E-commerce apps have completely transformed the buying experience in recent years, & they have evolved into a critical purchasing tool for customers globally. Retailers are creating mobile applications to help customers with their shopping needs, such as product browsing, loyalty points, promotions & offers, suggestions, or even purchases. Customers now have a different buying experience & they rely on their smartphone devices to improve their entire shopping experience.

Have you ever considered it? – Why are more customers adopting retail apps? Due to the amazing experience, they are obtained by using mobile.

A recent survey found that 88% of customers who use commercial apps have a positive shopping experience. Mobile applications have become the most convenient and effective way for customers to purchase and make purchasing decisions.

Some of the reasons why buyers utilize mobile applications are because they are simple to use, tailored to each user, increase customer happiness, and promote brand loyalty.

The era of IT development teams who used to rely on manual coding to create meaningful, dependable, and contemporary apps is over. With the advent of new automation tech, constantly increasing expectations, requests of innovation-hungry customers, as well as the problem of developer shortage, the software industry has indeed been forced to search for alternative solutions not just to distribute products and services but also to remain digitized.

Well, with no-code development platforms, it is now feasible to overcome all the barriers.

How Swipecart can help you create the best app

No-code solutions/platforms are simple & safe to use which makes it a perfect choice for businesses who do not want to expend a lot of dollars on setting up an online team. No-code is perfect for creating mobile apps and other work management solutions, particularly for start-ups without resources.

Let's get a little deep into it...

In this blog, we will talk about no-code & Swipecart no-code mobile app builder and see why it is the best mobile app builder for developing custom ecommerce mobile apps for your business.

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The story behind no-code

In subsequent times, technology has grown tremendously, with programming performing an essential role. As coding and programming have advanced over time, tech firms have now started to offer platforms that make development easier and quicker for everyone from coders to target consumers.

Consider the evolution of computers. Earlier we used to operate computers using codes and now as tech emerged we are now operating computers without writing any codes (the evolution of windows). The same emergence is witnessed in no-code development for the people who wish to create an app with the no-code development technology.

While the no-code revolution is still in its early stages, the business is expected to be worth more than $43 billion by 2023. The current boom, on the other hand, is the consequence of decades of backbreaking work and progress which cannot be overlooked.

No-Code Development Platforms have changed the ways we conceive of application development by removing things from the realm of computers and placing it in a friendlier atmosphere for non-technical people who don't know how to code.

How Swipecart can help you create the best app

Why is there a surge in the use of no-code?

The quick answer is that these platforms have got a huge potential of being recognized by an increasing number of enterprises and individuals. Developments that historically needed complicated programming & months of training may now be completed in a couple of days by non-tech individuals. This improves productivity, vastly simplifies technology enterprises, and fosters greater creativity and innovation.

There are 3 main reasons to address the no-code platforms:

1 Digital transformation has slowed down

Because a substantial amount of money & effort is allocated to supporting legacy technologies, senior executives are unable to promote digitalization at a quick rate. Furthermore, technical teams are unable to concentrate on research and productivity. As an outcome, the organization is moving slowly toward digital transformation.

According to Audacia's The Cost of Legacy IT, "it is believed that 90 percent of firms are pushed back in aspects of growth and increased efficiency owing to antiquated technology." And 50% of top IT leaders say legacy technologies are a serious hindrance to digitalization in their organization."

2 The growing lack of skilled software developers

Organizations are looking for ways to overcome the software developer shortage; greater emphasis is being focused on strengthening learning and development initiatives to help maintain engineering teams' skills flexibility. Although these solutions have limitations due to the minimum capacity required to construct apps.

According to Gartner, the need for commercial applications is five times more than the capability of internal organizations. The fundamental cause of this low capability is a scarcity of applications or IT developers.

These organizational issues are directly related to the growth of low and no coding platforms.

3 Creating an innovative organization

We've traveled far from the times when PCs were massive devices concealed in dark corners that were managed by an exceptional person fluent in the syntaxes the computer machines could comprehend. Pcs may now be found on every workstation, in every pocket.

With no-code development, companies have got access to equal distribution and equal functionality because the need for one specific learned programmer is eliminated and individuals with or without a set of skills can easily operate it equally. So the no-code development platforms are flexible for everybody. This also allows the top managers and supervisors to add some value to the development phase and build things as required by themselves without depending on the coder.

