When you wish to expand your business digitally with the help of the mobile app many questions might come into your mind, like what will the app do? What should it look like? How user-friendly should it be? Apart from this, there is a fundamental question that arises in the mind that how an app has to be made, the choice is between Native vs Cross-Platform Mobile App Development. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the benefits of Cross-Platform mobile app development.

What is Cross-Platform app development and what differentiates it from Native app development?

Cross-Platform is a method of development of mobile apps in which the development allows you to develop an Android App, iOS App, and Windows app simultaneously. For an end-user Cross-Platform means “The app I am using will run on all of my devices” this means all of the languages and frameworks. Just as Native apps are developed for one platform Cross-Platform mobile apps are developed for every platform.

Producing a Native app on two platforms, let’s say iOS and Android, will require the development of two apps, two codebases, and two sets of teams. But on the other hand, Cross-Platform apps can be written on both platforms. Cross-Platform app development is a good decision when you want to perform multi-platform functions. It is also one of the cost-effective development methods with larger market coverage with less effort.

We live in the digital world today and there are thousands of mobile apps that are released each day. Our inclination towards smartphones has made mobile app development one of the rapidly growing industries in the world, and companies are heavily investing in it. To leverage maximum benefits from this investment, cross-platform app development is the most beneficial way. The reason behind this is with cross-platform app development you can minimize the cost and save more time without compromising the quality of the mobile app. Cross-platform mobile app development is very popular among developers in many ways. We have tried to list all the benefits of Cross-Platform mobile app development below


In addition to the above benefit of versatility, Cross-platform can give you higher ROI for the investment it takes. The ROI can be broken down into multiple benefits –

1. Reusing code

Cross-platform development allows the application developers to work on a single code that runs on multiple platforms. This feature helps to eliminate repetitive tasks and speeds up the application development process. As the one code is reused it also enables to resolve bugs and add enhancements to all the platforms in just one go, rather than doing so for all the platforms individually.

2. The development of an attractive web

It is obvious that the purpose of the app is to attract an audience, so the view of the app must be attractive and entertaining enough for the clients. Cross-Platform mobile app development allows the formation of an attractive app with great UI. For attractive mobile app development, Cross-platform provides the privilege of assessing the plugins. One of the most useful benefits is that it suggests access to plugins that are responsible for the process of development.

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3. Enhanced speed

Enhanced speed is one of the most effective benefits of Cross-Platform mobile application development. The app is based on a single code so it allows the developers to complete the projects on time and ensure quickness in the work along with efficiency.

4. Reduced cost

In Native mobile app development organizations have to gather many people with diverse skill sets and stay on the budget to cover the app development for different operating systems which ultimately leads to an increase in the cost. But alternatively, in Cross-Platform the framework enables you to use the same code for all the platforms and share common technical and human resources making it less expensive and more efficient for the developing teams to develop multiple apps simultaneously. Cross-platform mobile app development requires only one team with few members that cut down the cost of development just by half and also has a higher adoption rate

5. Wide market reach

Deploying apps on multiple platforms broadens your market reach. Android and iOS cover 98% of the mobile operating landscape. Cross-Platform development provides access to both iOS and Android platforms and broadens the market reach by launching your application on both platforms with single coding. There are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. About 24.99% are iOS users and 74.43% are Android users. With Native mobile app development, you can cover just one part of this entire mobile operating landscape but with Cross-platform mobile app development, you can strengthen your market presence by covering all parts of the mobile operating landscape.

6. Stable UI performance

Cross-Platforms mobile applications can pride themselves on stable interfaces. Their UI performance is equivalent to Native apps. And again as the same code is used for the different platforms a unified and attractive look can be easily maintained on both iOS and Android.

How to get the most out of Cross-Platform

At Rentech Digital we are experts in Cross-Platform app development. Our developers are experienced in both Native and Cross-platform mobile application development, which is one of the most popular frameworks used by world-class companies. If you are looking for the best mobile app development, we would be happy to support you by sharing our knowledge and expertise on Cross-Platform development. Feel free to reach out!