In a time where social networks & the internet are ingrained in people's minds, everyone and everything has the opportunity to achieve recognition through viral content. Because this phenomenon can increase firm visibility, many marketing executives employ app virality as a method of marketing .

Why not utilize one of the most popular marketing tools for your company? Launching & virtualizing an application might be helpful to your organization.

Each day, hundreds of apps are released into the smartphone app market to be loaded on many devices at once. But, do they all have the opportunity to do so? Unfortunately, no.

Every application startup owner aims to drive millions of downloads. In today's mobile app development environment, there is fierce rivalry among apps, making it difficult to establish your app reputation. It is nearly hard to make the software massively viral if you use traditional marketing & advertising to increase downloads. Virality does not arise from adopting social media features; rather, remarkable work is required.


How to make your app go viral?

Sharing on Social Media

People may create a lot of money by including social media share features in their apps. It makes no difference what category your app belongs to; you should allow app-social sharing. It is incredibly simple; simply incorporate social feeds right into your app & observe the results. You may also insert social media sharing buttons & CTAs.


Ask for Feedback

You must solicit customer feedback on your app. This is because Android app developers & marketers miss out on great possibilities daily. You must concentrate on good feedback without being aggressive. This is because only good ratings may improve app store search results.


Deep Contextual Linking

The concept behind deep linking is that if people click on the hyperlink from their smartphones, their devices would record information such as what website they were seeing. Contextual deep link embedding stores user information such as where the hyperlink was clicked, who shared the link, and other bespoke data. This allows app developers to create strong functionalities like welcome screens, referral schemes, and so on. Indeed, mobile app developers may benefit from this since it gives better interactions & relevant information.


Excellent Onboarding

People are often shocked to learn that user acquisition is a key component of the customer journey. In reality, the major factor that may catch users' interest and enhance retention rate is the introductory experience. When we discuss its best practices, we stress the app's worth and enhance conversion rates.


Exhibit the Wow Moment

Have you ever used an app that gave you an exceptional experience? You must concentrate on the "wow element" in your app so that customers feel an instantaneous & strong connection to your product. Make your aim special so that users may have a "wow" moment with your application.


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Make Use of Eye-Catching Visuals

Millennials make up a sizable portion of the consumer population, plus also account for a sizable proportion of smartphone users. It is important to highlight that these people place a high value on appearance. Keeping this in mind, you should ensure that your programme is aesthetically appealing in terms of colors, color combinations, font faces, as well as other inherent qualities.


Provide User Incentives

Marketing your app is similar to marketing your company. You provide incentives to get potential clients to become paying customers. Consider what ride-hailing apps have done. They provided discounts and incentives to users who successfully convinced their friends to download and utilize the software. Your users may help your marketing campaign by encouraging referrals & recommendations.


Elicit Emotions

Emotions, realize it or not, play an important part in an app going viral. If your programme sends out unpleasant vibrations, people will exit it as soon as possible. They will also not suggest it to anybody. In contrast, if your mobile app elicits good feelings in consumers, they will feel compelled to devote more time using it and will enjoy doing so. They may, in reality, promote your application to their friends & family members..


So, while developing your app, consider color psychology, components, function, tone of information, as well as other factors.


Best Methods for Increasing App Downloads

Begin With the Content

According to one survey, 80% of US clients are impacted by their relatives' posts. It's constantly a good idea to fill your application with handpicked content. Aside from that, you can still use software to create outstanding content. People generally share things that can benefit others, raise their mood, & enhance their image. Several iOS app development organizations invest time and effort to increase app downloads yet fail.

Pique People's Interest

People are typically interested in what is going on in other people's lives. As a result, you must shroud your app in mystique by concealing the functions that it provides. The only way to increase app shares is to improve the app's functionality. If you desire your software to get popular, you may delight users with presents. You should build a surprise to increase app sharing since it renders the product attractive.

Display Social Proof

A group of individuals becomes enthusiastic about social movements. When we witness other individuals using an app, we are instantly drawn to it. When users join up for an app, you should show them profile images of their friends & recommend that they follow active people. You may encourage others to share by demonstrating how they might expand their network. If your application has been published on the cover of a popular tech magazine, you must highlight it in the app's descriptions on the Mobile App Store.

Gaining Trust

When individuals feel comfortable, they are more likely to embrace your product. However, it is difficult to gain credibility, but if you do, your application will be very famous. You must provide users with pertinent information via push alerts & emails. Request that individuals share their own experiences with the item with you and explain how they may gain rewards.

Create Connections

Focus on developing relationships with customers so that they may participate in your app. Engage with users frequently so you know what they think of your app. Tell others about yourself & your interests so they can believe you. Build a close relationship with your community if you want your application to go widespread.

Improve User Retention

The increased audience is probably less significant than user retention. It displays the number of people that have used your app during a specific period. According to research, 75% of users deactivate the program after 90 days. Focus on user retention to ensure the success of your app .



If you are developing an app, your primary goal must be to make it viral. There are several methods for promoting your software to a big audience. Are you seeking application developers who can create high-quality applications? Check out Swipecart for world-class app development tailored to clients' individual needs.