One of the common facilities that businesses using online platforms provide to customers is - Add To Cart feature. Basically, the motive behind this is to replicate the conventional stores where customers are provided a cart or bag to add their essentials and purchase them together at the time of checkout. Likewise, online stores allow their customers to add their desired products to the cart and purchase them together during checkout.

Prime advantages of Add To Cart facility:

  • Allows customers to ensure all their essentials are included for purchase

  • Decreases the hassle of purchasing each product individually

  • Enables customers to unlock discounts and free shipping

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms helping businesses to build their online store. It has an app store that enables businesses to add features they need to operate. In this article, we have covered the top 10 Add To Cart apps of the Shopify app store.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

1. Sticky Add To Cart Booster Pro

When we analyzed this app, we were reminded of store purchases where a customer executive guides us to make purchases. It normally encourages you to make the purchase. The sticky Add To Cart app of Shopify is something similar. However, here you will have a sticky add to cart button that will follow your customers everywhere they go while browsing through your online store.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

This floating bar reminds your customers of the items pending in their cart and reduces the abandonment rate. Also, to make shopping easier, the app displays a buy button on every product when shoppers scroll through them. If you want to upsell your products, you can use the cart slider for improved sales. As an added advantage, your customers can checkout right away with the sticky checkout bar on the cart page.

Key Features

  • Add To Cart Floating bar

  • Quick Buy Button

  • Sticky Checkout Button

  • Cart Slider

The app doesn’t have a free plan. However, you can have a rundown of the services offered through the 14-day trial period. The paid plan includes Basic, Shopify, Advanced, and Shopify Plus. Depending on your selected plan, the features will vary slightly. If you do not want Cart Slider, then you can easily choose one of the lower-end plans.

2. Buy Me - Buy Button

One of the main reasons for this app to make a mark in this list is its ability to offer a variety of features within the Add-To-Cart limit. It enables businesses to analyze and choose what they want to suit their business purpose. When you incorporate these features, you will not just see an increase in sales, but also an increase in the number of repeated sales. This app is really good.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

One of the prime features of this app is to display the Fixed Buy Button on any page. This can be a product page or any collection. Likewise, you can also add a Fixed Cart Button for faster checkouts at the time of purchase. It also has a Remember My Cart button that remembers the cart items of customers across all their devices. It also has a Cart Preview that displays the list of items added to the cart.

Key Features

  • Buy Me Widget

  • Social Media Sharing

  • Quick Buy On Product Listing Pages

  • URL Based Listing

This app has a free plan along with a 14-day trial period. The other plans include small, medium, and large. Depending on the plan size, the number of add to carts differs. The price chart is quite interesting and you can choose the one most suitable for you based on your budget and feature requirements.

3. EasyGift: Auto Add To Cart

Who doesn’t love gifts? It not only makes one feel special but also encourages that person to do more. You must have come across stores that gift customers with a coupon or any gift set after they purchase above a certain value. This not only helps to strengthen the shopping intent of customers but also increases your sales. The EasyGift app of Shopify does that in your online store.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

Using this app is quite simple, all you have to do as a business is set custom rules. For instance, you can set rules on the products to add when customers buy specific products or when the cart value exceeds a certain limit. Furthermore, you can set the frequency for how many times you want this offer to work for a customer. This will definitely be a treat to those loyal customers who have been with your business for a long time.

Key Features

  • Basic & Advanced Rules Triggering

  • Action Product Stock Alerts

  • Higher Level Of Customization

  • Premium Support

The app has a free plan along with a shorter trial period of five days. You can use the trial period before signing up for the right plan. The paid plans include Standard and Unlimited. They cost $12.99 and $24.99 every month.

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4. SEOAnt - Sticky Add To Cart

When businesses run a sale, you will notice that there is a timeline every time for the sale. This is not because their products will run out of stock within the period or for any other specific reason, the main purpose of these sales is to increase a sense of urgency among customers to purchase and clear the inventory at the earliest. This will not only increase the average order value of customers but also helps to update the inventory.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

SEOAnt app helps you to make your sale a smoother process. This app is not ideal just during a sale, it is also an excellent choice during a normal day. The app has a sticky add to cart button that goes along with the customers wherever they go. You can personalize it to match your brand and run a countdown timer to accelerate sales. Sticky carts and mini carts make it easy for you to reduce the number of abandoned carts.

Key Features

  • Sticky Add to Cart Bar

  • Sticky Cart with Cart Slider

  • Dashboard

  • Quick Buy Cart

The app has a free plan. However, it doesn’t give any trial period for the customers. The paid plan starts at $5.99/month. If you have any queries in choosing the right plan for your business, you can reach out to the 24X7 support team for assistance.

5. Qikify Sticky Cart, Slide Cart

It is a fact that all your customers are not the same. They have different preferences and would appreciate it if we could cater to their preferences during checkouts. Having different payment methods is an exemplary example of how businesses started supporting different payment methods so that they can increase the paying power of their customers. Likewise, custom features in a cart reduce the abandoned cart rate.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

Qikify is a to-go option if you want to customize the cart features so that your customers have the urge to make purchases. In addition to the sticky add to cart feature that we have discussed, this app also has a cart drawer where your customers can add notes, change variants, estimate the shipping fee, and buy more. Also, this app displays the terms and conditions and trust badges to make everything transparent to your customers.

