March 25, 2022

7 Shopify Store Trends for Brazil in 2022

7 Shopify Store Trends for Brazil in 2022

Brazil, in Latin America, has the largest e-commerce market in the region and is valued at $24.23 billion. Shopify has come as a savior for thousands of merchants ready to take the online journey.

There is no doubt that Shopify is very popular in the United States with 53% of its merchants located there and 73% of its revenue coming from North America. Only 1% of its total revenue comes from Latin America. But even then, it is a considerable amount at $36.1 million.

Shopify stores growth in Brazil

Covid-19 hastened the growth of e-commerce the world over. The chart shows the number of Shopify stores from 2017 to 2021. The number of Shopify stores more than doubled in the year 2020 from the previous year 2019. While in some countries, the growth lost momentum post-pandemic, in Brazil it is the opposite. The number of Shopify stores in 2021 almost increased four times at 72% from its previous year. 2022 also seems to see exponential growth with 9,349 Shopify stores in Q1 alone. The 2021 Q4 YOY growth in the number of stores set up on Shopify in Brazil is an astonishing 196%.

Growth Of Shopify Stores In Brazil (2017-2021)

Another interesting fact is around 35,277 Shopify stores in Brazil use the Portuguese language while hardly 1000 stores use English. Almost 22,000 Shopify stores have opted for the .com domain while 11,000+ stores have taken the domain extension.

Contact information for shoppers has to be displayed on the website. 21,446 Shopify merchants in Brazil prefer to display contact information in the form of email whereas 15,476 stores display their contact numbers.

Brazil gets around 4.77% of traffic to its Shopify stores through desktop devices.

Product categories for Shopify stores in Brazil

stores have .nl extension while 11,099 stores have a .com domain.

Mother’s Day, Lovers’ Day, and Black Friday are the popular online shopping seasons in Brazil. The number of unique shoppers in Brazil stood at 43 million. Apparel is the most preferred choice of consumers when shopping online. There are about 1000+ stores in Brazil that list apparel as their product category. It is followed by Home & Garden, Beauty & Fitness, and consumer electronics.

Note: 33,000+ Shopify stores do not list any specific category in products. For instance, if it is a dropshipping website, it will list all popular items and not only apparel or consumer electronics.

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Highest installed Shopify Apps in Brazil

Dropshipping is very popular in Brazil. Most of the Shopify stores are set up to facilitate this business. Online merchants prefer to use Shopify apps that allow them to display selected items from AliExpress on their website. The top installed Shopify apps in Brazil are-

  1. DSers- AliExpress Dropshipping

  2. Loox Product Reviews & Photos

  3. Product Reviews

  4. Ryviu: AliExpress Reviews App

  5. Oberlo: Dropshipping App

  6. SEO: Image Optimizer Page Speed

  7. Areviews: Reviews Importer

  8. Facebook Pixels Track

  9. SuperLemon- WhatsApp Support

  10. Disable Right Click FREE

Dropshipping from AliExpress is popular in Brazil and you have Shopify apps such as Oberlo and DSers to facilitate this business. Similarly, product reviews are crucial in dropshipping to build trust among customers for various products. So you have Shopify apps such as Product Reviews, Loox, Ryviu, and Areviews to help merchants build a solid review section.

Shopify features used by store merchants in Brazil

Shopify offers many features to help merchants provide a better shopping experience to their customers. Let’s see the top-most used features of Shopify stores in Brazil.

  • Tracking or Returns is used by 19,521 Shopify stores

  • 16,072 Shopify stores in Brazil use the Returns page feature

  • Contact Page features is used by about 43% of the Shopify stores

The Shopify POS and Storefront API feature along with International Shipping and Tracking Page are also frequently used by Shopify stress in Brazil.

Social media usage by Shopify stores in Brazil

With more than 46 million social network users in Brazil, setting up accounts on popular social media platforms is a necessity for online stores. It helps get new customers to your website and build engagement. In Brazil, Instagram and Facebook are the popular social media sites used by Shopify stores.

  • Instagram is used by 9,718 stores

  • Around 26% of the Shopify stores use Facebook

  • YouTube is used by only 1,516 Shopify stores in Brazil

  • 518 stores use the social media platform Twitter

  • Pinterest is used by a mere 362 Shopify stores.

We even have Tiktok, LinkedIn, and Snapchat used by less than 1% of the Shopify stores in Brazil.

Preferred shipping partners for Shopify stores in Brazil

Shopify is trying to meet the demands of merchants who are eyeing the foreign markets and cross-border commerce. The chart shows the percentage change of users who have purchased goods online from a seller in a foreign country.

Note: This purchase excludes subscriptions, digital goods, services, and event tickets.

Brazil stands second in terms of cross-border e-commerce buyer growth for 2020.

Top 10 Countries, Ranked by Cross-Border Retail Ecommerce Buyer Growth, 2020 % change

Shipping is crucial for the success of an e-commerce business. The most preferred shipping partner for Shopify stores in Brazil is Correios. Around 9,860 stores have installed the software solution for this shipping company. Since dropshipping from AliExpress is popular in Brazil, China Post is also one of the top shipping carriers. The remaining are UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

Locations with the most Shopify stores in Brazil

Many of the Shopify stores do not provide a specific address other than contact number and email id. Only a few stores provide a province-level and city-level location. Let’s see which provinces in Brazil have the most number of Shopify stores.

  • State of Sao Paulo- 377 stores

  • State of Rio de Janeiro- 84 stores

  • State of Minas Gerais- 67 stores

  • State of Santa Catarina- 42 stores

  • State of Rio Grande do Sul- 39 stores

Here is the list of cities with the highest number of Shopify stores.

  • Sao Paulo- 281 stores

  • Rio de Janeiro- 71 stores

  • Belo Horizonte-38 stores

Note: Around 23,000+ Shopify stores have not listed the city on their website.


Millions of merchants trust Shopify for their online business. Brazil has the largest e-commerce market in Latin America and is growing at a rapid pace. For Shopify merchants in Brazil, the next step in their online journey is to progress to a business mobile app. Swipecart, a product of Rentech Digital, has a powerful website-to-mobile app converter tool to easily create a world-class mobile app from an existing Shopify website. You can do it yourself without any coding experience and complete building your mobile app in a couple of days!