Rentech Digital is an established software development company. We have always delighted customers with extraordinary services. We have had many customers approaching us for custom software development services.

We know that we have the required skills, expert team, expertise, experience and competitive pricing options when it comes to software development services.

But, we are equally interested to know how and why customers approach us for custom software development. It is like being on the other end of the spectrum and thinking from a customer’s stance. As an after-sales-service strategy, we email our customers and request them to fill a feedback form. We ask them about the quality of our services, how & why they decided to hire our services and their experience working with us. This feedback helps us to mold ourselves from a customer’s point of view. We carefully studied the ways and means by which customers approach us for software development services. We found some interesting things to share with you. So here we are, offering you a guide to selecting the best custom software development company. We hope this will help you select a software company that best suits your business sensibilities.

1. Referrals add credibility

A financial investment company approached us online to deliver software to manage all their clients’ portfolios in-house. Rentech Digital was referred to them by their business friend who was our customer for software development services.

Why did the client approach us for custom software development? It is because he believed that his friend would guide him wisely and perfectly

Referrals or word-of-mouth about the quality services of a software development company always helps, especially, if you are considering outsourcing your software development to a different location or country.

Real-time collaboration plays a key role here. To achieve it, make sure that you hire the services of a known software development company.

2. Understanding customer needs

We sealed a deal with an educational institute to design comprehensive enterprise management software. The customer needed to be convinced in a simple layman language about the features and uses of the software. He finally revealed to us that no other software company tried to listen to his needs. Most of them would harp about their technical expertise and experience.

So as a customer, it is quintessential that you select a company that knows about your business requirements. A good software company will first listen to what you have to say. It will also offer you suggestions to improvise the software to make your task easy. A good business will first listen to what their customers have to say rather than telling them about their services.

3. Tech stack expertise helps

A restaurant startup owned by a group of young tech buddies hired us for custom software development services. They were very clear about their needs and the tech stack for their software. They approached Rentech Digital as we had the necessary tech expertise in software development.

Startups and small businesses mushrooming across the length and breadth of the world are owned by millennials and the young generation who are aware of the emerging technologies. So, if you are looking for enterprise software development services, opt for a company that has expertise in advanced tech stacks. By this, you can benefit from the latest updates like third-party tools integration, cloud sync and so on.

4. Experience counts big time

At Rentech Digital, we have a team of young techies who are into the latest software languages as well as experienced engineers with a sharp mind to solve complex challenges. The expertise we have accumulated over years of service makes us the most sought-after web development company.

When a small group of retired professionals decided to open a new business consultancy, they needed an experienced software development company whom they could easily trust to do the job. Needless to say, we were hired!

As a business owner, look for a company that has a steady mix of tech expertise and experience. Tech expertise helps but when experience is added to it, you are sure to get results that exceed your expectations.

5. Budget & time is a decisive factor

There are umpteen businesses that need software development services fast and within a certain budget.

A business that had started as a split between two partners needed custom software development services from us. They pretty well had the idea of the features in the software and its relevance. Since the market was booming, they needed to latch in on the profits quickly.

Here, time and budget was their decisive factor. We understood. The software developers at Rentech Digital completed the assigned task within the stipulated time with satisfactory results.

When you are looking to hire software development services that have to fit your budget and timeline, select a company that already has the required amount of resources to complete the job. Also, such companies

6. Customer support does the talking

We were taken in for a surprise when an enterprise requested us to complete their software that was half-completed by some other software development company. They had hired a company that was not forthcoming in customer support. Any query would go unresponsive for a long time even after umpteen follow-ups. The enterprise had to abruptly stop hiring the services and they even suffered losses because of this.

We not only completed their software development successfully, but we also gained their trust and another project of their subsidiary.

As a business enterprise, we understand how important customer support is. Always look for a software development company that offers excellent customer service at each step of the project to its stakeholder. This will stop the unnecessary derailing of the project. It will boost collaboration and reduce the turnaround time. The company has to be responsive in solving any technical query that arises even after installing the software in your enterprise systems.

7. Legal documents help in trust-building

Whenever there is a pact between two businesses for the hiring of services, many legal aspects come into play. This is done to safeguard the risks of both the stakeholders and see to it that it benefits all giving a level playfield.

When hiring the services of a software development company, you mean business. Legal documents like the terms and conditions, estimate, proposal are to be carefully looked into to read the finer points.

At Rentech Digital, we brief our clients on the subject of legal documents. We request them to read it carefully and clear the points before signing on the dotted line.

Wrap Up

We hope that our experience in dealing with clients will serve as a guide to selecting the best custom software development company.

Being a business owner, the onus is on you to select the software development services of a company that has the expertise, experience, offers excellent customer service and is willing to go that extra length to build trust and credibility. There are many good companies out there offering excellent.