When it comes to marketing your app and business, you must be creative to get in front of the right people. One of the most effective methods is to employ OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or pre-install advertising, which may help you establish your brand reputation. These initiatives are one-of-a-kind and may help you stand out from the crowd by capturing the attention of your intended audience right away.

Take into account the fact that, while we prefer to install and uninstall mobile apps after purchasing a new device, a large number of apps that were initially there remain installed. Regardless of whether the owner of a new smartphone is first ignorant of the app, if it comes pre-installed, they will most likely find it over time. Users may eventually find a cause to launch a new app they haven't tried before, thus introducing them to a new brand. In addition, you don't require a marketing strategy to get this visibility.

You could get the most out of your ad campaigns as you expand your brand by utilizing OEMs and preinstalled applications.


What's the Distinction Between a Brand and a Campaign?

Your brand is made up of everything that contributes to the identification of your company or product. Consumers recognize effective businesses because they use a consistent message across all marketing activities. A campaign, in contrast, is a marketing endeavor that tries to promote an item or service. Campaigns normally appeal to a more specific demographic and are usually fast and limited in duration. A past investment is a result of combining the two.

What's the Distinction Between a Brand and a Campaign

How Does a Pre-Install Campaign Work?

Marketers collaborate with OEMs to pre-install their application on the OEM's portable devices, in these campaigns. In other words, your software will be downloaded on clients' smartphones before they ever buy/install them. This can considerably improve your app's exposure and, as a result, your brand reputation. Since your application is available on so many platforms, you will see a huge boost in views, which will lead to improved brand recognition.

You may eventually use these campaigns to assist additional measures to encourage your company and applications, such as traditional marketing and app store optimization (ASO) techniques .

You'll also be able to attract new users all around the world by targeting certain places. Furthermore, you may guarantee that OEMs only install your applications on relevant potential consumers' devices. This is far more effective than merely addressing the masses and hoping that some of them do not remove your program. You'll be able to interact with the appropriate users at the right moment with customized pre-install marketing. You may, for example, target certain sorts of gadgets that your target demographic is most likely to buy and use. Some sites may also attract a larger crowd.

OEMs install these applications when the user first switches on the phone and begins the verification system, minimizing intrusiveness. Users will likely receive a variety of apps that may interest them depending on their demographics when they begin to use their smartphones.

How Does a Pre-Install Campaign Work

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The Advantages of Pre-Install Campaigns

Pre-install campaigns provide a variety of benefits that set companies apart from those who do not have preloaded applications. Among these special advantages are:

Consumers' confidence in devices gets increased

Users rely on the OEMs from whom they purchase their devices to offer them programs that the manufacturer trusts. Apple, for instance, is quite stringent regarding the type of programs it trusts to install on folk's devices, which may prohibit individuals from downloading untrustworthy software completely. Simultaneously, apps in the application store which the OEM has not thoroughly verified may pose specific threats. Many fraudulent programs on the Apple App Store, for instance, can damage the consumer in certain ways.

Because of their faith in OEMs, these customers are more inclined to believe any preinstalled apps that arrive on their new handsets. They're probably to notice that the OEM feels the applications are secure enough to pre-install on new devices, which also will help the application developers develop a strong brand reputation.

The Advantages of Pre-Install Campaigns

More Ease for Smartphone Users

Preconfigured apps on OEM devices can boost accessibility by reducing the steps required for other programs. Your software would be installed the first time the user accessed their smartphone. As a consequence, the user would not have to go searching for and downloading the app, nor would you have to rely on advertisements to direct consumers to your google play store page.

This extra simplicity increases the likelihood that app users will keep your program loaded, especially if they realize that it is beneficial to them.

More Ease for Smartphone Users

A greater number of devoted customers

You will be able to dramatically enhance user engagement if you give them a helpful solution via your app. Even if customers need to switch to a new phone that doesn't come with your app installed, they'll be much more likely to install it when they do so. This may also assist to improve your brand's image amongst OEMs, perhaps leading to future collaborations with other device makers.

Increased conversions

Conversions will automatically rise since more consumers will pay interest to and use what was before apps. The typical conversion rate is debatable in the business, although most sources would tell you that the average CTR for new app store customers is 1-2%. With pre-install efforts, this is likely to be substantially higher. You'll already have the user's trust and attention, especially if the pre-install campaigns are well-focused. As a result, you will be able to reduce other more expensive but less productive mobile marketing activities. This will very certainly result in more in-app purchases as well as other forms of conversion.

Increased conversions

Reduced Dropouts

One of the most serious difficulties that advertisers confront is the dropoff among users after they have been hooked. If a potential consumer is unsure if an application will be suitable for them before installing it, they may choose not to install it altogether. Users would be prevented from even attempting the application before dismissing it. When you immediately install your application on new devices, you expedite user acquisition & inspire more people to test your app. You'll probably experience fewer drop-offs as a result compared to when using third-party advertisements alone.

Reduced Dropouts

How to Create a User Acquisition Strategy That Included a Pre-Install Campaign

If you want your pre-install campaign to be successful, treat it like any other form of user acquisition (UA) effort. The following are some measures you may take to get going in giving your campaigns a purpose to assist grow your brand.

Establish a specific install target number that you want to achieve. Whenever you begin any UA campaign, you must first establish a clear & realistic aim for your company. How many installations do you want to get, and what type of in- app purchase conversion rates do you expect? Based on your objectives, you may then create a budget for your marketing. Consider how much you're prepared to spend on an OEM alliance to reach your aims.

Choose a Device and an OEM

You may choose the best gadget to target with your campaign based on who your audience is. Conduct market research to determine which devices your potential and current consumers spend the most time with. Various devices attract different sorts of consumers, so think about the app experiences you provide.

Once you've determined which gadget to target, start forming a relationship with the associated OEM. This will assist you in launching an effective campaign.

Installs Should Be Attributed to Your Pre-Install Campaigns

You may ensure that you're tracking the statistics directly related to your pre-install activities by using the correct mobile growth tools. To improve the accuracy of your analytics data, consider using an efficient mobile ad system that provides you with the data you require.

Analyze the Outcomes

After your pre-install campaign is live, you must gather and assess the information it creates. Evaluate the outcomes of your objectives. If you find yourself falling short, make the required adjustments to your campaigns.

For example, you may discover that some groups of your audience convert at a faster rate. Within those cases, you may wish to shift your attention to these segments, focusing on their unique gadgets and locales.

As your brand grows and your customer base grows, continuous development will help you maximize the benefits of your efforts. As you get more expertise with them, you'll be able to greatly enhance the ROI of your efforts.

Analyze the Outcomes

Don't Forget About Other Efforts

Your pre-install marketing may produce some of the finest results, but you shouldn't rely only on them. You should enhance it with further marketing & promotion initiatives. Customize your app store pages, ad design, and message, appearance on social media and other resources in addition to pre-install campaigns. This will result in a more comprehensive plan that makes full use of all accessible channels.

Utilize the Potential of Pre-Install Campaigns

With the appropriate approach and technologies, advertisers may reap the benefits of pre-install campaigns. Swipecart can assist you with your app marketing needs. You are now educated about the topic and you can now start planning your next campaign right away.