Key Features

  • Free Shipping Progressive Bar

  • Cart Countdown Timer

  • Cart Drawer

  • Discount Box

Qikify doesn’t have a free plan. You can use the trial period of seven days to understand the features you need for your business. After the trial days, you can make the decision of choosing any one of its plans - Starter, Basic, and Premium. The features vary depending on the plan. We recommend thinking carefully before choosing the right one.

6. Cartly Sticky Add To Cart

Did you know that customers prefer businesses that offer a simplified checkout process? They are averse to those complex processes where the customer has to go through multiple steps before making the actual purchase. Why bother with multiple steps when some other brand offers the same product with a simple checkout process? The Cartly Sticky Add To Cart app serves this purpose.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

Adding products to a cart and buying them becomes completely easy with this application. This app is a combination of four apps with all the apps helping customers to add products to their cart and ensuring that they do not abandon their cart. The app lets you add its add to cart and checkout bars and sticky popups to reduce abandonment rates and increase sales. You can also redirect your customers directly to the Open Your Cart Summary page.

Key Features

  • Sticky ATC Bar

  • Sticky Checkout Bar

  • Cart Summary Popup

  • Ajax Cart

The app does have a free-to-install plan. However, after 90 days, you will be upgraded to the starter paid plan - Unlimited. It costs $9.95/month. It also has another paid plan - Priority Support ($18.95/month). You can choose the right plan depending on your user requirement and bandwidth.

7. Ultimate Sticky Add To Cart

As a business owner, you must know that acquiring new customers is costly when compared to retaining existing customers. This is because the new customers have to go through the sales pipeline before turning into quality leads and finally into a customer. Hence, it is recommended that you spend more on retaining customers. One way to achieve that is by offering a pleasing checkout process. Ultimate Sticky Add To Cart app helps you in achieving it.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

Ultimate Sticky Add To Cart app has brilliant features collection. They enable you to add a sticky ATC bar visible across all or specific pages. You can design its look for desktop and mobile devices. It creates an urgency to buy by displaying countdown timers or offers along with the ATC bar. Another advantage of this app is it lets you track every action of your customers to identify the trending products and collections.

Key Features

  • Analytics and Pixel Tracking

  • Sticky Add To Cart Bar

  • Countdown Timer

  • Premium Support

This app has a seven days free trial. After that, you have to sign up for the paid plan. This app has only one plan and it costs $9.99/month. The developer Conversion Bear is popular for its one-plan apps. They have their own identity. If you like the features, you can sign up!

8. Uplinkly Sticky Cart

Rather than going for something complicated, it is often recommended to stick to a simple process. A complex process can disrupt the smallest action while a simple process can make the most complicated action look simple. Hence, why go for a complicated app that makes more promises than work? The Uplinkly Sticky Cart app is an excellent addition to your online store when it is to the Add To Cart feature. You do not need additional coding skills or hire developers - you can DIY.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

True to its name, the basic facility offered by the app is to add to cart button as a sticky bar on all the pages of your online store. You can customize the template to suit your business. This will make the feature blend with your store. This app makes checkout easier for your customers by redirecting them directly to the checkout page. Further, you can allow your customers to view custom pricing for different product variants directly from the sticky bar.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Reports

  • Button Animator

  • Price Anchors

  • Facebook Pixel

This app has one free plan and one paid plan. The paid plan - Sticky Cart Pro costs $9 every month. While the free plan has restricted features, the paid plan has all the essential features. We’d recommend the paid plan as it has all the features you need to boost your business performance.

9. Globo Sticky Add To Cart

As a business, you may actually not be in need of fancy or advanced features. You might be on the lookout for a simple app that helps with adding an add to cart sticky button. If that is your requirement, you should definitely try this app.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

This app has seven different templates for your sticky button. This app also lets your customer directly go to the checkout page instead of adding the products to the cart. Your customers can view the sticky button on any device. This has a greater role in improving conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Sticky Add To Cart Button

  • Different Themes

  • Device Friendly

This free-of-cost app in the Shopify app store is a recommendation for those businesses who are tight on budget and just need a free app that can serve the purpose of adding a sticky add to cart button in the website or mobile store.

10. CartBot: Auto Add To Cart

Like the previous app, if you as a business owner are on the lookout for an app that lets you set custom rules and add additional products automatically to the cart - this is your best option. This app is free of cost and really good for businesses who only need an app for adding products to the cart automatically.

Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

CartBot lets you set the rules when the cart value exceeds a specific limit or when the cart has the specified products. Based on that, this automated app adds the selected products for customers. This will hold zero product charges or any additional charges.

Key Features

  • Custom Rules

  • Add Products To Cart For Promotions or Offers

The app is free of cost. If you think this is the only feature that you need for your product promotion plans, then you can certainly sign up for this app from the Shopify app store.

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Best Add to Cart Apps in Shopify

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