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We live in an age where more and more consumers are coming online, Brick and Mortar is dying. Building an online presence and enhancing your brand name has become a top priority for most businesses. Businesses are thriving to create their brand identity and leave a lasting impression on their targeted demographics. And, for that, you need to build an application or a website to make your business reach out to every corner of the world.

From the outstanding capabilities of AngularJs to the unmatched performance of CakePHP, there are plenty of web development technologies available in the market. You should be focusing on choosing the framework that improves the performance of your website.

But, what is the best framework to build a website? How to select one? Are you struggling with what framework or technology to choose for your web development project? ? Well, here, we have discussed top web development technologies that work ideally for your unique business launching.

What are the latest web development technologies?

Steal some insights from the latest web development technologies and build your next project with the advanced web development framework-

1. Python

Python is a high-level and multi-paradigm programming language for scientific and numeric computing, Game Development, GIS, Mapping, and System Administration. It includes- -Flask - Flask is the Python Based Web development framework classified as the Micro Framework because it does not require any particular library or tool. Along with that, it does not include form validation, neither hold database abstraction layers nor demand any specific third party libraries. But, it gives you complete flexibility to plug in any extension and also build your own modules. So, if you are really looking for prototyping, Python Flask is the most desirable choice.

It contributes significantly in providing strong support as a fast debugger and built-in developer server that together delivers a seamless performance.

What is Python Flask good for?

  • It offers an integrated support for unit testing

  • WSGI 1.0 compliant that forward requests from a web server to a backend

  • It supports in implementing the RESTful request dispatching

  • Python Flask is Unicode based that assign code to every language and symbol

- Django -

Django is a Python Based Model-View-Template Framework for web development. This platform is developer-friendly and ensures convenience in case of data driven or complex web development projects. Here, programmers can write clean, readable and maintainable code during a web app development.

Who uses Django?

Instagram, Google, Quora and YouTube are using Django since it offers advanced features rich with authentication, security and messaging.

Is Django Frontend or backend?

Django is suitable for both frontend and backend development services since it has a collection of Python libs.

Is Django Fast? Is Django worth learning in 2020?

It is designed mainly to create scalable websites and manage the heaviest traffic demands that make Django so impressive. Moreover, it is quite easy to learn and understand so this is beginner’s friendly.

What is Django good for?

You might have a good idea about the type of visitors you want on your website. You devise a campaign by selecting options that fulfill the criteria. But do you know that Google Ads gives you better information about the visitors to your website? From age, gender, time, days, devices they use to the location, you get an awful lot of information from your campaign results. This helps you to tweak your campaign the next time to get a better ROI.

  • It is SEO Optimize and holds an edge over other frameworks

  • Logical project structure and MVT architecture make it versatile

  • It provides a rapid development process

  • Offers excellent documentation in the market

2. Java Script

JavaScript is a just-in-time compilation programming language that offers first-class functions and prototype-based object-orientation. It includes-

- AngularJs -

Did you know, NETFLIX is created in AngularJs?

AngularJs is one of the best frameworks for web development that comes from Google. This front-end framework is used for building a single page and client-side applications. Also, if you want to create a high-performing or large-scale application, AngularJs could be the ideal choice. Is AngularJs still relevant in 2020? Yes. It unites declarative templates, offers end to end tooling and ensures convenience in creating a robust web application. The learning curve of Angular Js is steep and even new developers can hold a grip to learn its concepts for app development.

What is Angular Js good for?

  • It can build Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

  • AngularJs is quite easy to maintain

  • This is TypeScript based where you can add static types to the JavaScript code

  • Offers a two way data binding so you can change and automatically reflate the data

- Node.js -

Node.js is an open source JavaScript framework that is used for server-side scripting. This is a cross-platform, back end, and JavaScript runtime environment based on Chrome’s V8 JS Engine. Also, it offers feature-rich libraries of multiple JavaScript modules that streamline the entire web development process. So would you like to know, which companies are using Node.js?

Who uses Node.js?

Companies like eBay, AliExpress, Paypal, Amazon, Reddit, and Tumblr are using Node.js.

What is Node.js good for?

  • Quick in code execution

  • Used for single page application development

  • It is simple and easy to learn

  • Enable fast processing with a scalable technology stack

  • Supports the MVP Development

- React Js -

Did you know Facebook is the originator of React Js back in 2013? Since then, it showed a never-ending progression in the web development industry.

