Do you want to build an app like Alibaba, Philips, or eBay?

This is possible. All these apps are created using Flutter And, we master the art of building the best one for your unique business.

But, wait, what is flutter?

Flutter is an open source software development kit (SDK) used for creating a beautiful, seamless, and natively compiled web application.

According to Statista in 2019, Flutter has become the second most popular and fastest-growing technology for app development.

Irrespective of different platforms, Flutter offers one-stop solutions in building cross-platform applications. It consists of ready-made widgets, command-line tools, and API integration and testing abilities. Along with that, Flutter works on Reactive development architecture. It can effectively update the UI contents, by making updates within the variable of codes. Do you know, other technological frameworks too follow this path. But, it further leads to a complex performance. While to overcome this, Flutter uses Dart – an object oriented language to have access to widgets each time.

What is Dart language?

Flutter applications are written in Dart language – a client optimized programming language that requires a C-style syntax for trans-compiling into JavaScript. It further uses Ahead of the Time compilation (AOT) methodologies to speed up the starting time of application. There’s no need to look after OEM widgets since it has its own rendering flawless animation and gestures. Along with that, Dart has an in-built garbage collector. This helps in seamlessly functioning with transitions at 60fps. And, with an easy learning curve, it enables convenience to learn the Flutter app development, unlike Java. But, the ‘‘real secret source’’ is hidden under Fuchsia – an open-source operating system.

Fuchsia – The Support System for Dart

Google’s Fuchsia is the main support system for Dart. It provides essential functionalities in the Flutter Framework for building the applications.

It possesses the capability to run seamlessly on CPU architecture, and smartly works for IoT operations. This system is compatible with the Android and iOS platforms uniquely run with its hot loading feature.

  • You can custom design the home screen with astounding UI

  • Enables a cross-device support

  • It is built in Zircon that offers inter-process communication

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Flutter in 2019-20

The adoption rate for Flutter is really welcoming.

Earlier, developers were creating prototype applications with Flutter.

But, now with the advanced upgradation, you can build your application in Flutter without any mess.

Flutter 1.12– The Latest Release

Flutter 1.12 is the biggest stable release that has addressed 1900+ Pull Requests sent by 188 contributors.

It has announced macOS desktop support where you can incorporate the incredible features into an optimized version.

Besides that, Flutter 1.12 offers an extensive Add to App features where you can add Flutter to your existing application And, with the Beta Web Support, developers can smartly deploy the flutter architecture and data compiler without any hassle.

Along with that, it has launched Dart 2.7 for improving the security functionalities. This adds up the extension methods, preview of character package, and null safety- a special build of DartPad.

Flutter brought an exclusive layout explorer to find and fix the issues while running the application. Well, you can also adjust your layout options here.

Flutter 1.17 Launch - The Most Recent Launch

Since the launch of Flutter 1.12 version, 6339 issues have been closed right within 6 months.

Flutter 1.17 has launched metal support for iOS Apps for boosting the execution of iOS devices. It is impressing the users with an approximation of 50% in performance.

Additionally, it has introduced a NavigationRail widget to easily swap between the desktop and mobile forms for a BottomNavigator when the size of screen increases.

Along with that, DatePicker has presented a new text input mode as per the updated material guidelines. And, with the TextSelection, you can find longer buttons than the display without any overflow.

This latest launch has focused on size improvements and mobile performance, enabling lower memory utilization and faster animations. Also, you will find 20% to 37% acceleration in the default navigation case and 40% decrease in GPU or CPU usage for iOS animation.

Flutter’s latest version has improved the accessibility by fixing the text fields, scrolling and input widgets. However, the additional text input issues have been reduced in the Samsung Keyboard IMEs.

Dart 2.8 provides incredible support to package management by announcing the package and pub client tool. This will optimize the performance in Pub get and keep the package dependencies up to date respectively. It further brings out a set of small breaking changes as a part of null safety features.

An opportunity to test your ideas – Firebase with Flutter

All these updates and advanced functionalities have given an opportunity to test your start-up ideas and know the potential. With Firebase, you get cloud support, validation, a real-time database, and many more. Additionally, Firebase in Flutter provides

  • Hosted backend services

  • Helps with the crash reporting activities

Thus, Flutter has paved ways to move towards the best and biggest future for establishing your brand. Let’s get started.