Today machines or computers are of less tech and the basic business tools are of more power and influence. We can put authority in the hands of folks who utilize techniques every day. Well, the technology potential will always be more humanistic.

Educating students to write codes and investing in various founders is causing emergence, but the no-coding movement can transform the face of technology exponentially. If you don't have experts or funds to develop, anyone can try their hand at no-code tools. Maybe it is the drive for technology equality that has propelled the no-code trend into the present. You know it's like 1 in every 300 persons is capable of coding. But now the vast majority of the rest of us may launch their ideas, and the innovation potential is enormous.

How Swipecart can help you create the best app

Swipecart biggest advantages- The best drag-and-drop e-commerce mobile app builder

Establishing & sustaining a business may be difficult, particularly in the internet world. Yet to progress digitally there are several alternatives: you may design an app from scratch using a no-code drag-and-drop builder. These block builders enable you to be unique and flexible while developing your application with a builder.

Swipecart is a recognized enterprise-grade custom e-commerce mobile app development platform that uses predictive analysis, robust applications, and deep learning to solve business problems. We have a specialized team of highly qualified engineers who create world-class AI development products for clients all over the world.

Swipecart helps its clients in creating the app they desire on their own without writing a single line of code. It offers AI-based features like- Workflow automation, AI product recommendations, audience segmentation, user behavioral patterns, and a lot more.

Swipecart is scalable & assists organizations in streamlining processes, improving user experience, and increasing revenue. Given this, whether you are trying to keep your consumers engaged or aspiring to develop a billion-dollar enterprise in today's competitive industry, look forward to employing Swipecart drag-and-drop mobile app builder for easy AI app development.

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Why is Swipecart the best no-code custom e-commerce mobile app builder

Custom platform

Generally, mobile app builders are just limited to Shopify or WooCommerce, or any specific platform. But what if you don’t have your website dedicatedly to Shopify or WooCommerce? Can you still develop a feature-rich fully customizable app? The answer is Yes, and that is what makes Swipecart the number one custom mobile app builder because it allows you to turn any website into an edge-to-edge feature-rich app.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Swipecart allows you to build the app without writing even a single line of code. You can create an app in minutes and save the dollars that you would spend on IT teams and the development of the app from the ground up. Swipecart offers all the same functionalities that you would find in any other app developed by developers. It gives you the same flexibility and the power to customize every minimal thing of the app without code.

With the help of Swipecart, you can easily deliver extraordinary customer experiences and create a new mobile app marketing platform to widen your audience base. You can increase your sales, and average order values, allowing quick engagement with your customers.

Allows Personalization

Retail applications are becoming far more tailored & user-friendly, allowing them to target each particular buyer and thereby improve their customer experience. To make their retail applications more customized, numerous brands, such as Starbucks for instance, are adding special incentives & loyalty programs. These frequently incorporate push alerts, loyalty programs, plus discounts & coupon connections that are tailored to the user's preferences.

The research found that 51% of mobile app users utilize retail applications in-store to assist them with their shopping requirements. This has elevated the personalized shopping experience to a new level. Consumers now have simple exposure to more data, which helps them make informed purchase decisions.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

They now prefer a more customized customer experience that involves saving money through discounts, reading reviews, and ratings, or assessing the finest items & services to fit their lives. The developments in digital shopping have improved an autonomous customer experience, resulting in increased client involvement.

According to a recent eMarketer poll, the #1 expectation of the application users from their applications is personalization. Using demographics, contextual, and behavioral targeting, you may provide customized experiences to your users.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Allows easy user navigation

As per e-Marketer, the other most common reason customers claim for uninstalling a mobile phone app is that they simply don't utilize it. However, even if people continue to use your app regularly, this does not guarantee that you will not be removed. 14 percent of smartphone users acknowledged removing a hard or complex app. Clear navigation and general usability are crucial features that your consumers expect from mobile app experiences.

