Customer acquisition and retention is crucial for the success of any online store. And it is a well-known fact that making efforts to retain customers is beneficial for your e-commerce store in the long run.

Customer retention is something none of the online stores would want to miss given the fact that 65% of your business may come from repeat purchases and the retention strategies cost you seven times less than acquisitions. One of the simple ways to improve customer retention is by encouraging them to repeat their orders.

What is a reorder and how does it benefit your online business?

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

A reorder is when a customer buys the same product again. Why would a customer buy a product again from your store? There are many reasons for it. They may have liked the product or the shopping experience in your store. But it transforms into profit for your business with a lesser marketing effort. And when the reordering process continues, it leads to higher customer lifetime value (CLV) clearly indicating a positive impact on your brand and a profitable e-commerce venture.

How to increase reorders on your Shopify store?

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

The Shopify app store has apps to help you increase reorders from customers. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the 6 best Shopify reorder apps for your store. These apps provide you with features to help you increase reorders from your customers.

Let’s see some of the crucial features available in these apps to help you get reorders:

  • Set incentives for reorders. You can offer discounts, free shipping, or store credits on reorders.

  • Provide a reorder button on the order history page so that customers can reorder the product again without having to search for it.

  • Send personalized notifications to customers reminding them to reorder products.

  • Give customers a product subscription option when they keep reordering the product frequently.

  • Provide a customizable reorder option so that customers can modify the product quantity, add other products together with the reorders, schedule delivery dates, and other options.

  • Create a mobile app for your store to personalize the shopping experience of your customers.

The above are simple ways to increase reorders. So, select a reorder Shopify app wisely so that you get the maximum benefit out of it.

Let’s start with our list of the 6 best reorder Shopify apps for 2023.

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1. Reorder Master - Repeat Orders by

⭐Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9 (62 Reviews)

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

Introducing the Reorder Master - Repeat Orders Shopify App, the ultimate solution for simplifying the repeat ordering process for your customers. With this app, customers can easily access their previous orders and reorder their favorite products with just one click. The app also sends reminder emails and allows customers to add notes during the reordering process, making it a more efficient and practical experience for both you and your customers. Plus, you can offer a discount on repeat orders with a discount coupon to encourage customer loyalty.

Features and benefits:

  • Design customization options are available for the reorder page.

  • Customers can access previous orders from the order history and reorder easily through the popup.

  • Give the option to reorder with one click from the Thank You and Account pages.

  • Send reminder emails at specific intervals to make reordering easier for customers.

  • Option for customers to add notes during the reordering process.

  • Give discount coupons to incentivize repeat orders and encourage customer loyalty.

  • Allow customers to preview previously purchased items to reorder quickly.

  • Transfer all line item properties to reorders for a seamless experience.


  • 7-day free trial

  • Basic Plan - $10/month

  • Pro Plan - $25/month

2. Advance Reorder - Repeat Order by Identixweb Private Limited

⭐ Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9 (58 Reviews)

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

The Advance Reorder - Repeat Order Shopify App is a user-friendly solution for online merchants who want to give their customers the ability to reorder their favorite products with ease. With this app, customers can quickly repeat orders from the account or thank you pages, making the reordering process simple and practical. Additionally, the app also allows merchants to offer discounts with discount coupons to encourage repeat orders and increase the customer retention rate.

Features and benefits:

  • One-click reorder option for customers to quickly repeat orders.

  • Discounts with discount coupons on reordering to incentivize repeat orders.

  • Note option available for customers to add notes with repeat orders.

  • Details of previously bought items are displayed to help customers reorder quickly.

  • Reorder reminder displayed on account or thank you page.

  • 7-day free trial to test the app before committing to a subscription.


  • 7-day free trial

  • Basic Plan - $5/month

3. Orderify by Customer First focus

⭐Shopify App Store Rating: 4.8 (196 Reviews)

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

Introducing Orderify, a Shopify app that enhances your customer experience by letting your customers edit, cancel, and reorder their own orders. With Orderify, your customers can easily make changes to their orders and avoid unnecessary support tickets. The app makes it easy for customers to reorder previous orders, thus increasing sales for your store. Keep reading to explore the app's key features and benefits:

Features and Benefits:

  • Allow customers to cancel and edit their orders on their own, saving time and effort for both the customer and the store.

  • Customers can easily reorder any previous order, which increases sales and improves customer loyalty.

  • Decrease customer support costs and improve customer satisfaction by empowering customers to make changes to their orders.

