Two decades back, it was the era of computers. Then came the mobile phones. Later, it was the internet and it amplified the way people use their mobile devices. Websites came into existence followed by mobile apps. For businesses that solely survived on traditional marketing, the internet and the mobile device were a combination to improve app conversion rate through means of effective customer interaction.

Mobile devices that were meant to call people and communicate have now changed. Nowadays people access the internet to communicate with others and most importantly to buy products and services. We have seen businesses solely succeed on the basis of their mobile apps. Our advice to businesses, big or small, would be to not shy away. Create your own app to find out the major difference it makes to improve your conversion rate. Once you get the taste of success, there will be no looking back.

Most businesses miss out on m-commerce benefits just because they are concerned about the price of developing applications. Nothing could be further from the truth- app development is now a fraction of what it used to be 5-10 years ago. Moreover, you don’t have to build your mobile app from scratch. You can simply convert your e-commerce website into a mobile app with products like app builders. An e-commerce store builder not only helps you build your mobile application fast but is also easy and affordable.

If an app such as “reminder to drink water” or “Is it Dark Outside” or “Nothing” exists and still gets downloads, there is no reason your business shouldn’t have one. With the digitization of everything in the world, having a mobile app has significant benefits, the main use is it improves app conversion rate.

Do you want to know how a mobile app helps businesses in increasing the conversion rate? We will explain.


According to research, every 1-second delay in page load time reduces the conversion rate by roughly 7%. Mobile applications are created using technology that allows them to load much faster than mobile websites. With less reliance on network performance, customers are rewarded with a loaded screen rather than having to gaze at a blank screen.

Push Notification

The push notification is an essential tool to increase client loyalty and repeat purchases. Merchants may use it to provide updates to their customers' mobile phones. For instance, messages such as "Check out our new arrivals" or more personalized messages such as "The item you ordered is now in stock" or reminders such as “You have items in your cart” all have the potential to bring customers back and improve app conversion rate. Push notifications significantly minimize shopping abandonment. By just sending push alerts to clients, over 70% of abandoned carts may be retrieved and converted to sales.

Ease of Use

Mobile apps take advantage of the native characteristics of mobile devices. Mobile applications are far more competent than mobile-friendly websites in providing a smooth shopping experience, whether it's through location, screen alignment, or bringing up the correct keypad. Voice search, barcode scanning, camera, GPS tracking, and a slew of other capabilities through mobile apps play a significant part in minimizing user effort and offering a pleasurable shopping experience. A good e-commerce store builder offers you plugin integration features to let your app take advantage of the device capabilities.

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Everyone has been talking about mobile payments lately. Apple Pay and Google Pay are simple payment methods that allow customers to check out with a single click. One-click purchasing enhances the chance of impulse purchases and eliminates any buyer concerns about security. This significantly increases conversion rates by removing any friction in the shopping experience. Create your own app and offer secure payment gateways to your customers to gain trust and improve app conversion rates.

Social Media Platforms

Mobile devices are now the hotspots for numerous networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter. Users now share any product they like with their networks through these social media platforms. Also, the merchants have their business accounts on social media platforms to get new customers to the app and retain the existing ones. The social media plugins are a sure-shot way to improve app conversion rate.


It is critical to meet your users where they are in order to get your brand noticed. Their attention must be earned. Mobile apps offer the most engaging and programmable features to do so. Unlike desktop computers, buyers bring mobile devices with them everywhere they go. When you combine this with the desire for rapid gratification, you have millions of buyers who will see something they want on the street and buy it right away from their cell phones.


Websites provide the same basic material to all visitors, regardless of who they are. As a result, web information becomes less relevant to a huge portion of the population. Mobile applications allow users to customize their experience by allowing them to establish preferences. This level of personalization strengthens consumer relationships, which boosts your audience's brand loyalty. Create your own app because this is the right way to lure customers by offering personalized shopping experiences.

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