The rise in the number of online stores has not just increased the purchasing power of customers but also made them cautious about what and from where they buy. When it is related to making an online purchase, there are two things that customers worry about. They are concerned about the quality and whether the product they receive will be similar to the product displayed on the website. If either of the things is compromised even for once, the affected customer will think twice before making a purchase from the same online store again.

One more factor that you must consider is the evolution of technology. Nowadays, several apps are available that help businesses in showing their products the right way to customers. If you are using the Shopify platform for your online store, you must know that Shopify has an excellent App Store that has innumerable apps catering to the requirements of different departments in a business. In this article, we have brought you the top 6 product image apps for Shopify.

What Are Product Image Apps?

Basically, these apps help you to achieve any or all the objectives related to the images of the products. This can be creating image galleries, customizing the view of the images, zooming facility, or any other features that enhance the activities of your image collection. Shopify App Store has a number of apps related to editing, enhancing, and optimizing product images. While it may be difficult to navigate around these apps and pick the right one, it is worth all the effort. Also, you need not worry about that as we have brought the best of the best in this article.

Top 6 Product Image Apps For Shopify

Check out our comprehensive list of the best product image apps. Please note that each app in this section serves a unique purpose compared to the others.

1. StarApps Variant Image

Rating: 4.6/5
Developer: StarApps Studio
Top 6 Product Image Apps for Shopify

StarApps Studio has developed a series of Shopify apps that helps businesses strengthen their online presence. One such popular app from StarApps is the Variant Image app launched in 2017. Do you have a web store and having trouble showcasing products with different variants? This app has got you covered with its feature to show multiple image variants for a selected product variant. So, you have one less thing to worry about while managing products with several variants and colors.

Key Features

  • Displays multiple images for each variant.

  • Add different products image and let the app work on the variant part.

  • Creates interactive designs that make your app more engaging.

  • Collaborates with Color Swatches, Image Zoom, 3D Media, and Image Galleries.

  • Sort item images into groups and allow quick accessibility.

Why You Need This App

This app doesn’t limit to displaying different image variants for products. It further adapts itself to the different features available on your product page. As customers see more photos, they will be motivated to make more purchases.


This app has a free plan in which access to Shopify Staff Stores, Partner Stores, and Trial Stores is free. However, you have to pay a few dollars to access the Pause and Build Stores. You can also try out the 30-day trial period. Apart from that, this app has three paid plans whose Shopify store accessibility depends on the plan that you choose.

2. VariaSlide - Image Gallery

Rating: 4.6/5
Developer: Gravity Software
Top 6 Product Image Apps for Shopify

Similar to StarApps Studio, Gravity Software has launched a number of apps within the Shopify app store that helps businesses to manage their stores online. The VariaSlide app has been in the market since 2017. It is credible and has good customer reviews. This app focuses more on the image gallery of your products. Primarily, it replaces the image section of your products with its native gallery. Once the replacement is complete, your customers will be able to perform a number of actions on your images

Key Features

  • Change the way you display the image variants of different products.

  • Display product images in carousels, sliders, or gallery views.

  • Resize the images of your products with better clarity.

  • Restrict the images shown based on the variant selected by the customers.

  • Use the zoom feature to get a holistic view of the product image.

  • Enable the 3D view for a realistic display of the product images.

Why You Need This App

This app is an excellent choice for those businesses who are interested in revamping the image section of their products. It is easy to use and makes it simple for customers to take purchase decisions faster.


The app doesn’t have a free plan. However, you can have first-hand experience with all the features through its 31-day free trial period. After that, you have to upgrade to its plan which costs $9.99/month. This app supports only one plan.

3. Pixc - Image Analyzer

Rating: 4.7/5
Developer: Pixc
Top 6 Product Image Apps for Shopify

As a business owner or manager, you realize the importance of time, resources, and money. All these are invaluable and have to be used with caution. Think about having a website where you have several images of non-uniform sizes. Your first step would be to get your front-end developer to work on it. The developer will alter the code to resize the images. That is the usual process! What if there is an app that can resize all the images without any coding? Pixc helps businesses achieve it by simply integrating this app with their online store.


  • Use bulk image resizer to resize multiple images at a time.

  • Choose the style of your images to be Square, Portrait, and Landscape.

  • Give a professional look to your online store as Pixc helps to analyze the product images.

  • Identify and replace the product images that need revisions.

