So, now because you’ve had a smartphone application for several months, how do you keep your present customers engaged while also attracting new customers? We frequently hear from companies that they want to stay constant with their application content and retain their visitors returning for more, but they do not want to devote a significant amount of time to their app each week. The fact is that, like any marketing platform, your app will require some care if you really want to get the most out of it. The excellent news is that you don’t need a lot of work to get a lot of return — just a great intent. In general, our strategy for app marketing is to concentrate on activities that require little work but yield a high return. You can collaborate with a professional mobile app development company to set the perfect app promotion strategy for you. Currently, the App Store has over 2.22 million applications while the Google Play Store has over 3.48 million. These figures are mind-boggling, and they are growing by the day. So, if you’re expecting app customers to miraculously transfer to your app, think again. The competition is intense. As a result, we strongly advise collaborating with a mobile app development services provider and developing an app customer acquisition strategy before launch. If you haven’t done so, don’t worry. We’ve been in the game of mobile app marketing long enough to know what works in terms of app promotion.

The following are the most efficient techniques to advertise your app:

Go More Than Just PA Announcements

Making a public address announcement during a game or event is an easy technique to attract users. Which is a terrific place to start since it’s simple, usually free, and you have a captive target audience. However, as good as the typical PA read is, taking it a step further and combining it with a call to action will entice people to pull out their smartphones and download (or use) the app right away. While there are several methods to draw people via that announcement, one strategy that has shown to be effective is to match your PA read with a scoreboard graphic or video that demonstrates how the app works and the benefits it will provide your supporters. Want to go a step further? Include an incentive or discount offer in order to download the app right away, or have a player communicate the app’s benefits with your fans through video board

Create An Intro Video Of The App

Make a video introduction to your app. You should use caution in this situation. Creating a video for your app should only be considered after you have established the premise of your app, gotten some popularity, and are confident that you hit success. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money making a trailer for an app that has changed three times since it was released.

Know Your Audience

This is the marketing strategy, gold standard. You cannot advertise your goods until you understand who your clients are and what they enjoy. The same may be said for mobile app advertising techniques. How are you able to achieve this? Instead of attempting to reach everyone, concentrate on your core demographic. Define your target customer’s demographics, age groupings, hobbies, and lifestyle. These facts might help you decide which marketing technique to apply for your mobile app promotion.Simultaneously, consider what your rivals are doing to get more clients. They are most likely aimed at the same demographic. As a result, even before you begin advertising your mobile app, you may obtain a good understanding of how to attract clients. Examine their method and strive to enhance it.

Take Benefits From Your Blog

Your website might be a valuable resource in your mobile app advertising plan. In reality, it is a communication channel that may assist you in increasing brand recognition, authority, and exposure. It’s an added plus if you already have a well-trafficked website. You may leverage the platform’s reach to draw attention to your mobile app.Do you want to know how? > A website may be used in a variety of ways as part of mobile app advertising efforts. Take a look at some of the possibilities available to you:

Posts on the Blog

One in every four app users finds apps using a search engine. Search, according to Google, is incredibly significant for apps linked to technology, tourism, and local services. That implies you can’t always rely just on word-of-mouth and social networking sites to seek out prospective customers. You must also ensure that your app is visible on search engines. It goes without saying that your mobile app promotion plan is inextricably linked to your SEO strategy.A website blog is one of the most effective methods to keep people informed about your application and also to establish your web presence. It’s also a wonderful area to provide frequent blog updates about your mobile app’s primary features and applications. You may also discuss your experiences while developing the mobile app or get feedback from your target audience. The goal is to make them feel like they are a part of the process. This will not only keep customers updated, but will also generate interest in your mobile app. In addition, to increase your site’s SEO, employ relevant keywords and obtain high-quality backlinks.

Add CTA’s

Remember to include an app install CTA at the conclusion of your blog or article. When they click the link, they should be sent to your app’s installation page. Make a compelling landing page that showcases your app’s value proposition and entices them to hit the download and install button.

Website Banners

Website banner ads are frequently linked with sponsored advertisements. However, you may use them as elements of your smartphone app advertising plan as well. Create a web banner advertising the launch of your mobile app and place it in the top portion of your homepage page to make it stand out. This method is ideal for telling people about the release of your mobile app. If your program is already accessible in the app store, your objective should be to increase downloads.

