Consumers are more extremely skeptical of internet shopping than ever before, and reference group suggestions in the shape of google play store reviews and ratings are the single most powerful driver of repeat purchases and conversions. User privacy has risen to the leading edge of product as well as marketing development as a result of regulations such as GDPR as well as CCPA, as well as a trustable recommendation in the pattern of the rating or evaluation carries so much more weight than before.

The Google Play store rating as well as evaluations are crucial to the victory of your app. Indeed, as social creatures, users are more likely to install & utilize an application if it has great marks & good comments.

Social proofs, you see, constitute one of the most powerful triggers that can motivate an individual to buy something. It's no surprise that marketing companies use personal testimonies, ratings, as well as reviews to persuade people to choose them.

As a result, the question in this blog is: how can I enhance/increase/improve my app store rank as well as reviews? That is precisely what we will be discussing today.

Ratings & reviews help to assess the app's functionality & quality. Because users rely heavily on smartphone reviews before having to download, ratings & feedback help your app become more searchable, successful, as well as profitable. That's why learning how to get 5 stars ratings for your smartphone app is critical.

Here are eight excellent tips for obtaining five-star reviews for their new or existing smartphone app:


Analytics can help you learn more about your customers

It is consistently one of the feasible procedures to gather insightful information as well as facts about one's valued clients. Data analysis is among the best methodologies you can use to get nearly reliable data. Once you've gathered all of your audience's information, conversing with them on an individual basis will be significantly easier.

You can create the data analysis phase by yourself or with the assistance of another person. Nevertheless, you must answer a few critical questions, such as the sort of data collection. You must create a platform that responds quickly to customers while also storing their history but also demographic information.


Locating prompts at the appropriate mobile moments

What would you mean by "Right Smartphone Moments''? Are there any suggestions? To answer your question, people are deemed to be one of the most critical moments that every client encounters. To get used to the featured moment, you must first locate the appropriate time, the proper place, as well as the right person. Trying to implement this technique will make sure that one's audiences have a better user experience as well as that you can improve your customer interaction. In brief, you can connect with the user on an individual level.


Your notifications should be timed

It's just as crucial to ask for reviews at the right time. Prompts that appear too frequently and also will irritate the user, causing them to ignore it or start giving you a critical analysis of intent. Allow the user a few times to experiment with the app as well as the duration of the prompt to appear after a certain amount of time, trying to reach a certain level, or completing a single job to make sure it shouldn't try to disrupt their activities.

This allows them to become acquainted with the application as well as determine why they appreciate it, likely to result in a more precise rating and a well-thought suggestion or a review.


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React to user feedback

What do you do now that users have such a rank as well as a review? If you wish to improve your rating as well as earn 5 stars, pay close attention to the feedback. Try to respond to any input and fix whatever bugs that feedback brings to light.

Users enjoy having their voices heard, and so by responding to each other, you demonstrate that you are paying attention. Having read one's reviews is a good way to enhance your application, but replying to them is also an excellent method for fostering brand loyalty.

The key is to be courteous & expert in your reaction to feedback, whether positive or negative. Attempt to avoid anything overly spammy, as well as anything that could end up making your consumer feel like an amount.



Increasing your user base is a simple way to boost your ratings as well as reviews. What's even better for increasing user numbers?


Discovering a celebrity or influencer to publicly support your app

This is not suitable for those on a limited budget, but a famous figure's endorsement can help to drive pretty massive amounts of visitors to your app through the brand. If a fan's favorite celebrity does use your app, those who will most likely like to use it as well.


Always strive to improve your app

You must always strive to make your app better. Do not just end up leaving it as is in the app store; instead, nourish it.

Your app must be consistent with the recent software, and as your application grows, you may wish to add new functionalities as well as capabilities. You vigorously strive to boost your rating by attempting to enhance your application and having to listen to customer feedback. When your application is current and bug-free and doesn't crash, you will attract so many users and could even catch the attention of the featured application editors. A nice way to accomplish this is to use consumer feedback to determine what should be enhanced in the following update. Semantic analysis can be useful in this situation.

