There was a time when building a website needed knowledge in coding. Then came platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Magento, and Shopify that changed the game of website building. These platforms offered easy ways to custom build websites including e-commerce stores and even a layman could create their website with some help of available resources online.

Now is the time to create your own mobile app without coding. If you have a good business idea you can convert it into a mobile app reality without writing even a single line of code.

There are innumerable mobile app builders available online to help you build a mobile app. And then there is Swipecart that incorporates a powerful mobile app builder tool in it and provides you with the option to simply create your own mobile app using your existing website without coding and for free.

Who can benefit from building mobile apps without coding?

Building mobile apps is as easy as creating websites on Wix or Shopify. This benefits entrepreneurs who want to provide personalized shopping experiences for their customers. It also helps business owners who have their e-commerce website and now want to transition to a mobile app for the benefit of their loyal customers. Here are some potential examples of who can benefit from creating their own apps without coding:

  • Small business owners like the DIY entrepreneurs and retailers who want a mobile app for their business

  • E-commerce store owners who want to provide their customers the transition from website to a mobile shopping experience

  • Local businesses like restaurants and coffee shops who need an app for delivery services

  • Gyms, personal trainers, yoga teachers, and fitness instructors who want to build on their brand through online personal coaching and workout videos.

  • Gyms, personal trainers, yoga teachers, and fitness instructors who want to build on their brand through online personal coaching and workout videos.

  • Schools, personal tutors, and coaching institutions wanting to offer online courses and classes

  • Content creators, influencers, and bloggers to expand their reach

  • Music bands, entertainers, and event managers who want to arrange concerts and events

  • Local service providers who want to stay ahead in the competition

  • Wholesale dealers who want to contact retailers and business clients

  • NGOs and non-profit organizations wanting to reach out to more contributors

  • Artists such as musicians, dancers, and painters who want to engage with their patrons

These are just some of the potential users who can take advantage of building an app for free without coding.

What is the cost to create your own mobile app without coding?

It is always expensive to build a mobile app from scratch. You have to hire skilled and reliable mobile app developers and it takes anywhere between 15 days to 3 months or more to build an interactive app. Instead, you can use a good tried-and-proven mobile app builder to do the job for you. They charge a fixed monthly, quarterly, or annual fee to update and manage the app.

If you choose to build a mobile app by using your existing e-commerce store, you can benefit from the free plan in Swipecart. It is perfect for new stores and you can choose from five free template designs. But you will not have the advantage of plugin integration and custom branding. Instead, you can opt for a Basic, Advanced, or Enterprise plan as per your business needs. These plans come with custom branding, push notifications, integration, segmented push notifications, marketing dashboard, usage analytics, and much more. You are also provided with an implementation specialist to help you in each step of creating an app and publishing it on the App/Play Store. One of the biggest benefits of choosing Swipecart is you pay once instead of having to shell out money every month.

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How easy is it to create your own mobile app without coding?

Building an app without coding is very easy. The starting point is selecting a good mobile app builder. Let’s see how to create an app without coding.

  1. Choose a good mobile app builder to create your own mobile app without coding. Go through the online feedback and reviews to find the best one.

  2. Select a plan to fit your budget and requirements. Free plans are best suited for startups and small businesses. If you intend to provide better shopping experiences to your users, go with standard or advanced plans.

  3. If you have a well-established website, you can choose to convert it into an app with Swipecart.

  4. After selecting a good mobile app builder, the first step to creating your mobile app is to choose a template. Depending on whether you have opted for a free or a paid version, you will be given templates to choose from. From here, you have to start customizing your app. You have to select appropriate color schemes, fonts, and elements to place inside the layout.

  5. If you opt for a paid version, you get custom branding and integration of third-party plugins. You can upload your logo and change the background color to match the brand.

  6. Now, you update the products, description, images, and much more.

  7. The final step is to publish the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You can push it to your account or Swipecart gives you the option to publish it using their account.

Basically, not all mobile app builders are the same. Each one has its unique feature and you get to customize the app depending on your selected plan. If you are expecting a steady flow of customers to the app, you can select an advanced plan to create your own mobile app as per your specification and needs.

What is the benefit of building an app without coding?

As we have mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs and e-commerce store owners should definitely try to build an app without coding. It is much better than spending time, money, and effort on building an app from scratch. But, if you want to create a gaming app or an advanced app with AR and VR, we would suggest you go with app coding. These advanced categories need special effects and niche features that a mobile app builder cannot provide.

Here are the benefits of building an app without coding:

  • You can create native apps for both Android and iOS operating systems

  • You don’t need to code to build an app

  • Easy to create apps with drag-and-drop module

  • Some of them offer to build apps for free

  • You can create custom apps as per your requirement

  • It costs less when compared to building the app from scratch

  • You can build an app faster and with less effort

  • Easy to maintain the app after the launch

  • Best-suited for big businesses who plan to build an MVP before the actual app launch

  • No need to hire mobile app developers

If you have experience building websites on WordPress or Shopify, you know how easy and fast it is to build a custom e-commerce store. Similarly, you can now build an app without coding with a reliable mobile app builder.


Mobile apps are the future of online shopping. It will definitely help you boost your online sales and get more users.

If you already have an e-commerce website, you can simply convert it into an engaging mobile app using Swipecart. It has a powerful inbuilt mobile app builder tool to help you design your app as per your need. And yes, just like any other mobile app builder, even this requires no coding knowledge. It offers better features and functionalities and requires just a one-time payment.

Create your own mobile app today without coding! Get the first-mover advantage over your competitors.