So, how do friendliness and accessibility appear on a mobile application? Reducing clicks & activities is a significant victory for smartphone accessibility. It is significantly more difficult to select things and input values on a smartphone than it is on a workstation because there is no mouse or keyboard. Scrolling is very important on mobile devices. So Swipecart ensures that the app is tailored in minimum clicks & field inputs without reducing performance & functionality

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

No-code applications created with Swipecart are easy to update

To add new functionality, fix errors, & so on, software programs must be constantly updated. Typically, this is a time-consuming procedure that frequently necessitates users shutting down the program. No-code applications, in contrast, are not bound by such constraints. Businesses must be adaptable in today's business climate. A newer version may be built instantaneously while the application is running with no code. Furthermore, improvements are being implemented at a faster rate than was previously considered practicable.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

You only need one individual, not an entire team

How fantastic is it that a solitary individual can create an app in only a few hours? You don't need to waste your cash on establishing a huge staff of pricey experienced programmers if you hire a great citizen programmer. Additionally, when citizen programmers take up application development, in-house IT specialists may concentrate on other vital duties.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

You could save a lot of money as opportunity cost

Budgeting is difficult, especially in turbulent times. With budget cuts coming left, right, & center, it's good to understand that you are not required to sacrifice on output once you use no-code. Does it get any better than this? No way! You can further save the opportunity by opting for Swipecart right for the business as a perfect alternative for the entire development team.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Swipecart’s features help you in customer engagement

Customer engagement is defined by Gallup as a consumer's psychological or emotional attachment to a brand, item, or organization. That connection or affinity is important because people spend the most money with firms they like – Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

However, many businesses are falling short when it relates to implementing client engagement initiatives. This is because their major goal is to entice clients to purchase more, quite frequently. However, this is not the ideal method to create connections. Increasing customer involvement at all touchpoints has a big influence on the bottom line.

Another definition given by Gallup states that a completely engaged client gives 23% more buying efficiency, income, and stronger correlation than a typical customer. A consumer who is unengaged subtracts 13% from those same metrics. "In short, clients contribute more to a brand when they think they are getting more from it."

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

What features Swipecart can give your business to help you increase customer engagement

  • Data integration

  • AI product recommendations to show customers what they want

  • Behavioral analytics

  • Unlimited push notifications for customer engagement

  • Ready to use templates for mobile-friendly UI/UX

  • Big Data

  • Swipe Mode

  • Studio Mode

  • Audience segmentation

  • Campaign management

  • Workflow management; and a lot more.

Swipecart helps to increase your customer’s LTV (LifeTime Value)

You can boost your revenues by maintaining your LTV/CAC ratios with Swipecart. LTV is an acronym for "lifetime value" for a client, and CAC is an acronym for "customer acquisition cost." The LTV/CAC ratio compares the lifetime value of a client to the cost of acquiring them.

For instance, if your client's lifetime value is $5,000 & your acquisition expenses are $1,000 your LTV: CAC ratio is 5:1. Future growth may be predicted using the LTV: CAC ratio.

Because the marketing expense to acquire a new client is typically higher than the cost of maintaining an existing customer, you must make sure that your LTV remains greater than CAC. This is when your app revenues start increasing.

To ensure Swipecart offers retargeting & remarketing features to help you retain consumers, increase order values, and thereby increase LTV.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

How can Swipecart help to increase LTV

1. Swipecart’s AI-based Push Notification to Increase LTV

Swipecart has great attention to how its users may have a substantial influence on client retention & re-interaction. This is why Swipecart has customizable push alerts that you may send to app users.

Users dislike getting communications that are unrelated to their interests. Swipecart helps in delivering the right message to the right user at the right time, hence enhancing the user's LTV.

2. Increase LTV Using Swipecart’s Optimized Onboarding

Among the most significant methods to boost user retention is to provide a simple & problem-free login experience. Swipecart Optimized Onboarding experience ensures that your users are impressed from the minute they open your app.

With a straightforward app login procedure, you become less inclined to lose the user during the first familiarization & also at the conversion stage which ultimately helps in increasing users' LTV.

In general, a ratio of 4:1 or greater implies a solid LTV/CAC model. But if your ratio is 5:1 or greater, you may be expanding faster than expected & are most likely to save expenses in marketing.

3. Swipecart’s In-App Reward Sharing to Boost LTV

Swipecart offers our customers an opportunity to share exciting in-app rewards, discount offers, and referral programs with their customers. The more you give the more the user will stay on your platform which directly means enhanced LTV.

It is critical to encourage reward sharing through this technique and gain user loyalty for the app.

4. Swipecart’s Analytics to Measure LTV

You must consider analytics regularly to ensure the longevity & retention of your users. As you implement different strategies, Swipecart helps you keep track of the findings and build strategies based on the best outcomes.

Swipecart’s Analytics become essential to steadily increase LTV & support lifetime value by determining and addressing the reasons why people leave and finding solutions to them.