Why is FLUTTER the FUTURE of Mobile development?

Cross-Platform development toolkit is flourishing in the mobile development verticals. From reusing the blocks of UI to writing the code for once, it has successfully marketed millions of businesses.Specifically designed for ambient computing, Flutter has aced the list in becoming a cornerstone framework for the developers. Let’s discussed the incredible characteristics for a better insight-

1. Single Codebase Platform

Flutter offers one of the promising frameworks that require a single code base for different platforms – Android, Desktop or iOS. This is really an ideal platform to design and develop small and medium scale applications. It works truly as a time saver for entrepreneurs enabling a quicker time to market the product.

2. Hot and Robust Reloading

Flutters works smartly with debugging the apps through hot reloading. This acts as a keystone feature for checking the output in the real-time. A professional developer can easily make changes to the source. He can simultaneously review back without restarting or compiling source code again. Thus, you can experiment with the latest UI, features, bugs fixing, or image adjustment. It saves the productive time of developers with a relatively faster development process. Now, paint your application in milliseconds! “Flutter significantly reduced the time we needed to develop new features from one month down to two weeks.” — Bruce Chen, Senior Development Engineer, Alibaba”

3. Ideal match for MVP

A minimum viable product refers to comprising the maximum amount of validated learning to understand the requirements of the target audience. So, if you are stressing over learning the impact of new product development, flutter works perfectly with MVP. Here, you can evaluate the conclusions from iterations for a successful launch.

  • Easy to add impressive layouts

  • Express the core of your business with MVP prototype

  • Validate your iteration to speed up the development process

Try Flutter now and show the value of your business with a classic prototype. It REALLY WORKS.

4. Two-Dimensions Flare

Flare is the latest and newest animation tool that is used in vector design. It is fully advanced with GPU in the real time. Now, you don’t have to design in one and animate in the other app. Forget about writing long code and redoing it all within the coding. You can exactly run Flare in your finished product. This tool is mainly used for creating immersive animations within your gaming application using UI elements. So, start exporting your past designs to Flare as an SVG for a drag and drop creation.

5. Comprehensive widgets

Flutter is one of the remarkable platforms that offer a comprehensive range of widgets. You can reuse, and customize it for designing a clean and clear UI interface.

It further includes two types of widgets- Cupertino and Material Design. Cupertino is the high fidelity widget that ideally works with the Human Interface Guidelines for the iOS platform.

Material Design is a motion rich, and visual widget that navigates the application in conjunction with the feasible designs.

Scroll. Navigate. Faster. Quicker.

Some advice from our Experienced DevelopersFlutter has been proven as the triumphing technology in the cross-platform development industry. With just 3 years of launch, it has brought breakthrough solutions. Not only for developers but also for multiple business groups in presenting an intuitive UI.

However, the release of Google’s Flutter 1.12 itself worked as a revolutionary feature. It brings an ambient computing vision for delivering a pleasant user experience.

In offering excellent features to unlimited options, Flutter excels the development vertical with versatile solutions. Yes, resolves a plethora of complex problems that other platforms fail to do. So, try Flutter now and experience the best performance in your business application. Its feature-rich apps and exceptional design will surely bring healthy conversions.

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Is flutter good for app development?

Yes. Because Flutter solves the frontend and backend problem. It offers flexibility to develop native apps for both iOS and Android by writing a single code.

Why is flutter the future?

Flutter not only creates beautiful applications but also strengthens the user experience with faster and optimal performance. It will grow amazingly in the near future with its new and exceptional versions.

Is Flutter only used for UI?

Yes, Flutter provides you a robust set of UI widgets. But, together with Dart language, it offers a complete client-side development solution for your mobile application.

Which are the flutter-made apps?

  • Google Stadia

  • AdWords

  • Reflectly

  • JD Finance

Should I use Flutter for my next project? Flutter is a Google’s Product and requires limited time for set up. It offers ready to use widgets, comprehensive documentation, and single time coding support. Hire a Flutter developer now and give it a try. It has a lesser developing time, in fact.