The Netherlands, a country in Europe with a population of 17 million has an internet penetration rate of 95-96%.


It is the 17th largest e-commerce market ahead of Turkey and Mexico. It grew by 14% in 2021 adding revenue of $22 billion.


The Netherlands is in the top ten among Shopify usage countries with over 26,619 e-commerce websites built with it.

Shopify stores growth in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has currently 19,219 active Shopify stores. The growth has been impressive with 2020 seeing an almost 69% jump in the number of stores set up on Shopify. Similarly, it has grown by 25.53% for the year 2021 from its previous year. For the current Q1 2022, already 2152 stores have been set up indicating a strong upward trend.

15,127 of the total stores are set up in the Dutch language while only 9,708 stores are in English. Again, 12,165 Shopify stores have .nl extension while 11,099 stores have a .com domain.

Regarding the contact information displayed on the Shopify stores in the Netherlands, about 15,474 of the total 26,619 sites have provided their email address for contact. Only 7,656 Shopify stores have displayed their contact number on the website.

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Cities with Shopify stores in the Netherlands

If we study the province-level distribution of Shopify stores in the Netherlands, most of them are concentrated in North & South Holland and North Brabant.

Amsterdam is the city with the most Shopify stores in the Netherlands followed by Rotterdam and Utrecht.

  • Amsterdam

  • Rotterdam

  • Utrecht

  • The Hague

  • Haarlem

Note: Most of the Shopify stores do not specify their province or city. The above trends are with the available data only.

Product categories of Shopify stores in the Netherlands

The apparel segment in e-commerce is expected to hit $672.71 billion in valuation by 2023. The emerging worldwide middle classes with disposable income, the increasing online presence, and the harnessing of influencer culture are the primary factors driving growth in this segment. Keeping up with the global trend, the largest number of Shopify stores is set up in this category in the Netherlands.

  • 3,900 Shopify stores have listed apparel as their product category/p>

  • 1,227 stores sell home & garden products in the Netherlands

  • 1,141 Shopify stores sell products related to beauty & fitness

  • 621 stores are categorized as selling food & drinks.

Note: The product categories of most of the Shopify stores in the Netherlands are unknown.

Shopify features used the most in the Netherlands

Shopify offers features such as Contact Page, Returns page, POS, and others to help merchants simplify the website development process. Some of the templates are auto-generated by filling in the relevant details. Let’s see the most used features by Shopify store merchants in the Netherlands.

Shopify Features Number Of Shopify Stores
Contact Page 15,302
Tracking or Returns 5,011
Tracking Page 3,608
Shopify POS 3,195
Returns Page 3,012

The contact page provided by Shopify stores is used by 57% of the merchants. The other features mostly used are tracking page, return page, and Shopify POS.

Top Apps used on the Shopify App Store in the Netherlands

Shopify has more than 6,000 apps made available to merchants on its Shopify App Store. These apps can be integrated into the website to enhance its functionality. They help merchants provide better user experiences. The top Shopify apps in the Netherlands are-

  1. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS is used by 5,231 stores.

  2. Product Reviews is used by 4,829 stores.

  3. 3,478 stores use Customer Privacy

  4. 2,860 stores on Shopify use Klarna On-Site Messaging

  5. 2,543 Shopify stores in the Netherlands use Instafeed-Instagram Feed

The other Shopify apps used by Shopify stores in the Netherlands are Mailchimp: Email Marketing, Shopify Inbox, Loox Product Reviews & Photos, Product Reviews, and Oberlo-Dropshipping App.

Social media usage on Shopify stores in the Netherlands

Popular social media platforms help merchants advertise their products and engage with customers. Shopify allows merchants to integrate social media links to the website. The popularly used social media platforms by Shopify merchants in the Netherlands are-

  1. Instagram

  2. Facebook

  3. YouTube

  4. Twitter

  5. Pinterest

The other social media platforms are LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat. Instagram is the most preferred social media channel on Shopify stores not only in the Netherlands but the world over.

Preferred Shipping Carriers for Shopify stores in the Netherlands

Shopify has partnered with the leading shipping providers for software solutions to be integrated into its website. Shopify store owners in the Netherlands prefer the popular shipping partners to deliver the goods to their customers. Let’s have a look at the top five preferred shipping carriers for Shopify stores in the Netherlands.

  1. UPS

  2. FedEx

  3. USPS

  4. DHL

  5. DPD

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