Create your brand's voice & personality

The phrase "voice" might be perplexing, but it essentially refers to a particular person that distinguishes your brand. It's dependable and familiar. Per the Sprout Social Index, what distinguishes brand voices are engaging content (40%), a unique style (33%), and a captivating narrative (32%).

Your marketing message comprises both tone & terminology. Is it informal or formal? Is it serious or amusing? Specialist or mass-market? Is it disrespectful or authoritative? Create brand voice standards that lay out everything, especially specific message examples & appropriate wording. To beautifully accomplish this Swipecart provides you with ready-to-use user-friendly templates that are perfect to give your brand a unique style so that you can directly transform it by adding captivating storytelling content.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Set up a client loyalty program

Creating a customer loyalty program is one of the most beneficial strategies to boost client engagement. Through rewards, discounts, unique gifts, and other means, they serve as rewards to encourage loyal users who connect with your business regularly.

Customer loyalty programs are an excellent engagement approach that not only promotes repeat purchases but also increases brand recognition. At this point, you can use the Swipecart customer segmentation.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Use AI-backed push alerts

Effective consumer engagement frequently entails alerting them of whatever you have to deliver. Push notifications are an excellent method to accomplish this.

Push notifications are brief alerts that appear on the screen even when the user is not using your app. They should be employed to inform clients about special discounts, upcoming events, or breaking news. Users must sign up to get push notifications, so by enrolling in, they have already been opting to interact with the business. Now the next task is to create push notifications that contain a captivating deal or information that will entice the client to react to it and interact subsequently. Swipecart is the best platform to send unlimited push notifications to clients based on their behavior.

Swipecart also allows you to schedule your push notifications and also set up a push notification workflow which helps in business automation.

The key to successful push notifications is to get the information and timings just perfectly. You don't intend to overwhelm your clients with push notifications - the typical US application user receives 46 push notifications per day, and 32% of customers will stop push notifications if they see over 5 notifications per week . One thing to keep an eye out for better push notification targeting is the segmentation. Not every consumer will be interested in every notification. Try to divide your receivers into groups that may be addressed with the utmost effective content for them.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Deliver personalized recommendations

Customization is gradually emerging as one of the highly effective methods of engaging customers. Clients prefer products and services that are personalized to them and their requirements, which makes perfect sense.

The idea of personalized service can be used in a variety of approaches. It may be anything as basic as displaying them a location-based advertisement or mentioning their initial names in a mail. It might potentially be substantially more complicated, leveraging machine learning & artificial intelligence to provide excitable services. Swipecart gives you all the readily available tools to accomplish so.

A customer who generally purchases ski gear in the wintertime, for instance, can be delivered ski kit recommendations.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Analytical dashboard for predictive analysis

Customer interaction initiatives rely on analytics. How do you determine what works & what does not? What do your consumers like and dislike? These issues can only be answered with consumer response information. These responses can be traced easily by analyzing user behavior in your app.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce


The prominence of augmented reality (AR) is not going away anytime soon. The promise of AR in integrating the experienced reality of life with digital space has proven to be incredibly useful for applications in a variety of areas. AR provides a remarkable experience for application users while purchasing things, playing games, getting information, scrolling products, and other activities.

AR apps are anticipated to continue playing a transformative role in driving innovation and progress. Users may now scan an item in real-time and obtain information on various features on their portable devices. They may submit a picture of their space and see how different furniture items will seem on-screen. Just like these AR features Swipecart Render 360 degrees helps you in converting more simply by giving more visual clarity about the product to the customer. With the help of AR, it can allow you to display your products in 360 degrees in your app. AR is the fastest-evolving feature of e-commerce mobile apps.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

App security

Mobile app privacy is increasingly becoming a major problem. This is especially applicable to many applications that collect & utilize confidential user information like purchase records, credit & debit card data, and so on. As a result, while using an application, users could perhaps take security into account.