  • Orderify cancels the original order before reloading the items in a shopping cart, ensuring that your customers have full editing flexibility.


  • 30-day free trial

  • All-Inclusive Plan - $4.99/month

4. Reorderify by sbtdreams

⭐Shopify App Store Rating: 5.0 (6 Reviews)

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

Reorderify is a Shopify app that allows customers to easily repeat orders with just one click. It simplifies the reordering process and saves time for both customers and sellers. The app provides several features to help customers quickly repurchase items from previous orders.

Features and benefits:

  • Allow customers to easily view and repurchase items from previous orders through the "Reorder" button.

  • Reduce customer support calls related to reordering.

  • Allow customers to add all items from existing orders to their cart.

  • Provide customers with the option to view items before reordering through the Popup Modal feature.

  • Check inventory availability before customers reorder to avoid any inconvenience.


  • 7-day free trial

  • Basic Plan - $3.99/month

5. Flits: Customer Account Page by Flits

⭐Shopify App Store Rating: 4.9 (574 Reviews)

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

Flits is a customer account page management app for Shopify that provides multiple features such as social login, wishlist, reorder, recently viewed products, customer account page, and much more. But let us focus on its reorder feature. This app simplifies the reorder process for customers, allowing them to easily place repeat orders and check out quickly. With pre-filled customer data, customers can edit cart items and increase or decrease product quantities before checking out. The app also enables customers to add previously purchased items to their cart with a single click from their order history or previously visited products. These features increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce friction in the online shopping journey.

Features and benefits:

  • Allow customers to reorder with a single click by browsing their order history.

  • Pre-fill customer data to save time and simplify the checkout for repeat purchases

  • Allow customers to edit cart items, including removing undesirable items from a reorder

  • Customers can include or exclude items in the reorder and increase or decrease product quantities before checking out

  • One-click add-to-cart functionality for previously purchased items or previously visited products


  • 30-day free trial

  • Basic Plan - $4.99/month

  • Business Plan - $19.99/month

  • Enterprise Plan - $29.99/month

Note: The plans mentioned here are for multiple features in this app. The Reorder feature is not available in the Basic Plan. You have to subscribe to the Business or Enterprise Plan to access it along with a host of other included features.

6. Rebuy Personalization Engine by Rebuy

⭐Shopify App Store Rating: 4.8 (437 Reviews)

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

Rebuy Personalization Engine is an app designed to help Shopify store owners improve customer loyalty through merchandising, smart cart, dynamic product bundles, post-purchase, and reorder features. Its reorder feature is what we are interested in to help you increase repeat purchases. It helps you build a custom landing page for reorders to allow customers to reorder their favorite products, discover new items, and complete their purchases quickly and easily. The app also provides data-driven insights to create personalized product recommendations and enable seamless communication with customers.

Features and benefits:

  • Design a reorder landing page to allow customers to reorder their favorite products, discover new items, and upgrade subscriptions easily and quickly.

  • Customizable features such as marketing messages, free shipping motivation, and frictionless checkout to create individualized experiences that match your marketing strategy.

  • Advanced rules and deep product data to showcase relevant products to customers and make reordering a no-brainer.

  • Proactive replenishment campaigns powered by out-of-the-box integrations and seamless communication tools to engage customers at the right time and in the right way, leading to improved customer loyalty and repeat purchases.


  • 21-day free trial

  • Starter Plan - $99/month

  • Scale Plan- $249/month

  • Pro Plan- $499/month

Note: The above prices are for all the app features including its reorder feature. But each plan has a limitation on the total shop orders per month.

How can a mobile app for your Shopify store help you increase reorders?

 6 Best Shopify Reorder Apps for 2023

We have mentioned above in this blog that creating a mobile app for your store is one simple way to increase product reorders. Install the no-code app builder Swipecart to create a mobile app for your Shopify store. Once you have an exclusive mobile app for your store, you can easily boost repeat orders. Swipecart offers you features to improve repeat orders.

  • You can set up a comprehensive Side Menu page where customers can easily view their past order history.

  • The features of the apps integrated with your Shopify store can be extended to the app on Swipecart so that your marketing efforts reap double the benefits.

  • Swipecart has exclusive plugins to help you boost customer engagement on the app and increase their shopping experience.

Make building an app for your store a part of your boosting reorder strategy.


The above are the 6 best Shopify reorder apps for 2023. You can opt for any that suits your business needs. And one of the first things to get started is to install the no-code app builder Swipecart for your Shopify store today!