Your online store is incomplete without pop-up apps. The average conversion rate of popups is around 12%. However, these popups are more effective in mobile apps than in desktop devices. So, just like how you utilize discounts or other marketing channels for your business, it is equally important to use popups. Because your customers have opted for it and you have the permit to market or communicate with popups. Hence, it is crucial to understand the best popup apps in your Shopify app store.

With the advent of third-party apps in Shopify, one has to tread carefully while choosing the right one to get the maximum benefits from a single app. In this article, we have listed the top Shopify popup apps to boost sales.

Why Do Businesses Use Popup Apps?

Popups are powerful tools that drive your sales. Why? They help you to reach out to the target audience and attain the desired business goals with a click. This strengthens the reach of your brand and enhances its visibility. Depending on the requirement of your business, you can leverage different popups.

Shopify’s app store has several pop-up apps that are designed to help businesses serve multiple purposes. Be it marketing, service messages, or other miscellaneous activities - the app store of Shopify has quality apps to help your business.

Best Shopify Popup Apps

Here’s a rundown of the top six popup apps in Shopify’s app store. The list consists of third-party apps and does not include apps built by Shopify.

1. Rivo Popups - Email Popups

Rivo Popups is an excellent tool to prompt your customers to subscribe to your email list. One of the biggest advantages of the app is it is made for customers. It is customer-friendly and has options that ensure a better conversion rate to your emailing list.

Best Shopify Popup Apps To Boost More Sales

With this app, you can not just encourage customers to subscribe to your email list. You can also attract them with enticing discounts making it difficult to deny the offer. Through their subscription, you can inform them of the latest sale, offers, and other interesting activities related to your store.

The app has a dedicated editor using which you can custom design your subscription popup. The best part is you get to decide the time and place for displaying the email popups. Based on your configuration, the popup will show automatically on the customer’s UI. You need no coding knowledge to set up the popup. It is easy to use and you can get it done within minutes.

Essential Features

  • Create automated or custom coupons for your customers

  • Add the coupon as a stick note bar to remind your customers

  • 100% customizable branding and style

  • Effortlessly design, configure, and set the rules for operation

Price Comparison

This five-star rated app is completely free of cost. The main reason why this tops our list of best Shopify Popup apps is it provides all these interesting features at zero costs. You can design your popup and add users to your mailing list without much effort. Furthermore, the entire app is dynamic and flexible. This quality automatically makes it the best option if you are looking to use a popup to make customers subscribe to your email list.

2. EcomSend Pop Ups, Email Popups

Similar to the previous app in our list, this app also does the job of showing pop-ups to make customers sign up for the subscriber list. This app has a brilliant UI with no glitches. Hence, it makes a wonderful addition to your app and grows your business. This app has fun activities through which most of the customers will end up signing up for your email list.

Best Shopify Popup Apps To Boost More Sales

Right from designing the layout of your popup to displaying it in your store - everything is done through a step-by-step process. It adds a fun element to the pop-ups through fun games like spinning the wheel. Here, the customer has to subscribe to the newsletter or email to use the code.

Hence, we can say without a doubt that it is a well-thought process. When customers see the coupons along with the fun element, they are automatically encouraged to subscribe. This way, you can also create a platform for interacting with your customers on the latest updates on your products.

Essential Features

  • Supports both popup windows and sign-up forms for emails

  • Enable your customers to choose between opt-in or exit intent

  • One platform for all apps - integrate your app with other email marketing apps like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Privy, and SMSBump for a streamlined process

  • Design your app to suit your brand and business purpose

Price Comparison

This app is also free of cost. It has several features mentioned in Rivo Popups. While Rivo Popups have a better brand identity, EcomSend Popups have added features. The spinning wheel game is an extra advantage for businesses that want to increase the probability of conversions. If you think these features are the right boosters for your business, then we recommend subscribing to this app.

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3. Pop Convert - Pop Ups, Banners

Pop Convert is an interactive application that has smart features to convert your first-time visitors to loyal subscribers. So, how does this app help in achieving it? Pop Convert has brilliant tools to create stunning popups and smart bars to attract your customers to subscribe to your email list.

Best Shopify Popup Apps To Boost More Sales

However, a simple design will not do the trick. Your layout can attract visitors but can they stay as your loyal customers? Definitely not unless you give some leverage for them to continue. Post that, your product should be able to do the marketing.

Pop Convert does exactly that. Depending on the business or marketing team’s requirements, you can customize your layouts with the required CTAs. You can use the popup to get subscribers, provide coupons, or direct traffic to an URL. In any case, this app has the tools to boost your marketing campaigns.

Essential Features:

  • Have all your contacts synced with your Shopify directly and create distinct webhooks to transfer the information to a new URL

  • Use the option to market through smart bars, popups, or banners

  • Request for either phone number or email - as per your purpose

  • Customize your widgets with advanced drag-and-drop features

Price Comparison

This is a zero-cost app that requires no investment from your end. You have to simply integrate this app with your online store and reap its benefits. This app is an ideal choice for businesses who are interested in using style variants in their store. This app lets you choose banners, popups, or smart bars as a source for collecting information from customers. So, if you like to use banners and smart bars along with popups, you can go for this app.

