People are shopping online today like never before. The power of the internet has helped people to shop anytime and anywhere. Mobile consumption is at a record high and it shows no signs of abating. As a business owner, you need to recognize this trend and leverage it to improve your e-commerce sales and increase your brand revenue.

But a mobile-friendly website is just not enough. You need an e-commerce mobile app to reach full potential in online sales. An e-commerce store builder will help you to set up your it effortlessly at less cost and time.

Working on your app conversion rate and customer retention will help in increasing the online sales on your mobile app. But too often we see business owners satisfied with sales on their e-commerce websites. They don’t see a reason why they need a mobile app. If you are one such business owner, this blog will serve you as a guide to know why your online store needs an e-commerce mobile app.

It is mobile commerce all the way!

People are shopping from mobile devices. Our phone is always with us wherever we go which isn’t the case with laptops or desktops. Mobile commerce makes it possible for consumers to shop from anywhere, on the train, when on a vacation, or when discussing with friends. They shop online during their lunch breaks or when walking down the street. It is simple and easy.

The m-commerce sales accounted for nearly 73% of the total e-commerce sales in 2021. This metric tells that mobile devices have completely taken over the e-commerce industry. As m-commerce sales continue to trend upwards, the best way for you to increase your brand revenue and get your share of the pie is to convert the e-commerce store into a mobile commerce app.


The shopping apps installation and sessions for 2021 were up by 11% and 14% respectively over 2020. Its penetration rate is expected to hit 51% this year. The usage of m-commerce apps is growing by the year and this is a sign that it will significantly contribute to mobile commerce sales.

Mobile app or mobile-friendly website?

Does your business have a mobile-friendly website? We assume your answer is yes. You may be satisfied that you are generating e-commerce sales from your shopping website. But hear this out, 78% of the consumers would rather use an app to buy products than shop for it from an e-commerce mobile-friendly website.

We agree, a user-friendly mobile website is the first step toward generating sales from mobile users. But at the end of the day, you have to look from where customers prefer to shop. Imagine, nearly 80 in 100 consumers would shop for products from shopping apps. Are you going to neglect these customers just because you feel that a website will suffice?

Why do customers prefer to shop from an app rather than on a website?

  • The top reason for shopping is because it’s more convenient. Nearly 63% of the shoppers feel so.

  • 57% said it loads faster.

  • The other factor that customers find attractive is that their settings get stored in the app

  • The loyalty benefits like rewards and points is another motivating factor

  • It offers more personalized content.

There is no doubt that an app’s features and functions always provide an optimized user experience. So, if you are holding back on converting your website into a mobile app, you’re neglecting the majority of the market and providing a less than optimal shopping experience for your existing customers. Do you want your customers to suffer or go looking for your competitors? If no, opt to convert your e-commerce store into an app. A good e-commerce store builder will help take your online sales to the next level.

Race ahead in the competition

As we said earlier, without a mobile app, your e-commerce website is at a disadvantage. You may be getting e-commerce sales from your website, but it will not last long enough. Customers are preferring to shop from apps. It will not be long before they stop buying from your website. Why wait for it? Moreover, moving to a mobile app early will give you an advantage over your competitors who have only a mobile-friendly e-commerce website.

If a customer is made to choose between your competitor’s website and your app, they will lean towards your app for buying from you. In the future, every business will have a mobile app, so why wait for that day? Why not be an early adopter and enjoy reaping the benefits of increased customers and a better app conversion rate than being late to the party?

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Higher customer acquisition and retention rates

Let’s get back to why you need a mobile app. At the end of the day, your sole purpose of doing business is to boost sales and benefit your bottom line. Tracking conversions on a mobile-friendly website and an app is a great place to start when we want to look at the statistics.

  • US adults spend nearly 4 hours on their mobile internet. In that, the browser time is just 23 minutes while the majority of 3 hours 47 minutes is spent on the app. This is great because it translates to better exposure for your brands and products through a shopping app.

  • The products viewed per user on the mobile browser is 5.7 while it is 22 on the app. We see a stark difference of about 286% here!

  • The purchase with a mobile browser is 44% while it is 54% on the app

The conversion rate is +130% when we compare mobile browsers and apps. When you look at these numbers, you know that the m-commerce app is a clear winner. If at all you have to increase your brand revenue, a mobile app is what you need.

Reduction in cart abandonment rates

Cart abandonment is a crucial KPI that you need to track for online sales. How does it feel when customers leave your website when they are just one or two steps away from finalizing the purchase? What necessarily went wrong?

A long and complicated checkout process is one of the top three factors contributing to shopping cart abandonment. Mobile apps reduce this issue to a greater extent. They have a cart abandonment rate of just 20% when compared to 97% on mobile sites. The apps reduce friction in the checkout process. Let us tell you why.

In a mobile app, all the customer details and preferences are saved during the onboarding process or when they buy some product for the first time. So, when they come back to buy something again, they will not have to manually type their name, shipping & billing address, email id, contact number, or sometimes the card information again. All these details are auto-filled in the checkout form and the entire process of checking out and buying the product is completed in a couple of clicks.

Another advantage is that if you include payment options such as Apple Pay, PayPal, or Google Pay, the user can buy by just scanning their fingerprint. By reducing the number of steps for the checkout process, you are reducing the friction and helping them buy fast. This reduces the cart abandonment rate and increases the app conversion rate.


Definitely, an m-commerce app increases conversions and reduces cart abandonment rates. It also gives a higher average order value and increases the retention rate. Tell us, are you the store owner who wants to improve these metrics? We have the best answer for you.

Now that you understand why an app is so important for online sales, it is time for action. Do not worry about the investment cost. And no, it doesn’t take months and months to create one. It is easier than you think.

If you need some help or want us to convert the website to an app for you, just reach out and let us know. We will offer you full assistance.

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