What is React Js used for?

React Js one of the leading web development technologies is mainly used for building interactive elements on websites. But, is React JS a frontend or backend? So, this is a frontend JavaScript library that smoothly runs on the Browser. It mainly uses ES6, JavaScript with JSX and other updates combined with an advanced feature to create web applications.

Who uses React Js?

Some of the popular companies like New York Times, Discovery VR, Airbnb, Uber, Udemy and Khan Academy are using React Js.

What problem does React Js solve?

React Js resolves the problem of handling dynamic data to speed up the response time. You can design simple views of every app state. In other words, it quickly responds to the data changes and allocates the right components for enhancing a user experience.

What is React Js good for?

  • It offers one-way Data Binding to create whole application data flows only in one direction

  • React Js components are written in JSX (extension of JavaScript syntax) that makes it easier to write components

  • It uses a conditional statement inside the JSX that helps in displaying data in the browser

  • Consists of DOM (Document Object Module) Manipulation to efficiently update the view in web application

3. PHP

PHP is a server scripting language where you can create dynamic web pages or static websites. This includes-

- Codeigniter -

Created by EllisLab, Codeigniter is the light weighted web application framework that contributes significantly to creating dynamic websites. This is an ideal platform for developers who requires an elegant and simple toolkit for a full-featured web application.

It consists of out of the box libraries for integrating with dynamic databases and conducting operations like- uploading the files, managing the sessions, sending emails and others.

Is Codeigniter fast?

Licensed under MIT, it is available for free and uses the Model-View-Controller approach for designing website through the template files. It is super-fast and gives the challenge to find a better framework than Codeigniter.

Who uses Codeigniter?

Accenture, WISESIGHT, SocialDog, Buffer, BirdView, and many other companies are using Codeigniter.

What is Codeigniter good for?

  • Fast, reliable and more capable

  • Exceptionally works for error handling

  • Enables test driven development – you can test at every stage

  • It has built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks

  • Since it encourages MVC so you get simple solutions over complexity

  • It consistently outperforms with clean documentation

- Laravel -

Laravel is one of the popular PHP Frameworks for Web Artisans that gives you complete freedom to create a website without sweating the small things. From small to enterprise level, Laravel holds significance for creating web application development.

It has pre-installed modular and object oriented libraries like – Authentication library that supports app development with Bcrypt hashing, checking active users, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) protection, password reset and encryption.

Who uses Laravel?

Companies like MasterCard, 9GAG, Bitpanda, Razorpay, Kmong and others have been using Laravel Development for delivering a seamless user experience.

What is Laravel good for?

  • Consists of built-in lightweight templates and multiple widgets incorporating CSS and JS code for robust application

  • Offers Eloquent Object Relational Mapping (ORM) that improves the web development process since it focuses on object oriented instead of writing plain SQL queries

  • Built-in command-line tool called Artisan for creating easy-to-manage database structure

  • Supports the MVC Architecture Pattern for improving an app performance and security level.

- Cake PHP -

Did you know, Cake PHP is commonly known as the Workhorse of PHP Framework?

Cake PHP is an open source framework that helps you build a faster web application. Most importantly, it helps you in creating, managing and publishing the content through CakePHP based CMS.

It provides much faster performance especially with small data sets and small projects and that’s what makes it an impactful framework.

Who uses CakePHP?

Companies like BMW, Hyundai, Billabong, Calzedonia and others are using CakePHP because it uses less code and builds app faster and quicker.

What is CakePHP good for?

  • It runs on ‘auto detect’ and hence doesn’t require configuration

  • Allows you to reuse the code for building an application

  • Allows you to reuse the code for building an application


ASP.NET is a free, cross-platform and open source framework that build website and applications with C# and .Net. Vast language support, high speed and low cost are among the most significant benefits of using ASP.NET. Here the code is compiled, translated into an object code and finally executed which saves much of your time and effort. And, importantly, this compilation process also provides validation ensuring every code is consistent.

Who uses ASP.NET?

Companies like, Slack, SpaceX, GoDaddy and others are using ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET good for?

