The days of simple marketing are long gone. You cannot simply purchase a few ad spaces & expect results.

Customers and prospects nowadays have higher expectations. It necessitates a great deal of effort to appear in front of them, persuade them to notice you, and convince them to react. You may begin with-

  • A handful of print advertisements. However, you will also require a website.

  • A presence on social media. As well as an email list. And perhaps some particularly to the audience.

  • A favorable feedback. The list is endless.

But this is only the beginning of it. You must also select the correct prospects & speak to them about issues that are important to them. This implies you'll need several client profiles, sometimes known as "personas." Each character will demand somewhat unique marketing, and you will ultimately provide bit distinct items or services to them.


Marketing automation is a technique that allows B2B embracing technology to stand back & delegate some of their marketing activities to software or other technologies. It's a fantastic lead creation and nurturing approach, as practically every high-earning B2B Innovative tech firm uses it in some capacity.

But we're not finished yet. There is a matter of time. Each consumer or client you entice will like to proceed at their speed. They will object if you force them via a sales funnel. Do you anticipate them to place a purchase the very first time that they come across your brand? Before becoming consumers, they will want to understand your plus strategy.

That was a lot to keep track of. You've got forms of advertising, different sorts of customers, or time - and it all has to operate together properly. It's no surprise that marketers are feeling anxious.

Thankfully, marketing automation exists. At least many such complex systems can be automated. There are several approaches. Nevertheless, keep in mind that marketing automation is not a sure thing, therefore your organization should resist eliminating all human contacts with automated procedures. Still, if done correctly, it may save your company a significant amount of time & work.

Today, we'll examine some of the benefits and drawbacks of marketing automation with the hopes of informing you and ensuring you understand the benefits and drawbacks before incorporating automation into your 2023 plan.


The Pros of Marketing Automation

Time savings and cost savings

There is no denying that automating parts of your marketing operations can help you save a significant lot of time and cost. It will free up your team's time to focus on more essential work by allowing them to spend less time dealing with administrative concerns.

Ideal for generating leads and nurturing them

Marketing automation allows you to produce & develop leads while having to communicate with each potential consumer as they progress along their path. Your team may create automatic procedures which will keep your firm in the minds of researchers and buyers constantly.

Split testing is made simple

A/B testing, often known as split testing, is the technique of running or more variants of your websites concurrently. A portion of visitors will view the first variety, while the remainder will experience the second. Your staff may then examine the data and utilize analytical tools to determine which variation of your website is most effective. Marketing automation eliminates the need for manual labor.

Allows you to begin with customization

Personalization is certainly high on our forward-thinking marketing team clients' priority list right now, and many email marketing platforms like Swipecart enable you to start implementing components of personalized service, such as CTA's that make adjustments on the glide based on the actions of those going to visit your website.


The Cons of Marketing Automation

It's not free

Many marketing automation systems aren't free for use and can be rather expensive, so salespeople may be required to persuade their managers that the investment is worth it. This can put a burden on marketing departments, who are frequently asked to provide remarkable results quickly.

Automation necessitates the use of trial-and-error

Market segmentation of consumers in marketing automation is a bit of an artwork, but Business - to - business IT professionals are unlikely to achieve it straight right immediately. As a result, marketers must frequently participate in a procedure of trial & error to perfect their strategy and obtain the best potential outcomes. Automation does not imply that it will run entirely on its own!

There is a time commitment necessary

Because trial and error is a big component of marketing automation, your marketing people will be required to put in a lot of time at first. Certainly, automating can save work in the long term, but it demands a lot of attention & care during the early years of recruiting & installation as the team gets up to speed.

It may be fairly complicated

Finally, it's crucial to realize that marketing automation is a complicated subject that necessitates several insights as well as a large quantity of data. Automation may harm your chances of succeeding or reduce the number of leads you create if your staff doesn't have access to the correct information.

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Don't overlook people or processes

Any professional marketer reading an article who has been engaged in growing marketing activities throughout the world will understand that technology is just a tiny part of the equation. People and processes are essential, yet simply because you've spent a lot of money on intelligent marketing automated systems doesn't mean they'll run automatically.

We usually say that marketing automation technology is the engine, but people & processes are the gasoline and the crew that keeps the game moving.


As you recognize from the Pros and negatives in this article, automation may be a double-edged blade when first implemented. Those that refine their strategy, work very hard, & stay concentrated on their objectives, on the other hand, might save a lot while significantly increasing the number of sales & leads their site generates in the future.

Don't allow the negatives to deter you; marketing automation is indeed the future, & B2B organizations that don't get on board will be at a serious disadvantage throughout the years ahead.