Running your own e-commerce business on Shopify, you understand that time is precious. Hunting for the best SMS marketing apps for Shopify to optimize your store can be time-consuming.

In 2023, amidst the sea of digital marketing strategies, one tool stands out - SMS marketing. But what makes it a game-changer for your Shopify store?

In our digital world, consumers are continually swamped with information from all corners. Amidst this digital noise, SMS marketing presents a direct, personal line of communication with your customers. It has higher open rates compared to the average 20% for emails, making it an effective channel. This powerful tool has the potential to elevate your Shopify store.

Whether you're promoting new products, offering exclusive discounts, or recovering abandoned carts, SMS marketing apps provide an array of features to boost your marketing strategies. They offer a chance to reach your customers directly, anytime, anywhere.

In this post, we've curated a list of the best SMS marketing apps for Shopify in 2023. We'll provide information about their features, ratings, and whether they offer free installation or not. Our goal is to help you select the perfect app from the Shopify App Store to enhance your store's success.

So, stick with us as we explore the dynamic world of SMS marketing and reveal the top-notch apps available in the Shopify App Store for 2023!

Benefits of SMS Marketing for Shopify

If you're operating an e-commerce store on Shopify, incorporating SMS marketing into your strategy can offer an extensive range of advantages. This powerful tool can do more than just send a message; it's a direct line of contact that helps nurture customer relationships, drive sales, and much more.

High Open Rate

SMS messages boast a whopping 98% open rate, far surpassing email's average open rate of 20%. With text messages typically read within minutes of receipt, SMS marketing ensures your message reaches your audience quickly.

Direct and Personal

SMS marketing offers a direct, personal line of communication with your customers. It helps to establish and maintain a personal connection, which can foster loyalty and improve customer retention.

Versatile and Timely

Whether you're launching a new product, promoting a sale, or sending order confirmations, SMS messages provide real-time updates. You can engage customers at the right time with relevant information, improving conversion rates.

Improved Customer Experience

With features like order confirmations, shipping updates, and personalized deals, SMS marketing can significantly enhance the overall customer experience. It keeps your customers informed and makes them feel valued.

Ideal for Mobile-First Consumers

With the rise of mobile commerce, SMS marketing aligns perfectly with the habits of today's consumers. It reaches customers directly on their most-used device, making it easier for them to engage and convert.

Features to Look for in an SMS Marketing App

Choosing the right SMS marketing app for your Shopify store can be a game-changer for your e-commerce business. But with a wide array of options available on the Shopify App Store, how do you determine which one is the best fit for your specific needs? Here's what to consider when selecting an SMS marketing app:


A great SMS marketing app should allow for message customization. Personalized texts can enhance the customer experience by making the interaction feel more like a conversation than a marketing ploy. Look for an app that enables you to address your customers by name, tailor messages based on their past purchases, or send unique discount codes.


Automation capabilities can save you a significant amount of time and resources. The app should be able to send automated messages based on specific triggers or customer actions, like a welcome message after sign-up or an alert for abandoned carts.


Not all your customers are the same, so your messages shouldn't be either. Segmentation allows you to group your customers based on various parameters like buying behavior, interests, or location. This feature enables you to send highly targeted messages that are more likely to convert.


Without data, it's challenging to measure the success of your SMS marketing campaign. Therefore, opt for an app that provides insightful analytics, tracking metrics such as delivery rates, open rates, and click-through rates. This data can guide your future strategies and help improve your campaign performance.


Ensure the app complies with regulations such as the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Non-compliance can result in legal complications and damage your brand's reputation.


Lastly, the SMS marketing app should seamlessly integrate with your Shopify store and other tools you use, like your email marketing platform. This ensures a smooth workflow and a unified approach to your marketing efforts.

By keeping these features in mind, you can select an SMS marketing app that not only fits your current needs but also scales with your Shopify store's growth.

Top 10 SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify in 2023

Navigating the vast array of SMS marketing apps in the Shopify App Store can be daunting. To simplify your search, we've shortlisted the top 10 SMS Marketing Apps for your Shopify store in 2023.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Rating: 3.9
Free plan available | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Klaviyo is a comprehensive marketing platform that combines email and SMS marketing to help you build strong customer relationships.

Key Features: Rich customization options, list segmentation, pre-built automated workflows, and in-depth analytics.

SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email

Rating: 4.9
Free plan available | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

SMSBump is a robust SMS marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store to boost your marketing campaigns.

Key Features: SMS automation, advanced list segmentation, personalization, and extensive reporting.

Automizely Email Marketing, SMS

Rating: 4.8
Free plan available | 7-day free trial | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Automizely is a versatile marketing tool that combines email and SMS marketing, helping you drive sales and engagement.

Key Features: Email and SMS integration, automation, personalized communication, and user-friendly interface.

Postscript SMS Marketing

Rating: 4.9
Free plan available | 30-day free trial | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Postscript is a top-tier SMS marketing platform designed to help e-commerce brands start conversations that turn one-time buyers into repeat customers.

