You’ve set up your Shopify store and added products and payment gateways. The next step is to sort out your shipping. This might not be the most interesting part, but it is crucial!

To make it easier, the Shopify app store contains numerous shipping apps that you can simply integrate with your Shopify store. Once activated, you can enable all its features to provide an invaluable shipping experience to your customers.

In this article, we’ll talk about some popular Shopify shipping apps. Let’s look at their features and benefits so that you can make an informed decision on the best Shopify shipping app for your store. Also, we have included the Shopify rating for the apps and their pricing. Yes, pricing also matters when you need to maximize profits for your Shopify store. So, let’s begin with the best Shopify shipping apps for 2023.

What are Shopify apps?

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

The Shopify apps are add-on plugins or software codes to install on your store to enhance its capabilities. For instance, a shipping app helps you send shipping notifications to the customer and track their status. Otherwise, your store will not be able to send notifications to customers or help you track the status until and unless you add codes for it.

Where are the Shopify apps available?

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

You can access the Shopify apps from the Shopify app store. There are hundreds of apps available for each and every feature you need for your store. You can select the best one depending on your needs and integrate it with your store to activate it and add the new functionality in no time at all.

What is the purpose of a shipping app for your Shopify store?

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

A shipping app is an extra piece of software that you integrate with your Shopify store to manage shipments for your orders. Depending on the features of the app, you can provide shipping options to your customers, track the shipping status of all your orders, and send shipment status notifications to customers.

The best part about these apps is that you can integrate them into your mobile app when you create an app for your Shopify store. Swipecart, a no-code app builder, is available as a Shopify app for merchants wanting to create an engaging app for their stores. All you need to do is install the Swipecart app and start creating your app without having to code. All the product information from your store will be directly available on the app without you having to import it.

Swipecart has a visual interface. Designing an app for your Shopify store is a breeze. The shipping app you use on your Shopify store can be integrated into the app on Swipecart. You also get to add advanced features and extra plugins and integrations to the app. Publish the app on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to maximize conversions and profits for your Shopify store.

What is Shopify Shipping?

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

Shopify Shipping is a suite of tools built by Shopify that offer merchants shipping features for their stores. Some of them are real-time shipping rates, label purchasing and printing, and order tracking. It is a free plan for merchants under the paid Shopify plan. But its limitation is that it is only available for orders that are shipped from the USA and Canada. Also, it has no features if you intend to sell your products on other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Then, you have to set up another shipping app. So, why not go with the best Shopify shipping app that suits your needs and budget?

Weeding through the thousands of shipping apps can be a challenging task, to say the least. So, here we are to help you select the best. We have listed the five best shipping apps for Shopify and hope this really helps you provide a better shipping experience to your customers while improving your order shipment management.

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1. Route - Protection & Tracking

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

Route - Protection & Tracking is an order-tracking app to help customers track their orders with ease in real-time. It also offers package protection to guarantee the safe delivery of customer packages against loss, theft, or damage.

Key Features of Route - Protection & Tracking for Shopify

  • Route notifies customers of deliveries through emails, SMS, push notifications, and even a link for real-time tracking.

  • Customers can opt to insure their package against theft and damage.

  • Customers can self-resolve shipping issues instantly with advanced tools.

  • It gives customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of shipping. Route calculates and offsets the carbon emissions involved in the delivery of every package so that the orders are 100% carbon neutral.

  • Integrate product recommendations into the tracking pages to improve merchandising.

Benefits of Route - Protection & Tracking

  • Route helps you transform the post-purchase journey of customers into a loyalty-generating experience.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and trust.

  • Improve brand experience.

  • Increase customer engagement.

  • Boost remarketing.

  • Get repeat customers to your store.

⭐Shopify rating: 4.0 (344 reviews)

Pricing :

Basic Plan at $0/month - Package protection, basic tracking notifications (web and app), and carbon-neutral shipping on protected orders.

Pro Plan at $349/month - Includes all basic features and AI-driven product recommendations, advanced tracking (branded email and SMS notifications), and carbon-neutral shipping on all orders.

2. Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery is a pickup and local delivery management tool for Shopify merchants.

Features of Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery for Shopify

  • Mark individual products available for pickup, delivery, or shipping.

  • It integrates with Shopify POS to manage and organize pickup and delivery orders in-store.

  • Integrate multiple store locations inventory. It prevents customers from picking up products when they aren’t available in stock.

  • Keep track of what orders need to be prepared for the day for any given store.

  • It keeps the orders safe from fraud by implementing the app’s Security Code feature.

  • Easily import all the locations and manage them individually.

  • Control the exact dates for product pickup, delivery, and shipping.

  • Define availability, breakpoints, automation, rules, and more.

  • Set the location and product availability at 10-minute intervals and let customers choose.

  • It automatically sets the right price and service based on the customer’s geolocation.

  • Set the maximum number of pickup, delivery, and shipping orders for the day.

  • Tag the orders with the customer’s chosen delivery option, date, and time.

Benefits of Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery for Shopify

Offer the perfect solution for in-store pickup, shipping, and delivery for your customers with this tool. Manage orders easily and make it easier for customers to access the products.

  • Improve order management.

  • Boost customer satisfaction.

  • Drive in more conversions.

  • Maximize your online and store sales.

⭐Shopify Rating: 4.7 (1205 reviews)

Pricing :

30-day free trial

Startup Plan: $19.99/month for 1 location and 100 orders with store pickup and blackout dates features.