Communicate With Only One User At A Time

This is incredibly important. Your major focus should be user retention rather than user acquisition in the beginning. If you can develop a small group of users who offer critical feedback to help you verify the goal of your app and keep them loyal, you’ve cleared the most difficult obstacle. In general, regardless of stage, seek direct dialogue with a user. Ask them questions, respond to their criticisms, give assistance, and make them happy. There is no greater marketing than word-of-mouth.

Encourage Customer Feedback

Request that your satisfied customers submit a rating in the app store – but keep it honest! Customers nowadays can detect false reviews from a mile away.

An eye-catching profile and App Description

The app description is critical for app store optimization and user experience. Tell app store visitors about your app and emphasize its primary features. A similar method should be taken while designing icons. Make it as basic, memorable, and elegant as possible. Consider Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest symbols, which are both basic and appealing. Taking quick screenshots will also help your profile. When users know what to anticipate from the interface and design, they are more inclined to install the app.

Try Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another incredibly successful technique to promote your mobile app and attract more users. Influencer marketing is the technique of improving brand exposure and income by utilising prominent influencers who already have engaged audiences. Remember that just because someone has a large number of followers does not imply that they are influential or have an engaged audience. You must examine their history, content, and behavior. The influencers with whom you collaborate become brand advocates for your app. You want to connect your app with individuals in your target demographic while also speaking directly to them. This matching is required for the programme to function properly.

Optimization of keywords

Keywords are essential if you want your app to be found following the most relevant results requests. Expend sufficient time in integrating the most relevant and targeted keywords to your app profile. Consider the terms you’d enter into a search box to find similar applications to yours. Tagging thousands of terms that are only vaguely related is a waste of time.

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How a mobile app development company can help you to promote your app on the app store

When a company hires specialist mobile app developers from solution providers like Rentech Digital, it may profit in a variety of ways:

Increasing Business Visibility

With the help of top mobile app developers, you can create a specialised business app to digitally market your company, products, or services. According to a recent Compuware research, over 85 percent of mobile consumers prefer mobile applications over mobile websites. You may demonstrate to your clients that you care about the convenience and service you provide by using a mobile app.The application may also be used to post and promote all of your company’s current news, creating a buzz around it. With the assistance of app developers at every step of the way, you may greatly increase your sales and earnings with the use of a mobile app.

Managing a Company's Reputation

With the market becoming increasingly digital by the second, your company’s reputation is more crucial than ever. Anything positive or negative about your company may now be quickly broadcast throughout the globe in minutes. A robust mobile app developed by skilled app developers is a wonderful tool for managing your reputation. Customer complaints may be resolved peacefully using a mobile app before they do serious damage to your brand. Try to respond to any reviews, both positive and negative, that your application receives from the App Stores. Allow others to see that you care about your customers and app users, which will benefit your business on several levels.

Run Innovative Campaigns

Apart from making it simpler for clients to access your products and services, a mobile app allows you to better communicate with them and provide them better commercial value. Customers today value authentic interactions with businesses and personalised experiences. Because specialist mobile app development companies are more knowledgeable about the newest app trends and tactics, you can collaborate with them to establish unique and innovative campaigns to provide more value to your clients.

Connect with a Newer Audience and Strengthen Relationships with Existing Ones

To engage with potential clients, developers may design apps for all of the prominent mobile platforms, particularly Android and iOS. Your mobile app may be incorporated into your website and social media sites, allowing all of the most recent updates to be synced across platforms and reach the greatest number of people. Simultaneously, an app may assist you in improving current client interactions. There are various ways in which the app may assist you, whether it is through customer support, supplying high-quality products or services, innovative app features, or the immaculate design of your company app.

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These aren’t the only methods for promoting your mobile app. They are, nevertheless, the most effective. Are you still unsure where to begin when it comes to gaining new consumers and growing your business? Allow us to assist you! Our mobile app development & growth experts will collaborate with you to develop a customised development plan that meets both your budget and your objectives. Please contact us today..!


Developing an excellent app is only one aspect of the effort that must be done on the road to victory for your mobile app. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of app advertising channels available, not all of them are suited for each application. Build your own customized ecosystem using a specific set of app promotion tools, services, and platforms. Don’t be scared to stand out. Being unique is a wonderful place to start when developing a solid marketing plan.Looking for more useful app advertising advice? Contact us and our team is ready to support