Analytics in the realm of e-commerce is sometimes overwhelming. The list is lengthy, to begin with, and it simply grows larger as your company grows. You might be tracking anywhere from 10-55 metrics depending on your size and stage. Your app conversion funnel is a road map for potential clients. When individuals are churned out at each level, it is depicted as a funnel. It is your responsibility as a marketer to direct prospects through this conversion funnel and boost the number of consumers who proceed to the end of the pipeline to purchase.

However, it may also be seen as a Conversion cycle if you think about it. With the plethora of freely accessible content, customers can move from being oblivious to purchasing in a relatively short period, while others might linger over purchases while gathering a plethora of info and drawing parallels. People can go back and forth between phases since there is no actual chronological flow. Because every client sees things differently, it is critical to connecting all stages, and a cycle-shaped customer roadmap may make more sense.

This post will teach you how to integrate web push notifications into the various phases of your conversion funnel.

Customer Acquisition

A subscriber base is required for every marketing strategy. You get a lot of traffic from organic, paid social, and other sources. As a result, you've already paid for those visits. You will not be able to contact the visitor immediately after they leave your site. Although sponsored advertising includes the potential of retargeting, you cannot connect out to them right away. That is where web push notifications may help you. However, to profit from the traffic, you must turn it into subscribers.

Conversion refers to the process of turning visitors into subscribers. You must optimize your client acquisition to boost your conversion rate.


Your website's users are not all the same. If you send them all the same push notifications, the odds of user engagement will be minimal. The Push Notification platform enables you to separate subscribers depending on several factors. Here, the conversion is to segment users. To maximize the segmentation step, ensure that each category has a substantial number of subscribers and that the subscriber's desire to target is clear.

A user performs several actions on your website. You may create a multi-segmentation plan based on your marketing objectives. Be cautious not to overload the section with characteristics. Otherwise, it will result in a difficult-to-target group with little engagement.

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Improve your content

Make certain that you compose the material with an awareness of your target audience in mind. Understand the questions people are asking and provide information that answers them. Make your text more understandable by using images. If the content is ineffective, no amount of advertising will provide results.


Engagement is the next critical step in the process of converting visitors to customers. The key to app conversion optimization is re-engagement. When a consumer leaves your website, you must devise a plan to re-engage them. The conversion goal at this stage is to get users back to your website. Web push notification offers an advantage over other re-engagement tools in this regard.


App Push Notification may be used to create client retention programs. Customers frequently browse the various goods without making a purchase. Some clients purchased a product but never returned it. Some clients never react to your alerts and are thus dissatisfied.

Message Sent by Push Notification

The notification copy is an important factor to consider while optimizing app conversions. Before launching any campaigns, be sure to work on the copy. Follow the appropriate strategies for writing effective copy. One approach is to write the copy in the local language. It fosters an emotional connection while also increasing conversion rates.


Monetization is simply the process of transforming your sales and marketing efforts into money. Throughout the app conversion funnel, you have been striving towards this goal. It goes hand in hand with client retention and engagement, and push notifications are an excellent monetization mechanism. By sending out appropriate push notifications, you may generate income from your existing subscriber base while also increasing the satisfaction levels of each user.

Push notifications will delight your consumers.

It's not all about making money. It's also about giving your consumers a memorable experience and satisfying them with modest gestures. Every push message doesn't have to come with a catch, and most shouldn't be geared at getting anything from them, but you can keep current customers happy by building a stronger link with them.

Also, solicit comments and testimonials from them. When you display these reviews on your site, it helps to develop trust for potential buyers, which aids in the acquisition and benefits your whole app conversion funnel.

Signing Off!

Experiment with the aforementioned tactics to see how they affect app conversions. Check out Swipecart if you're running out of campaign ideas and willing to convert your eCommerce store or are confused about how to increase conversions. You could come upon anything relevant to your company goal.