Key Features: Customizable SMS campaigns, automation, list segmentation, and Shopify integration.

Avada Email Marketing & SMS

Rating: 4.9
Free plan available | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Avada offers an all-in-one email and SMS marketing solution for Shopify businesses, focusing on creating personalized and automated campaigns.

Key Features: Email and SMS integration, automation, customizable templates, and real-time analytics.

Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing

Rating: 4.8
Free plan available | 21-day free trial
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Recart provides an effective solution to engage and convert customers via SMS, boosting your store's revenue.

Key Features: Abandoned cart recovery, SMS automation, customer segmentation, and analytics.

Tobi. SMS Marketing Automation

Rating: 4.8
Free plan available | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Tobi is an innovative SMS marketing tool that focuses on automation to improve customer engagement and drive sales.

Key Features: Automated SMS marketing, advanced segmentation, personalized messages, and analytics.

Privy - Pop Ups, Email, & SMS

Rating: 4.6
Free plan available | 15-day free trial | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Privy offers a suite of tools, including pop-ups, emails, and SMS marketing, to help you grow your Shopify store.

Key Features: Multichannel marketing, customizable pop-ups, email and SMS integration, and powerful automation.

Cartloop SMS Marketing

Rating: 4.8
Free plan available
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Cartloop is a human-driven SMS marketing platform that focuses on creating real conversations with your customers to boost sales.

Key Features: 24/7 live experts, personalized conversations, automated campaigns, and real-time analytics.

Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS

Rating: 4.8
Free plan available | Additional charges may apply
Top SMS Marketing Apps to Boost Your Shopify Store in 2023

Omnisend is a comprehensive marketing platform that lets you manage all your email and SMS marketing in one place.

Key Features: Multichannel marketing, automation, segmentation, and robust analytics. Each of these SMS marketing apps offers a unique blend of features designed to boost your Shopify store's marketing strategy. Evaluate them against your business needs and choose the one that best aligns with your objectives.

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Comparison of Top 10 SMS Marketing Apps for Shopify in 2023

App Rating Pricing Customization Automation Segmentation Analytics
Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS3.9Starts at $25/monthYesYesYesYes
SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email4.9Starts at $15/monthYesYesYesYes
Automizely Email Marketing, SMS4.8Starts at $19/monthYesYesYesYes
Postscript SMS Marketing4.9Starts at $15/monthYesYesYesYes
Avada Email Marketing & SMS4.9Starts at $29/monthYesYesYesYes
Recart: SMS (Mobile) Marketing4.8Starts at $19/monthYesYesYesYes
Tobi. SMS Marketing Automation4.8Starts at $19/monthYesYesYesYes
Privy - Pop Ups, Email, & SMS4.6Starts at $19/monthYesYesYesYes
Cartloop SMS Marketing4.8Starts at $19/monthYesYesYesYes
Omnisend Email Marketing & SMS4.8Starts at $19/monthYesYesYesYes
Pricing information is for the basic plans of each app. Actual data may differ from the information provided.

Tips for Implementing SMS Marketing Strategies with These Apps

Implementing an effective SMS marketing strategy requires careful planning, understanding your audience, and making the most of the tools provided by these top-notch SMS marketing apps. Below are some useful tips to get you started.

Identify Your Goals

Before implementing any marketing strategy, it's important to identify what you want to achieve. Whether it's to boost sales, improve customer engagement, or recover abandoned carts, having clear objectives will help guide your strategy.

Segment Your Customers

Leverage the segmentation features offered by these apps. Segment your customers based on their behavior, purchase history, or demographics to send personalized messages that resonate with them.

Craft Personalized Messages

Personalization is key in SMS marketing. Use the customization features of these apps to craft messages that speak directly to the recipient. This can significantly improve engagement and conversion rates.

Automate Where Possible

Use the automation features in these apps to send triggered messages based on customer actions, such as cart abandonment or completed purchases. This can save time and help ensure timely communication.

Monitor and Optimize Your Campaigns

Use the analytics provided by these apps to monitor the performance of your SMS marketing campaigns. Analyze the data, find what's working and what's not, and make necessary adjustments to optimize your strategy.

Ensure Compliance

Lastly, it's important to ensure that your SMS marketing practices comply with relevant laws and regulations. Most of these apps have compliance features built in, but it's always a good idea to double-check.

By following these tips and making the most of the features offered by these SMS marketing apps, you can effectively reach your customers, boost engagement, and ultimately drive sales in your Shopify store.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool that Shopify store owners can utilize to improve customer engagement, recover abandoned carts, and ultimately increase sales. This article has highlighted the top 10 SMS marketing apps for Shopify in 2023, complete with their key features and ratings. We encourage you to take your time, consider your specific business needs, and choose an app that aligns with your marketing strategy.

But remember, choosing an app isn't a one-time decision. As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, and as your business grows, you might find your needs changing as well. Keep an eye out for new features and improvements in these apps to continually enhance your SMS marketing strategies.

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