shopify stores in Germany are-

  1. UPS

  2. DHL

  3. FedEx

  4. USPS

  5. Royal Mail

Bottom line

Shopify is gaining ground quickly in Europe. While the U.K. remains the European country with the highest Shopify stores, Germany comes second followed by France and the Netherlands. Shopify’s record growth over the years is undeniable.

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