The eCommerce market is expanding & therefore will change dramatically in the coming future. It strongly affects the behavior of customers, demands, or buying patterns. Within the last 25 years, this sector has generated nearly $2 trillion in global sales.

The eCommerce sector has been engrossed by the adoption of new technology, huge customization, policy change, & effective integration with sophisticated technologies. Furthermore, you may now integrate physical and online selling techniques to maximize the benefits of these different channels.

Well, that‘s about e-commerce...

But wait...

One important element which is crucial today for every e-commerce organization is an e-commerce mobile app. Although users may still access the internet through a desktop pc, mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular.

Well, we all know about its importance. Mobile applications may help businesses establish devoted client bases, deliver valuable consumer data, & much more. Organizations should be aware of the numerous ways in which mobile applications might improve customer experience. Understanding the necessity of mobile apps for business.

In this blog, we will talk about emerging technology in the realm of e-commerce that could benefit e-commerce retailers in easily creating an e-commerce mobile app for their business without spending lots of money on IT teams.

The times have undoubtedly changed. Mobile apps were once identified with just huge enterprises and businesses. But that element of the tale is no longer relevant. Nowadays, a large percentage of smaller businesses embrace the advantages of mobile applications to better offer their customers and achieve a higher ROI.

Earlier when the tech was not much evolved there was only one way to build an app and that was getting it developed by a developer. But as tech evolved another way emerged. Today, it is not necessary to hire a team of developers to create an app, instead, it is possible to create a feature-rich app on your own, without expending much, not waiting for long, rich with features, and without even writing a single line of code.

Let's learn more about this technology and see why you should prefer it over hiring an IT team.

e-commerce mobile app builders

What is no-code

No code is this generation and generation next platform which will allow you to create things online without being a coder or "crazy tech" person. As IT will evolve no code will prevail and you can create & publish things online without writing a single line of code. Let’s consider a no-code mobile app builder which will allow you to create apps without writing codes as an example because throughout the blog we will be discussing this subject.

Let me take you deep into it...

If you employ no code that means the absence of code in your organization you will not have to queue for months or years to witness a concept come to life. You may begin right now. Whether you are a consultant or a small company owner looking to expand your possibilities, you can employ these technologies to quickly create your app or website for your online store in just minutes.

The other issue organizations face is the issue of budget. Let’s continue with the instance of mobile apps. This is the era of mobiles and e-commerce and the mobile app is more than just a need now. Consider that you are an e-commerce firm and you want to create a mobile app but do not have enough budget to spend on an IT team. Then what is the competitive yet budgeted alternative for that?

You know the answer..! The no-code e-commerce mobile app builder.

e-commerce mobile app builders

Not having a lot of money is no more an issue. The no-code approach is really about facilitating invention. You may share your expertise with the globe whether you are a tech whiz and can't just write a line of code. If you've got a concept, all you need to do now is be resourceful. This is the reason why no-code is important and it can be an easily preferred alternative for app development rather than hiring a huge IT team & paying them to write codes.

Seeing the e-commerce revolution over the past few years to develop a mobile app it's no more a matter of having accessibility; it's a matter of doing. That’s all that makes a difference.

Because no-code has proven itself as the victor in the IT field, the advantages of no-code are indeed being articulated through every passing day. Passed are the times when programming or codes was required for app development. Even enterprise-grade applications may now be created in a flash! It's no surprise that it piqued the interest of both citizen coders & IT team.

What is a mobile app builder?

Mobile App builders are online platforms that allow you to create fully working mobile applications with minimal or no coding skills.

An app builder often employs features like pre-built templates, & drag-and-drop functionalities to give an easy, user-friendly experience for even novices with little or no expertise in creating apps. They may develop custom apps without requiring the app developer to write lines of code.

e-commerce mobile app builders

What Are the Primary Distinctions Between App Builders and Custom Coding with help of IT teams?

App builders and bespoke coding are indeed prominent and valid options for organizations looking to create an app. There are several reasons why one may be a perfect choice compared to the other for a specific organization, business scenario, or point in time.

Here are a few key distinctions between them at a glimpse.

Time & effort

  • App Builders- The development time frame for e-commerce mobile app builders is really short. Some app developers could have an application ready to go in minutes.

  • Customized Coding- Not at all quick. Specially designed coding can take a few months to many months, based on the level of research & development required, as well as the intricacy of the program itself.


