January 10, 2022

6 Ways a Mobile App Facilitates Online Shopping

6 Ways a Mobile App Facilitates Online Shopping

Today, mobile e-commerce applications are dominating the market, attracting a large number of users and raking in large earnings. But businesses shy away from creating an app because of the efforts, time, and money involved. What if we told you there's an easy method to enhance your sales, strengthen your customer base, and strengthen your brand? All of this is possible simply by converting your e-commerce website into an app using an e-commerce app builder.

You should grab every opportunity that will get you closer to your business goals. We will consider the reasons how an app facilitates online shopping so that you can decide if you want to create your own online store on mobile.

1.It is convenient

A mobile app is very convenient for online shopping when compared to an e-commerce website. Around 78% of the shoppers preferred to shop using a mobile app rather than accessing an e-commerce store using a web browser on their mobile device.

Mobile apps offer easy shopping experiences preferably when you are a frequent visitor. For starters, you don’t have to remember and type in the URL address every time to access the shop. Also, it offers better security. 63% of the shoppers voted for convenience as the top reason why they prefer to shop with their mobile apps. Create your own online store in the app because by doing so you are placing the customer convenience first and giving them every reason to shop from it.

2.Customer loyalty

A user downloads the app only after considerable thought. This means that they are already interested in your products and download the app to make the buying process easy. Since they come ready to buy, it becomes essential for business owners to tap into this segment of buyers. As per research by Criteo, mobile app users are likely to return to your app twice within 30 days compared to shoppers who access the store from the mobile browser. So how do you ensure that you retain customers and entice them to return and buy products from your app?

Push notifications-

Send personalized messages to your customers reminding them of the items left in the cart, of new offers, of special discounts, or of items back in stock. Push notification is an ideal way to tell customers that you care for them and it serves as a constant reminder to tell them to keep returning to your app to buy products.


You can let shoppers customize their experience in your mobile app. This can be done during the onboarding process. You ask customers their interests and preferences and try to show them relevant products. These recommendations and suggestions make their shopping easy.

Exclusive content-

Implement offers to shoppers exclusively for your mobile store- for example, discount up to 50% on products for shopping on your app. Such special offers motivate the consumers to download the app and buy from it. Once a user downloads the app, they retain it on their device for quite some time. Now, you can make them return by sending offers and personalized messages through push notifications.

Loyalty rewards-

Just as push notifications, loyalty reward is another way to encourage your customers to keep coming back. The loyalty benefits can be in many forms- points to redeem, extra discount, first access to holiday shopping, bonus on future purchases, and so on.


Referrals help you in both customer acquisition and retention. Offer loyalty bonuses or points to customers who refer your app to their friends. This way, you get new customers who will be interested in buying the products because they were recommended by their friends. You reward your customers with points for referring their friends and thus retain them to buy more products.

Advanced support-

Live chats through automatic chatbots installed on your app helps to solve customer problems quickly. This established a 24*7 connection between you and your customers.

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3.Reduced response time

The app downloads and stores the required files on the user’s mobile device when it is installed and only the updated information is downloaded. Whereas in a website, the majority of the data has to be downloaded every time even though some amount of it is stored in cache storage. The data transmission & retrieval between a server and a mobile app is faster than between the server and a website through the mobile browser. This is the reason why a mobile app takes significantly reduced response time. Also, when users set their default preferences in the app, it loads only the relevant content. This allows the users to be more proactive and shop for products fast reducing their response time. As a business owner, you can take advantage of the customers’ preference to shop using a mobile app by converting your existing website into an app with an e-commerce app builder.

4.Improved UX

The way your shop is presented to clients may make or break your sales. When visiting a website, visitors expect simple navigation to help them discover what they're searching for. In terms of layout, mobile apps are rather restricted which might work as a boon to you. To be more specific, the lack of extraneous buttons and banners in your store's layout on mobile devices might contribute to a more enjoyable customer experience. Create your own online store in the mobile app form and keep the design simple and clean. The absence of distractions will assist your consumers to get to the checkout faster and return more frequently since they will remember how simple it is to make purchases in your e-commerce app.

5.Device capabilities

The functionalities of a user’s device may be integrated with your app to boost client engagement.


An app can utilize GPS to pinpoint a user's position. You may add a function that geo-tags client addresses, which eliminates the need to manually enter shipping information. Furthermore, if consumers are seeking a real retail location, you may send them to the nearest shop and verify item availability.


Users can now use the voice search feature to simplify the process of what products they are searching for in your app.


Customers may use applications to post photos of purchased things and submit them to the store's social media profiles through the app. This allows you to show things in person, which may dramatically enhance sales and customer engagement.