Customers will simply use your application if they consider safety, privacy, and security should be your primary considerations. Because of the current surge in cyber crimes, people are worried about even downloading an application that does not appear to be real. As a result, when you create an app with Swipecart it ensures that your software is error-free and adheres to a security-first strategy that includes encrypted communications & safe codes. Swipecart aggressively handles every safety-related flaw and risk.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Ratings & reviews

It needs study to create a fantastic application for the user. It necessitates the cautious inclusion of crucial elements in the app that aids in the purchasing procedure. Swipecart’s rating & reviews plugin serves as a gateway for the buyer, providing him with a bird's-eye perspective of the quality of items. Without glancing at the specifications, testimonials provide your buyer with a sneak peek at the item's qualities. Reviews demonstrate that you value your consumers' time & cost. It demonstrates that you understand and incorporates every app function that your clients desire.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Multilingual assistance

When it comes to gaining new users and maintaining existing ones, a bilingual app may be a cost-saving marketing strategy. It will broaden your range of possibilities. When you continue providing your consumers the option of picking their favorite language, you improve their UX. Furthermore, it will assist your application to attract visitors all over the world, which will aid your application to become worldwide recognized in the long term.

When it comes to interacting with your audience in their native language, localization, and globalization are critical. It will make it simpler for people to communicate beyond any linguistic barriers, which also will enhance their interest.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Increase sales

As previously said, mobile applications increase product & brand recognition. Consumers love applications to websites because they are more convenient on their devices and eliminate the need to memorize lengthy URLs. Furthermore, easy navigation via a smartphone app allows people to purchase or browse with ease. According to data, mobile devices account for around 52 percent of online orders since they take the least amount of effort to browse. For instance, the flexibility to reserve dining seats and cinema tickets with a few clicks easily creates a revenue channel. Or the flexibility to buy and explore thousands of items from a mobile app in the comfort of your home creates a revenue channel.

With lots of sales-boosting techniques pre-build in Swipecart becomes the best platform to improve your company’s sales, recover abandoned carts, engage with customers, and thereby increase overall ROI.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Automated marketing

Swipecart is a one-stop app marketing platform that eliminates growth barriers through sophisticated customer data, automatic cross-channel interaction, and AI-driven customization.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Swipecart e-commerce mobile app builder gives you a direct marketing route

Apps can perform for you various functions like- pricing, shopping, forms, tools, news feeds, messaging, social media, editing, and much more. Amongst the most significant advantages of owning a smartphone application is that all of the data you want to deliver to your clients, particularly special deals & promotions, is available at their tips. Push notifications bring you even nearer to a direct engagement and allow you to simply remind clients about your brand's products and services anytime it is appropriate.

Mobile applications are an excellent marketing tool that may help your company stay ahead of the competition. It inhibits enterprises from utilizing traditional marketing tools such as leaflets, flyers, and the same alternative. Push notifications allow businesses to deliver alert messages to users about coupons, discounts, and other special deals. This helps them increase sales volume and revenue generation.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Swipecart’s Studio Mode allows one to build community within the app

Your application reviews and other user comments are two things that every user will look at before or when using your app. Users are driven by fellow users or influencers, and not by what you say. Build a network of your customers so they may engage with one another. Hear them and get answers to common questions. Developing an in-app community may enhance app traffic, which is what you want. This is not achievable with a standard web page or a simple app. Swipecart is more diverse than any other app development platform when it comes to giving value & interacting with the app users.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Swipecart’ allows you to build a larger audience

You may broaden your target audience by creating an app with Swipecart's custom e-commerce mobile app builder. Your target audience is not limited to a specific city. You may push the envelope and distribute your goods & services everywhere you choose. This is among the most effective methods to provide value to your company by using an app.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Future of mobile app marketing

  • The growth of digital marketing will offer up new income opportunities for mobile applications to generate revenue.

  • The profitable usage of mobile apps builder and mobile app marketing tools like Swipecart will boost the emphasis on in-app event personalization significantly.

  • App makers' primary focus will be on session duration, which will necessitate additional incentives within the application. The more time a user invests, the more opportunities there are to interact and sell to that person.

  • Instead of simply obtaining installers, smartphone app marketing will focus on developing loyal and interesting users.

  • Prominent B2C Applications will also leverage their large user base to develop novel revenue approaches.

  • Big data and artificial intelligence will enable hyper-local and hyper-personalized marketing efforts.

Best Mobile App Builders For WooCommerce

Wrapping all up….

In this article, I have listed all the major points that make Swipecart one of the best mobile app builders over all other rivals.

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Shoppers are increasingly turning away from firms that are sluggish to implement a mobile-first strategy and are less engaged in the digital buying sphere. Organizations that haven't yet implemented a mobile-first strategy are suffering as a result. Swipecart, a top custom e-commerce mobile app builder, has collaborated with several world-class brands, increasing brand loyalty & value

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