4. Sales Popup Conversion Pro

If you are looking for a popup app that accelerates your sales and makes customers check out products instantly, Sales Popup Conversion Pro is your to-go option. This app doesn’t limit to adding customers to the subscriber list. It is more than a marketing tool. It creates social proof and trust with its trust badges and engaging features.

Best Shopify Popup Apps To Boost More Sales

Let’s see what it has to offer from the sales perspective. This app has a sales counter using which you can create curiosity among your customers on the availability or offer on certain products or categories. Using a sales notification popup, you can display the recently bought items for new visitors to see.

From the trust perspective, you can show trust badges of your integrations or payment methods to gain the customer’s trust. Further, you can also leverage the free shipping bar and features to display the visitors count and stock counter.

Essential Features

  • Display sales notifications on recently purchased items to create curiosity and redirect traffic

  • Restrict the view of the popup to certain pages or product categories

  • Use custom themes to go along with your brand identity

  • Speed up your sales with stock countdown, sold counter, and countdown timer

  • Analyze the performance of your notifications with powerful dashboards

Price Comparison

This beautiful app has two plans - one is free and the other is paid. The free plan has good features. If you are fine with showing sales notifications, a countdown timer, and sold counter, it is sufficient to have the free. However, if you want all the features that we have mentioned in this section, then we suggest you opt for the paid plan that costs $4.99/month. Here, you have the advantage of accessing the dashboard to understand the performance of your marketing efforts.

5. Toastibar - Sales Popup

Toastibar serves the purpose of increasing traffic and engagement on your website with sales notifications. This app creates a sense of urgency and uses it in the right channel. From our analysis, we believe the app has been made to increase sales and boost speed by showing what the visitor is missing.

Best Shopify Popup Apps To Boost More Sales

Toastibar displays popup notifications when someone purchases a product from the online store. You can also choose to display a popup when someone adds a product to the cart or the total count of people viewing a particular product. This data will help customers to take quicker decisions.

Two things that you should consider about this app - It supports both mobile and web stores. It has an interactive dashboard that displays all the stats related to your sales notification, cart notification, online visitors notification, and recent visitors notification.

Essential Features

  • Display the recently bought items through dynamic popups

  • List the items added to the cart by customers recently

  • Show the visitors count for a product or the total count of visitors on the website

  • Track the efforts of these notifications and collect them in a single dashboard

Price Comparison

This app has a free plan and a paid plan. The free plan doesn’t support cart notifications and visitor notifications. It also doesn’t have priority support. Further, you cannot access different designs for your store. We’d recommend trying out the trial period of 14 days. Once it is done, you can decide if you need the paid plan or not. However, please note that your free plan is incomplete without cart notifications and visitor notifications. Our choice would be the paid plan that costs $6.99/month.

6. POP! Sales & Live Activity Pop

The first thing that you will notice once signing up for this Shopify app is its stunning UI. The overall experience is smooth and requires no painful efforts. You can figure out the entire process as you go through the options. That is an advantage of this app.

Best Shopify Popup Apps To Boost More Sales

Right from the onboarding to creating popups - POP! has got you covered. This app lets you work on every aspect of your sales. You can increase your app engagement and retention rate with excellent onboarding messages. You can also customize other sales popups that are required along the customer’s journey to buying products from your store.

This app is so customizable that you get to decide the devices where you want the popup to pop. The best part is if you are having a global customer base, you can change the language of your popup depending on the location of your customers.

Essential Features

  • Show the live visitor count, recent reviews, and sales popups on your online store

  • Leverage gorgeous templates to provide a new look for your popup

  • Use the geolocation facility to display the notifications depending on the customer’s location

  • Make use of the dashboard to track the views, clicks, and cart & order summaries.

  • Display your popup notifications in 13+ languages

Price Comparison

This app has four plans. One is a free plan while the remaining are paid plans. The free plan is basic and is enough to start your marketing strategy. However, if you are looking for something more functional, then you can opt for any of the paid plans depending on the size of your market. All the paid plans have the same features. However, the difference lies in the number of unique sessions for a month.

How Does Swipecart’s Mobile App Help Business?

Swipecart is an exceptional no-code builder that has affordable pricing plans for businesses of any size and scale. The unique feature of Swipecart is it doesn’t restrict to a particular feature or functionality. It offers you a complete mobile store and the best part is you get to design them on your own without any assistance from developers.

Best Shopify Popup Apps To Boost More Sales

What makes Swipecart different?

  • Brilliant plugin collections that cover all the stages of your sales right from placing orders to delivering them at the doorsteps (Including exchange/returns).

  • The plugin collection has beautiful popup features like Abandoned Cart popup, Push Notification popup, Back in Store popup, and App Reviews popups.

  • Smooth integration capability where you can integrate your mobile store with third-party applications in a secure environment.

  • Engaging UI that is completely customizable and mirrors your brand. The detailed design gives importance to the smallest features.

  • Excellent marketing plans that help you in acquiring new customers while retaining your existing audience.

Have any queries? Do let us know. We have a skilled team that will help you in answering your queries or assisting you with your issues.