Added an item to the cart but did not buy it? Waiting for some great offers to buy your favorite sneakers? Oops, your favorite item has run out of stock and you want to be notified when it is back in stock? Worry not, if you have installed the shopping app on your mobile, you will be notified of all these and much more thanks to push notifications.

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that includes web hosting and design services intended to build a website with ease. Its Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) recommends templates based on user needs. The Wix Editor uses a standard drag-and-drop tool to help users to custom design their website. The benefit of creating a website on Wix is that you can use any reliable e-commerce app builder to convert your Wix e-commerce store into a mobile commerce app.

Swipecart is a great option as an e-commerce app builder to create mobile apps for any website. It is fast, affordable, and easy too. You can build your mobile app without a single line of coding. You also have the option to send segmented push notifications to targeted customers. But before we understand what segmented push notifications are, let us see what push notifications are and why they are important.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are instant real-time messages or alerts sent by apps or websites to the user’s mobile device or desktop. Its main purpose is to nudge the user to take the desired action. It serves as a reminder for the users to return to the app or website and ultimately buy products. The good thing about push notifications is that they can be personalized to suit the interests of individual customers. Another benefit of push notifications is that they have a higher opening rate than emails.

Types of push notifications

Basically, push notifications are of two types- mobile push notifications and web push notifications. When a user enables push notifications, they receive notifications on the desktop or their mobile device. The drawback with web push notifications is that the user can see it only if their browser is open. On the contrary, the mobile device is always within the reach of the user. Hence, push notifications are effective on mobile devices.

Why are push notifications important?

Push notifications are messages sent to a user's mobile device from a downloaded app.The idea behind them is straightforward- to offer value and keep the customer interested in the app.

1. Content distribution

Publishing content on the app is not enough. You need to tell the users about it. Marketing the content is essential to bring the users back to the app and make them complete the desired action. With push notifications, you inform the users every time you launch new products, restock items, or promote your products with offers and discounts. Convert website to mobile app and benefit from push notifications to get an increase in online sales.

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2. Customer engagement

A customer engages in at least nine apps a day. Some apps are opened many times in a day like say, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or Netflix. Some are less frequently opened like Uber, GrubHub, or a Postmates app. And some shopping apps like Amazon or Walmart may be opened when the user wants to shop for any item as the case may be. What push notification does is that it reminds the customer of your app and keeps them engaged with it. It subtly tells them to visit and buy products from it. Benefit from increased customer engagement by building an app with our e-commerce app builder Swipecart.

3.Conversion rate

Push notifications are instantly received on the user’s mobile device. They are meant to trigger an immediate reaction from the user. Depending on your push notification content, there are increased chances of the user clicking on it to read the content. A well-planned and engaging push notification content can lead the user to the product page on the app and entice them to buy the product. Thus it helps you to optimize your conversion funnel and increase sales.

4.Customer retention

Keeping clients is more challenging than getting new ones. You have already spent on acquiring customers and it makes sense to retain them and get repeat sales orders. Customers have already purchased from your app and they will not hesitate to shop again if they are satisfied with your services. Push notifications help you to retain customers. Sending them messages about new offers or exclusive offers for loyal customers makes them return and shop for products. As per a survey, sending a welcome notification to a new customer can increase the retention rate by 70%.

5.User experience

Push notification is more than just a marketing strategy. It helps business owners to keep their customers informed about their products. So, you send notifications on new product launches, offers, or items back in stock. This way, you enrich their shopping experience. Convert website to mobile app to enrich user experiences and get more downloads and customers.

6. Customer control

Users can opt-in or out of push notifications giving them control over it. So, if a user does not like receiving push notifications or find them distracting, they can just opt-out instead of deleting the app. Users wishing to know more about your products and offers will be interested to remain opted in. The point to note though is that the push notification is automatically enabled for most of the apps in Android when a user downloads and installs it on their mobile device.


We were talking about our e-commerce app builder Swipecart and how it offers the feature of segmented push notifications. What the segmented push notification feature does is that it allows the business owner to send notifications to a segment of customers rather than to all. The segmentation can be done based on your objective such as

  • Demographic (user gender, age, nationality)

  • Social (education, marital status, income)

  • Geographic (country, region, city, district)

  • Behavioral (interests, preferences, purchase frequency)

It also allows you to combine several sub-segments into one such as combining salary and region or gender and income. Basically, it is targeted messaging. The benefit of segmented push notification is that it helps you send messages to customers whom you think will respond to it and visit the app rather than sending it to all. It improves the click-through rate and aids in conversions.

Segmenting customers is the first step towards personalization. Not all users are alike and all have their own likes and dislikes. Segmentation helps you send messages only to relevant users. It makes push notifications more intelligent and intuitive when it comes to understanding the user’s needs and interests. Offering personalized services helps you to achieve better conversion rates.

Wrap Up

Push notifications are intelligent and efficient. They help you personalize messages and reduce the cost of customer acquisition and retention.

Convert website to mobile app today to increase your online sales. Send push notifications on your app to reach out to customers instantly and increase conversion rates.

Swipecart, a product by Rentech Digital, is an e-commerce app builder to help you transform your e-commerce store into an engaging mobile app fast and easily. You require zero knowledge of coding to convert the website to an app. Try Swipecart today and see the difference it makes to your online sales.