  • App Builder is inexpensive- App builders often provide usage-based, tier subscriptions that help corporations to develop & utilize their apps for less than $100 per month.

  • Customized coding is pricey- The pricing of an app varies based on its complexity, but it may range between tens of thousands to even a few million dollars.

Customization options

  • App Builder- In general, it is restricted but some apps provide limitless customizations plus help you in creating your unique app. Many mobile app builders also enable businesses to create white-label app. Some apps are constrained to current design and functionality limits without coding. But if you utilize Swipecart's custom e-commerce mobile app builder even these barriers are removed and a fully scalable, customizable yet unique app can be developed.

  • Custom coding is practically endless- As long as you're able to spend it, a capable IT team can code almost whatever you want or need.


  • App Builder Maintenance- The app-building platform is responsible for maintenance & support, not the company or organization that creates & uses the app.

  • Customized Coding- Periodic maintenance is essential and belongs to the application owner's responsibility.

Transferability to Other Platforms

  • App Builder- With application builders, everything that a company creates is isolated within the application builder they chose. If they wish to switch their app to a different provider or platform later, they must typically start over again or construct their application from scratch utilizing the new platform.

  • Custom coding- It enables developers to switch engineers, platforms, & suppliers at any time. Apps are entirely transferable to other platforms, albeit this may incur additional fees.

e-commerce mobile app builders

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Why should you prefer custom mobile app builders over an IT team?

There are presently over 6 billion smartphone users around the globe, with China, India, as well as the United States having the most mobile phone users. This figure continues to rise year after year, implying that the necessity to develop applications to enhance your company's performance is bigger than ever.

E-commerce mobile app builders may assist you in developing your application in just no time and increase conversion plus earn higher revenue.

Collaborating with a mobile application developer has advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, with several developers to pick from, hiring a mobile development team may be rather pricey. So, mobile app builders may be quite useful, particularly if you want to create an e-commerce application for your company.

With the app industry continually growing, you wish to get your app out there as soon as possible to boost user involvement & brand visibility. App builders have the added benefit of assisting you in doing this as well as growing your company options without wasting your entire money on the process of app development itself.

With the app industry continually growing, you wish to get your app out there as soon as possible to boost user involvement & brand visibility. App builders have the added benefit of assisting you in doing this as well as growing your company options without wasting your entire money on the process of app development itself.

The globe is modernizing & digitizing at an extraordinary speed; nonetheless, there is a massive supply & demand imbalance for smart workers. The scarcity of competent developer expertise is a hindrance to the massive performance of app development that is expected to occur in the next several years.

Gartner predicts that the marketplace for app development services would expand 5x times faster than IT capability to supply them. As a consequence, IT initiatives may be put on hold for an extended period.

The no-code platform like Swipecart allows non-expert programmers with modest coding knowledge to create e-commerce mobile apps with optimized user interfaces plus drag-and-drop features. Because there is less back and forth with an already overburdened developer staff, design, execution, and eventually launch become faster and cheaper.

The no-code interface allows organizations to create apps utilizing a visual development technique rather than the traditional development path, which needs many lines of code. According to Gartner, no-code development will contribute to more than 65 percent of app development activity by 2024.

I have listed the distinction between no-code mobile app builders vs custom coding above plus other information about mobile app builders that you must be aware of. Experts in the industry think that mobile app builders are the best alternative if you want to maintain the budget yet own a customizable, scalable app.

Let me conclude this blog by talking to you about the ultimate thing ..!

If you want to create an e-commerce app for your online store, which is the best custom e-commerce mobile app builder?

Since we are talking on this topic I would like to introduce you to Swipecart which is the industry's best e-commerce mobile app builder that can convert any e-commerce site into an app.

The purpose of introducing Swipecart is that it is the best value-giving & reliable platform rather than other overly expensive platforms. Swipecart not only assists in the development of an app, but it also expands its feature stack so that enterprises can save on their marketing & client acquisition costs to generate more revenues.

This platform will help you overcome all the barriers or cons of mobile app builders like-

  • Restricted customization

  • Limited features

  • Simple UI etc...

All these can be overcome by Swipecart.

Its integration & plugin library is extensive & entirely configurable, ensuring the scalability of apps, unlike other platforms with high costs plus restricted customization and the number of plugins & integrations.

Swipecart is more versatile than you may imagine.

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