All of this will most likely result in an increase in your application's rating as well as a chance to achieve the prestigious 5-star Metacritic score.


A simple language that is easy to understand

When asking customers to rate your app, please remember that the vocabulary should be simple and easy to understand. Never use obnoxious or demanding language with your customers. During the process of communication, every time you ask relevant questions as well as maintain a friendly demeanor. Recollect, you're trying to entice customers, so displaying disinterest or engaging in unimportant conversation will not help. Always keep it brief, precise, as well as compelling. Finally, you are here to advertise your application, so be clear regarding your language style as well as flow.


Pay attention to your client's communication preferences

Users are already cognizant that when you ask customers to rate your application, you will encounter a diverse range of customers with varying communication preferences. For example, there will be consumers who do not want to rate your app; therefore, it is pointless to waste your time asking them to rate your app again. Instead, you must honor their decision.

Second, don't pester your clients to rate or review your application every time you update it. This will reduce the worth of your application while also irritating the user.


Always keep a close eye on the review

Finally, there's no such thing as an excellent application because there is always room for improvement. And one of the best ways to learn how to enhance the areas would be to constantly watch client response times. You could indeed consider the feedback of in-app clients as well as value their opinions or suggestions. Consumers are overjoyed when they discover that their suggestions have been implemented.


Enhance your brand's image

Do people see your app positively or negatively when they think of it? We're hoping for the former, right? That is why it is critical to keep track of your ratings as well as reviews. What does a high number of negative reviews say about your brand to current as well as potential customers? They will indeed obviously be uninterested in the products & services you provide.

Nevertheless, if you have a large number of favorable reviews, it follows that your brand will be a more trustworthy & professional brand.


Don't pay for reviews

If you've got the money as well as understand the value of reviews, why don't you buy them? Not too quickly.


You could perhaps think twice about it

Buying evaluations, for example, are taken into account by a black-hat app store optimization (ASO) strategy. Blackhat implies that you're attempting to use a flaw in the set of regulations, & it is occasionally a straightforward way of violating the rules. When you purchase reviews, users are taking a substantial risk.

If you are caught, you may face penalties or be banned from the App Store. As a result, gathering reviews & ratings is a healthy method.

So, how do you go about doing that? Continue reading.

Prioritize your most critical users

There are instances when you simply cannot keep up with the volume of feedback you obtain. In this particular instance, take priority consumers who have provided you with the least positive reviews and feedback that have a bearing on the performance of your app. Positive feedback can wait, but don't dismiss it entirely. What we mean is that you should learn to take precedence and address the most pressing issue first.

Once you've published a new application update, notify users that you've resolved the issue they reported. Once more, this is an excellent strategy for persuading customers to alter their Google play store reviews & ratings as well as demonstrating to other customers that you're seriously worried about all of your users.


What tends to happen if your app has a low rating?

If one's application's rating is low, a few things may occur. Here's a rundown of what could happen.

Just a few conversions

The most noticeable effect will have on your conversion efficiency. 80% of users do not trust applications with less than four stars. Given that 59% of users check the scores before actually downloading the app, a low rating may cause your application to be neglected.

Mainly, users will trust a highly-rated plugin placed above a white one with a low rating. And then if your app has a low rating, those who are unlikely to convert.

It's more difficult to get featured.

The rating of your app also influences its chances of being featured. Having your app featured on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store can give you a huge boost in terms of visibility and subsequent downloads.

Apps with less than four stars are highly improbable to be showcased. A low rating indicates that your application has problems that must have to be resolved. The curators of featured smartphone lists seem to be likely to disregard your app until you address the problems that are causing the low rating.


High rankings are impossible to obtain

Keeping a high rating ought to be a component of one's ASO strategy. When ranking your application, as a whole evaluations are taken into consideration.

An application with a high number of negative feedback and low rating may lose its ranking for keywords as competitors with higher ratings overtake it.

You do not need to be perfect in every way and error-free to get 5 reviews. What matters most is that you are truthful, sincere, or observant to your client. Be decided to commit from the start to deliver the best potential experience for them, as well as to continuously improve certain expertise through input as well as modifications.