Shopify Ecommerce has increased dramatically after the coronavirus pandemic. The number of online retailers on platforms like Shopify is one measure of that increase. The number of Shopify stores increased by 201.53 percent between March 2020 and January 2022. Over a million small mid and large companies from various sectors use Shopify to create their own version of change via commerce.

Growth of Shopify in France

Over the previous three years, Shopify's global quarter-over-quarter growth has been extremely outstanding, and this pattern can be seen in most nations.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Shopify stores in France climbed by 17.5 percent over the previous quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the number of Shopify stores in France climbed by 86 percent year over year. The following graph shows Shopify's growth in France from quarter to quarter.

Cumulative Stores by Quarter

Shopify Plus stores in France

As per Shopify Plus Study - In France, there are 347 Shopify Plus stores.

Domain Distribution For Shopify Stores

In France, .com is by far the most popular top-level domain for Shopify stores. Some nations have been quicker to embrace alternative top-level domains (such as country-specific domains).

  • domain is used by 65.4 percent of Shopify shops in France.

  • domain is used by 25.6 percent of Shopify shops in France.

  • domain is used by 1.5 percent of Shopify shops in France.

France's Provinces with the Most Shopify Stores

It's quite simple to figure out in which country an ecommerce store operates. Few ecommerce businesses, however, disclose a location to the provincial or city level, and even fewer provide a street address.

The provincial distribution of Shopify stores in France is shown below.

  • Île-de-France is home to 2,187 Shopify stores in France.

  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur has 345 Shopify stores in France.

  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes has 339 Shopify stores in France.

Top Shopify Stores in France are shown here, in order of global store rank.

Ledger 7182019/03/22
Wethenew 8,5872017/10/27
Boogzel Apparel 9,2082016/12/30
Invoxia 9,7172016/12/30

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Top Shopify Store Categories in France

The following is a list of Shopify shop industry verticals in France.

  • Apparel is sold in 11.6 percent of Shopify stores in France.

  • Beauty and fitness items are sold in 4.1 percent of Shopify stores in France.

  • Home & Garden items are sold in 3.4 percent of Shopify stores in France.

Shopify clients per country

The majority of Shopify's clients are from the United States. When compared to March 2020, the platform has 2,666,627 online retailers from the United States in January 2022, a rise of 178.53 percent (957,393 online stores at that time). Shopify has seen a considerable increase in the number of European online retailers. The UK currently has 156,466 online shops on Shopify, representing a 218.81 percent increase. France comes in second with 59,590 shops and a 320.85% increase.

Top 6 Countries by the Highest Number of Live Shopify Stores


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