Essential Plan: $29.99/month for 1-3 locations and 250 orders. Additional features include a shipping calendar and last-mile delivery.

Advanced Plan: $49.99/month for 1-20 locations and 1,000 orders with additional features such as CSV order export, limit orders by date or time, date-restricted products, and Google Calendar.

Pro Plan: $99.99/month for 1-100 locations and 2,500 orders. Additional features include real-time inventory, production reports, CSV location import, and priority support.

For additional orders, you are charged $0.10 each.

3. AfterShip Order Tracking

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

Create a world-class post-purchase experience for your customers with the AfterShip Order Tracking app. It helps merchants track and trace their orders across 1058 couriers worldwide from one dashboard. The shipments will be matched to the correct couriers and tracked automatically.

Features of AfterShip Order Tracking for Shopify

  • Branded tracking pages with personalized product recommendations in them to boost sales.

  • Send timely automatic notifications on multiple messaging channels, such as email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS, to customers to generate positive engagement across multiple touch points.

  • Automatic shipment update translations in the native language for notifications.

  • Get instant and automated status updates from all your carriers.

  • Centralized shipment tracking dashboard to track carrier transit times, and on-time rates, and identify exceptions

  • AI-based estimated delivery date widget on product detail view and checkout pages to build customer confidence

  • Built-in analytics to get insights into shipment status, performance, and customer engagement rates.

Benefits of AfterShip Order Tracking for Shopify

  • Enhance users’ post-purchase experiences.

  • Boost revenue for your online store.

  • Increase customer retention.

  • Build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

⭐Shopify Rating: 4.7 (3817 reviews)

Pricing :

7-day free trial

Free Plan: For 50 shipments/month with 800+ courier integrations and 7 standardized order statuses.

Essentials Plan: $11/month for 50 shipments and extra features, such as email & SMS notifications, CSV import & export, and shipping performance analytics. They charge you $0.08 per extra shipment.

Pro Plan: $119/month with 2,000 shipments per month and extra features include dynamic tracking pages, multilingual tracking pages, and Klaviyo integration.

Premium Plan: $239/month with extra features such as transit time reports, AI-predictive estimated delivery dates, on-time shipment reports, powerful analytics, and custom domains for tracking pages.

4. Shipping Rates - Shipeasy

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

With the Shipping Rates - Shipeasy app on Shopify, you can easily calculate the shipping rates based on various 20+ orders and product parameters. Use them in any country supported by Shopify in the local currency.

Features of Shipping Rates - Shipeasy for Shopify

  • Calculate shipping rates based on parameters like quantity, weight, location, product, or customers.

  • Calculate zip code distance-based shipping rates.

  • Rates per item & origin for dropshipping businesses.

  • Set up unlimited shipping rate rules.

  • Rate blending to define rates under different rules.

  • Set up international shipping rates by country.

Benefits of Shipping Rates - Shipeasy for Shopify

  • Forecast shipping costs.

  • Manage product charges by estimating shipping charges.

  • Increase pricing transparency.

  • Boost customer satisfaction.

  • Increase customer retention and loyalty.

⭐Shopify Rating: 4.8 (438 reviews)

Pricing :

7-day free trial for each plan

Lite Plan: $9/month for up to 2 product groups and 1 blended rate.

Standard Plan: $29/month for up to 5 product groups and 2 blended rates

Pro Plan: $59/month for up to 20 product groups and 3 blended rates with postal code subzones and blending rules.

Unlimited Plan: $99/month with unlimited product groups and blended rates.

5. Packlink PRO Shipping Platform

Best Shopify Shipping Apps

Optimize the entire shipping process for your Shopify store with the Packlink PRO Shipping Platform app. Automate every step in the shipping process, from importing orders to printing shipping labels and picking & packing orders.

Features of Packlink PRO Shipping Platform for Shopify

  • Integration with main marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and AliExpress in real-time.

  • Import orders from your online store.

  • Choose from over 30 carriers that suit your collection, pick-up, and drop-off points.

  • National, International, Express, and Standard shipping services are available with exclusive pre-negotiated rates.

  • Manage and track multiple shipments from one single dashboard.

  • Have your parcels collected at your warehouse, or you can also take the parcels to the carrier’s nearest drop-off point.

  • Send your customers parcel status emails.

  • Create a custom workflow for picking, packing, and printing shipping labels.

  • Offer customers the best carrier and delivery options at checkout.

Benefits of Packlink PRO Shipping Platform for Shopify

  • Streamline your logistics processes.

  • Unify your shipments.

  • Save time and money.

  • Increase business efficiency.

  • Deliver value to customers.

  • Boost customer retention rates.

⭐Shopify Rating: 4.7 (838 reviews)

Pricing :

Free to install; you pay for what you ship.

Wrapping Up

These are the five best Shopify shipping apps for 2023. Go through their features, benefits, and, most importantly, their pricing to help you decide which is best suited for your business needs. Also, be sure that they have a good customer support system in place so that you can resolve your queries as soon as possible. Carefully read the reviews to get an idea of how good their support service is and if they are active with their app updates.

So, which of the 5 best Shopify shipping apps have you decided to integrate with your store? Or do you have anything else in mind? Let us know. Meanwhile, try the Swipecart no-code app builder for your Shopify store. It’s amazing, and you can greatly improve your customer retention rate with it. Happy online shipping!