Why You Need This App

To save time and resources! Yes, this app is the perfect monitoring tool you to need analyze, identify, and replace broken images and bad quality images in your website. So, this will make your website more attractive and accelerate sales.


This app has a free plan. However, after reaching a specific limit, you have to pay as you go. You cannot run this plan in the background. To run this app in the background, you have to switch to any one of the paid plans. The paid plans are Basic ($4/month), Pro ($19/month), and Unlimited ($79/month). Except for the Unlimited plan, you have to pay additional charges for processing the image after reaching a certain limit.

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4. Cool Image Magnifier

Rating: 4.9/5
Developer: StoreBricks
Top 6 Product Image Apps for Shopify

When you search for products online, you must have noticed that they come with a feature to zoom the product images. This helps customers to make better purchasing decisions. Zooming the images helps in obtaining exact visuals of the product. The Cool Image Magnifier app in Shopify’s app store serves this purpose. By installing this app into your online store, you can effortlessly add the ‘Zoom’ functionality for all the product images.


  • The app is device responsive and runs effortlessly across all devices.

  • Enable the Light Box Effect to view the product images in a professional gallery.

  • The dashboard is flexible and simple to use.

  • View the images in full-screen mode.

  • Choose colors for the background of the zoomed images.

  • You can install the app and make it operate within a few clicks - zero coding requirement.

Why You Need This App

Customers have the tendency to zoom and view the product images. It has become an essential functionality while adding product images to eCommerce websites. This app allows customers to zoom the product images without any image breaking or pixel loss.


The app doesn’t come with a free plan. However, you can use the 30-day trial period to see if this app is suitable for your business. The app also doesn’t offer a tiered plan. It has a single plan that costs a flat rate of $2.99/month. The Zoom feature of this app is affordable. Hence, we recommend it for businesses who want to include this feature in their mobile store.

5. GC Hover Image Slider

Rating: 5/5
Developer: Gigilabs
Top 6 Product Image Apps for Shopify

GC Hover Image Slider app in the Shopify app store deserves the spot in this edition of the top product images app for Shopify because of its straightforward feature. Its operations are limited to the Collections page where different products are displayed. With this app, you can add different images for the products as a carousel or slider to improve the click-through rates and accelerate the sales across your online store. Your customers can also preview the images by hovering over them.


  • Configure to show the second image on hover or incorporate a slider to show multiple images.

  • Importance to details is given where you can customize the arrows used in the sliders.

  • Utilize quick view while viewing images on the mobile view.

  • Device friendly - glitch-free view across all the devices.

Why You Need This App

This app can be used as an essential tool to accelerate sales. As different product images are available on the Collections page itself, it is comfortable for customers to make a quick purchase and reduce their shopping time.


The app has a free plan which you can use while on the Developer Shopify plan. Along with this, it has two paid plans - Basic ($1.99/month) and Pro ($5.99/month). We strongly recommend subscribing to the Pro plan as it has access to all the configurations available in the app. For instance, the Arrow Slider and Hover Slider are available only in the Pro plan of this app.

6. Crush: Speed & Image Optimizer

Rating: 4.8/5
Developer: Space Squirrel Ltd

One of the common disadvantages that businesses come across while running their online store is shortfalls in the page loading speed. Particularly, when the website is related to eCommerce, it becomes quite a challenge. The website will have several images. So, the web developer has quite a task on hand to increase the page loading speed without compromising the image quality. To work around this, you can use this app. It has all the essential features required to boost the speed and optimize your images.


  • Resize all your product images to increase the page loading speed.

  • Optimize the product images to meet your SEO requirements.

  • It is a one-time setup and the app will take care of the future tasks.

  • Get to choose between different customization options while optimizing the images.

Why You Need This App

Page Loading Speed is an important metric that Google takes into consideration while ranking your pages. Hence, it is essential for you to have a good paging speed. This app will help you to achieve it.


This app has a free plan. However, it doesn’t have any trial period. So, you should check out the features list of each plan before subscribing to the most suitable plan. The paid plans are Micro ($4.99/month), Pro ($9.99/month), and Advanced ($19.99//month). Except for the free plan with basic features, all the paid plans have the same features. The difference lies in the images allowed per month.

That ends our list of the top 6 product image apps for Shopify. Shopify’s app store has several image editing apps, however, we have brought to you those which serve different purposes in your online store. Do check them out and go with the ones that your web store is in need of.

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