6.Lower cart abandonment rates

Shopping cart abandonment is a critical issue in e-commerce. It's one thing to persuade customers to add products to their carts; it's quite another to get them to finish the checkout process. The average percentage of unfinished purchases is around 70%. The cart abandonment rate is more for websites because a user is not sure what they need. But when customers access your app, they have already made up their minds and are ready to buy. Create your own online store to drastically minimize the number of clients that quit.

Because of the simpler checkout procedure, mobile applications have significantly lower cart abandonment rates. Shipping and payment details are saved in the system, allowing consumers to finalize transactions with a single click.

Need a mobile app?

The right mobile app will do wonders for your business. But why depend on developers to do the job for you when you can convert your e-commerce store into an app easily and fast. Our e-commerce app builder Swipecart is designed to convert your website into an engaging mobile app at a fraction of the cost of building it from scratch. It is easy to create one and is fast too.

Create your own online store in a mobile app and give customers a convenient and delightful shopping experience.

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Take your culinary skills to the next level by baking cookies and cakes. Actually, you can bake a whole range of sweets and savories and pack them off to your customer location. From bread, cheesecakes, cookies to pies, macrons, muffins, bagel, crackers, and doughnuts, you can be a master baker both in your locality and all over the world.

So, is it Wix or WordPress?

Simple, study the pros and cons. There is no one common solution to whether Wix is the best or WordPress. It depends on your business needs. Both are great in their own ways and you can choose from among the two to create your own online store.

Our suggestion is to go with Wix if you need a simple website for the local market. It is easy to create a website in Wix and has less of a learning curve. You can easily manage local online services with a Wix website. But if you are a serious e-commerce brand offering powerful online features, we would suggest you go with WordPress. As a business owner, you can harness the power of WordPress to convert your brand into a multichannel online sales engine.

Whatever you choose, we have a simple e-commerce app builder to convert your e-commerce store into a mobile app. Just like WordPress and Wix, Swipecart allows you to easily design an app with a powerful drag-and-drop tool. You don’t have to create an app from scratch. And no coding is required. Swipecart offers third-party plugin integration to make your app engaging and user-friendly. You can choose the advanced or enterprise plan to get additional features such as segmented push notifications, customizable themes, dedicated app converter expert, marketing & analytics dashboard, and much more. All these come at an unbelievably affordable rate.

Try Swipecart and open new channels to increase your online sales. If you are interested in converting your WordPress or Wix website into an app with our powerful e-commerce app builder, we will gladly assist you now.

10.Art from recycled paper

People are growing more and more aware of using recycled products. You can create beautiful cards, gift packs, ornaments, and sculptures from recycled paper and sell them online. Corporates love to give such items to their clients as they have a social responsibility to do so. Take your shop online and market it to business houses. You never know when one small business idea will take wings and fly high.

11.Essential oil blends

With people stressed at work and in life, what they seek is relaxation therapy. Aromatherapy is the most-sought health benefit that people love to indulge in on weekends or vacations. The wellness industry is on a boom and essential oil for aromatherapy is what you need to sell at this moment for you to start and grow your business


Just like dresses and fashion, the internet is filled with people selling jewelry. But there is still demand for unique jewelry. Beads, metal, gemstones, enamel, clay, wire, wax, paper, pearl, shells, resin, ceramic, glass, you have so many materials and types of jewelry that the list is extensive. If you are skilled in any trending or antique jewelry technique, go ahead and start your own business. Rest assured, you will earn handsome profits.

13.Curated gift box

Gift box filled with goodies for every occasion! Sounds interesting, right? If you have an eye for curating gifts, pack them into beautiful boxes and make a business out of it. Goodie bags or gift boxes are in demand everywhere. Startups send their products wrapped in gift boxes to influencers and businesses to try them. Corporates give curated boxes of sweet treats or soaps and oils to their clients. Actually, this business sounds interesting!


We all need to bathe every day, but what if we made it more enjoyable with handmade natural scented soaps. The homemade soaps are in great demand because they contain less chemicals and are safe for the skin. If you can master the art of soap making, there is a solid market to sell it online.


Plant is the new gifting idea. It gives people a sense of satisfaction of doing something to save the planet. But it is not plants but the planters that are gaining prominence. Why gift plants in simple pots when you can gift them in beautiful planters? From metal planters to ceramic planters, from jute bag planters to glass planters, you can start with a small business idea and expand it online to make it big.


It is a good idea to start your own business online if you are passionate about it. Online business is easy to set up and helps you to reach many customers worldwide than face-to-face techniques.

A website serves as your online e-commerce store to sell products, but a mobile app gives you the power to personalize the customer shopping experiences and grow your business manifold. Now, convert your website into a mobile app using Swipecart. It is easy and fast. You can save tons of money that you would otherwise need to build your mobile app from scratch.

A small business idea has the potential to earn you good money. All you need is a website or a mobile app. Now, you’re ready to go online!