Imagine if you could obtain a 6,469 percent return on your marketing investment.

This represents the average ROI generated by online communities. Brands are leveraging these communities to build familiarity and trust among new customers while also strengthening & personalizing existing customer relationships.

These communities may be leveraged to improve product innovation, lower overhead expenses, & increase sales.


What is an Online Community?

An internet community is a collection of individuals who communicate with one another using an online system. These communities can vary from a 1+ billion-person Insta community to a 10 people Group on Facebook.

There is a wide variety in the ways an online community may scale, & determining which form of the online community is best for your company is the preliminary step in creating your own.

With the fast proliferation of smart gadgets, mobile applications are becoming numerous people's main access point to the web - and, as a result, their online communities. While your internet community network should continue to be available through desktop pc, ignoring mobile phones may mean losing out on the potential.

What is an Online Community

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Getting the Attention of Users Who are Looking For a Connection

Having a membership to a particular brand community is a selling feature and one of the finest ways to keep consumers engaged in your product. When you link individuals, you create interpersonal relationships that are both persistent & difficult to recreate. And when more participating people join the community, its value grows.

Communities may be found almost anywhere, both digital & offline. Mobile applications are becoming an extremely prevalent way to meet others who share your passions & interests. Although they're plentiful, the ones that aren't in interaction will be immediately removed. So, how does a thriving community platform that grows in value over time benefit you? Let us investigate.

Online Community Types

The sort of online community you develop will be determined by the response to the preceding question, "What network (community) does your consumer want?" Your handmade espresso community does not want to discuss their espresso-sipping experiences with a population of more than one billion people. They want a small community of coffee enthusiasts who realize what they're discussing about & share comparable tastes.

On the other hand, full-time culture bloggers are extremely glad to strive to develop their brand's community as broad as possible inside the vast Instagram community of 1+ billion people.

Online Community Types

Online communities are classified into two types:

1. Open social networks

Consider Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and also Vine (RIP), which had a sizable online audience. Public social networks are virtual forums that just demand a login account to participate. When it relates to who qualifies to be a part of this sort of group, there aren't many rules or limits.

2. Branded neighborhoods

This is contrary to a public social media network. To get into the community, you'll need to submit more than just your email address & password. Consider an online private members group. To gain admission to the group, you'll need the necessary qualifications (experience, shared interests, geography, etc.).

The Benefits of Creating a Branded Online Community

Building an online community is similar to bringing your customer avatars into your virtual enterprise & having them return every day after that. When you develop an internet forum that corresponds to what your consumer avatar is searching for (in connection to your products), you incorporate them within your environment and provide yourself with additional possibilities to learn from them.

The following are the benefits produced for companies with online communities:

The Benefits of Creating a Branded Online Community

1. Encourage product innovation

Clients are indeed the greatest individuals to inform you what brand enhancements are needed. They know what they like, what they dislike, & what they rarely use. Your internet forum serves as a public announcement to your clients about your abilities to do so

It may feel daunting to have them share their comments (both positive and negative), but this vulnerability is allowing you to improve from Level 1 to Level 5 if your quality is more influenced than you would have done without the community.

2. Know your clients

You can also utilize this amplifier to learn about your clients' prior & subsequent situations. You'll see trends in their descriptions of their difficulties that you may utilize to better your text. This renders the content more connected to your consumer persona and demonstrates that this is exactly the thing they are seeking for.

Your text should demonstrate that your item is more important to them than your rivals', & what better method to demonstrate this than using their own words?

Know your clients

3. Cut support expenses

Look for trends in your internet group concerning your clients' before-states and after-states. The after-state occurs after your new product has resolved its issue. If your clients are having problems with your items, the desired after-state and indeed the reality after-state might contrast.

Your internet community may not just be used to address any concerns from clients, but it could also be utilized to identify and resolve recurring concerns. This will lower the number of tickets received by your customer service department.

4. Product evaluation

Comparable product complaints or queries should never be overlooked in your internet group. Although they are fantastic for lowering support costs, they are indeed better for exactly upgrading the item that your consumers desire.

Don't allow these concerns & inquiries to go unnoticed; write them down and add these to your "Product Advancement Notes".

5. Increase participation

Virtual forums may increase your participation in a variety of ways. If you are the blogger, having your community tag you in their Instagram post to highlight a daily win, how they're utilizing a product, etc., increases your interaction. You may also request that others react to your Posts on Instagram.

Each of these activities by other users will enhance your account's interaction & expose you to new people.

Increase participation

6. Expand your audience

It is becoming increasingly necessary to have a smartphone-first attitude to entice new users. The first generation of intelligent device users is already nearing maturity, representing 32% of the worldwide population. Furthermore, Gen Z engages in mobile applications at a 60% greater rate than older groups.

Although your target audience is substantially older, having a smartphone app allows you to reach the world's amazing 5.27 billion active smartphone users.

7. Platforms are built for 'taps' rather than 'clicks.'

Rather than scrolling and clicking using a mouse, we swipe, pinch-zoom, or tap on our smartphones.

If your community system is released as a native mobile application, it guarantees that your platform's content engagements, menus, including navigation are optimized for smartphone interaction & easiness. App user experience design is vastly different from the desktop PC user experience. Using a smartphone browser-based platform alone will simply irritate your members.

8. Push notifications have taken the role of email alerts

The majority of us already battle to keep our email inboxes organized. Your members may choose to ignore or remove your community email alerts. Nevertheless, with a smartphone app, you can quickly send inconspicuous and fast push alerts that appear on their phones.

Furthermore, even if the application is closed and also the screen is locked, your member's phone will show the communal notice.

Push notifications have taken the role of email alerts

9. Reach out to community members who are on the go

Using your phone to access a website or online platform needs many such steps that it is nearly not worthwhile. Your members may prefer to open any of the various social networking applications on their phones and skim over them while taking the subway to work or standing in line at a supermarket.

Your internet forum platform will be immediately accessible to your users' home screens with the push of a button if you use a native smartphone application. If you wish to connect your members while they are on the go, an application is the greatest (if not the only) solution.

10. Make your platform accessible from numerous place

You are not required to select between a mobile and a browser-based internet forum platform. Why not get the benefits of having both?

The beauty of Open Social's internet forum platform is that it can be accessed via both a computer (browser) as well as an app. This allows your members to use the most recent version of your forum via their preferred device. The material is also uniform and up to date through both your smartphone or web community platforms, ensuring that all members view the same information.

The best approach to ensure that your internet community is subsequent & continues to expand is to make it available from many devices and adapted to various digital interactions.

Make your platform accessible from numerous place

Executive Synopsis

Online communities enhance brand exposure, lead generation, & conversions. These forums may evolve into one of your best potent marketing platforms if they have a definite purpose & are moderated properly. Their capacity to build connections between companies & consumers makes it a tried-and-true marketing technique for organizations of all sizes.