  • It has rich Development Environments

  • Built-in windows authentication

  • It is a server-side technology that compiles the code for a faster performance

  • Supports the action filters for handling error and caching and authentication


Java is a general-purpose, cross-platform object-oriented programming language mainly designed for having lesser implementation dependencies. It includes-

- Spring -

Spring is a powerful and lightweight application development framework. It is used for Enterprise Java (JEE). This is a well-defined tool that supports various web applications using Java as a programming language. It is described as a Modular Framework because Spring improves the readability of code and supports backward compatibility.

So, if working in MVC architecture is your mastery, then you will love Spring. It covers all sorts of security and configuration features that make processes like verification, authentication and validation easier.

Spring Framework is an open-source application framework and inversion of control containers for the Java platform. It includes-

  • Spring Boot

  • Spring Framework

  • Spring Data

  • Spring Cloud

  • Spring Security

  • Spring Cloud Data Flow and more

Who uses Spring?

Companies like Accenture, MIT, TransferWise, Zillow and others are using Spring framework.

What is Spring good for?

  • It has loose coupling amongst different modules that help you when your application need to change or grow

  • It supports both annotation-style and XML based configuration so you don’t need to worry about dependencies in your beans

  • Spring supports JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) that minimizes error and improve the productivity

- Hibernate -

Hibernate is an object oriented mapping tool that provides an abstraction layer so that the code is loosely coupled with the database. It contributes significantly in mapping the Java classes and creating database tables. Moreover, when you work with an object oriented language, you will find a problem called Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch also called Paradigm Mismatch. This is because RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and OO (Object Oriented) programming languages handle data in a different manner and this leads to mismatch problems.

However, Hibernate solves this by substituting persistent and direct databases with the high level object controlling functions.

Who uses Spring?

Reportedly, Companies like Trendyol Group, Wealthsimple, Platform and others are using Hibernate for simplifying development of Java applications.

What is Hibernate good for?

  • It helps in an automatic table creation

  • Easy to fetch data from multiple tables

  • Ensures a faster performance because cache is internally used

- JSF (JavaServer Faces) -

Developed by Oracle, JSF (JavaServer Faces) plays an imperative role in building user interfaces for Java-based web applications. It simplifies development integration and helps developers in creating dynamic web pages.

It serves as one of the popular component based UI frameworks and simultaneously supports in developing native applications for a seamless performance.

Who uses JSF?

Companies like Scopeland Technology GmbH, Biting Bit, Deutsche Kreditbank AG and others are using JSF in their tech stack.

What is JSF good for?

  • JSF is developer friendly as it allows to use front end tools without much coding

  • It has a robust event handling mechanism

  • Offers standardized and multiple vendor implementations

- GWT -

GWT (Google Web Toolkit) is an Open Source and gives complete freedom to make beautiful UIs with a little knowledge of front end scripting languages. It can quickly convert the java code into browser-friendly packages, without any hassle. Through GWT, you can easily code even complex applications. It can debug Ajax applications in Java and helps developers in writing client-side Java code and establishing it as JavaScript.

Who uses GWT?

In GWT Framework, Web applications such as Google Analytics, Blogger, and Google Adsense are developed.

What is GWT good for?

  • It offers a cross browser compatibility, history management, UI abstraction, internationalization and bookmarking

  • Highlights the reusability approaches for common web development tasks

  • It allows using Google APIs in GWT applications


Struts is an Apache-run enterprise-level framework that develops the base of web applications. It follows an MVC (Model-View-Controller) model and encompasses JSP API that helps developers to adopt this model.Struts comprise two main versions – Struts 1 and Struts 2. Struts 2 is the amalgamation of Struts 1 and OpenSymphony and it is considered the most upgraded version of Apache Struts.

Who uses Struts?

Companies like Jalan, doubleSlash, NexGen Technologies, Infosys are using Struts in their tech stacks.

  • It offers a cross browser compatibility, history management, UI abstraction, internationalization and bookmarking

  • Highlights the reusability approaches for common web development tasks

  • It allows using Google APIs in GWT applications

Which technology is best for web development?

When finalizing your web development decision, let us remind you that every framework provides a unique set of features and functions that benefit developers as well as development projects to improve their performance exponentially.

Consider these technological frameworks and choose the best one that broadly commensurate with your business requirement, and saves your time and cost considerably.

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