Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

December 25, 2021

Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2020

Technology is always a hot button topic for every business going online in 2020. The advancement is brimming at a mushrooming pace, bringing wow experiences down the lane. It has redefined the ways how businesses were operating by adding digital transformation with real remarkable mobile app development.

As of April 2020, there are 4.2 billion unique mobile Internet users in the world. Among that, 2.56 million apps for Android users and 1.82 million apps for iOS users. This is because technological frameworks evolve at a breakneck highlighting plethora of business opportunities to your way.
So, to outsmart the competitive edge in the digital spaces, let’s discuss the best mobile app development frameworks in 2020.

#1: Flutter


Flutter is an open-source Google’s UI toolkit used for designing and developing an intuitive application for web, mobile, and desktop. It consolidates all the critical elements like fonts, navigation, design, icons, or navigation for reflecting an incomparable user experience.
This kind of Mobile app development framework facilitates the developers in creating visually appealing components within an easy development process. Besides that, flutter provides-

  • Improves Time to Market Speed
  • Can use the same codes on a different platform
  • Ensures a faster start-up time than any other framework
  • Offers a wider range of widgets

A few of the applications made with Flutter are Google Ads, Baidu, Dream 11, Philips Hue, and many others.

#2: Ionic


Ionic is a hybrid mobile app development framework that creates a versatile and dynamic look by outlining the innovative UI. It incorporates an advanced CSS with less time to build an ideal mobile application. However, Cordova Plugins holds an indispensable role in utilizing the capabilities of local gadgets.
This kind of Mobile App Framework shows directions for both Android and iOS platforms after resolving the bugs and adding consistent support and maintenance services. More than 5 Million developers in over 200 countries around the world are using Ionic mobile app development.
Reasons to choose Ionic App Development are-

  • Holds a lower cost of development
  • AngularJS compliments with high-performance feature
  • Follows an easy testing process
  • Provides a robust structure for code management   

#3: React Native


React Native is developed by Facebook and further helps in compiling the blocks with native app development. It creates a one-time code and gives power to both Android App Development and iOS App Development.
Such a kind of Mobile app development creates and develops a robust application with full community support. Besides that, it comes with an additional layer that protects the app from bugging.
This supports your app with symbolic coding by facilitating data binding approach to track and correct the changes with simplicity.
The benefits of choosing React Native are-

  • Saves at least 30% of costs
  • Delivers native-like UI for high performance
  • Open source and Freely available
  • Very well support the over-the-air updates for brand identity

React Native Mobile Development applications are chosen by Tesla, Walmart, Airbnb, and various other Fortune 500 companies.

#4: PhoneGap – Single Code Base


PhoneGap is an open-source HTML 5 Mobile App Framework that gives the freedom to write only one code and develop native applications with zero compatibility issues. It maintains a uniform and standard look at multiple platforms for commendable user experience.
Besides that, such kind of cross-platform app development supports the hardware of mobile without deploying any additional skillset. Some of the incredible features of using PhoneGap are-

  • Offers a great deal of flexibility with JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5
  • Improves the collaboration with communities
  • Ensures a strong backend system
  • Speed up the performance of the app
  • The low-cost requirement for the development process
  • Can develop apps for Ubuntu, Windows, Mac iOS, and Blackberry

#5: Corona SDK


Corona SDK is a cross-platform and open-source Mobile development framework for creating games and applications at Android App Development and iOS App Development. More than 500k developers are using the Corona application for delivering immersive gaming and entertainment experience. Besides that, it contributes crucially to automatically scaling the content at multiple platforms. Reasons to choose Corona App development are-

  • Ensures real-time device testing
  • Follows Lua as a scripting language for multiple works
  • Available at zero cost
  • Counts for faster frame per second

Angry Bird, Warcraft, Fun Run 2 and few more games choose Corona SDK for an advanced 2D impact with on-app entertainment.

#6: Xamarin


Xamarin is a cross-platform mobile development based on the .Net Framework. It applies C# language for creating applications that ensure a seamless performance. One of the best parts of using Xamarin is that- it protects the coding from any unexpected behavior.
Along with that, this holds the ability to streamlining the powerful features and leveraging the thousands of libraries for an excellent performance. It is considered one of the significant platforms especially for newcomers to execute a successful development project. The benefits of using Xamarin are-

  • Delivers a flawless UIs
  • Ensures a full hardware support
  • Open for customizations
  • Simple and convenient to deploy the changes
  • Share the app codes diversely

The World Bank: Survey Conducting App, Insightly CRM, Olo: Online Food Ordering Platform, and many others are built with Xamarin.

#7: Appcelerator Titanium


Appcelerator Titanium is a JavaScript-based Mobile app development framework that creates transformational user experiences. It reuses the majority of the code and that’s what ease the developers for a quick development cycle.

Along with that, hundreds of modules are available to improve the performance and handle the complexity for providing a consistent support. Features of Appcelerator Titanium are-

  • Reuse 60%–90% of code for multi-platform compatibility
  • Comes with cloud capacity limits
  • Easy to locate the UI changes throughout the Operating System

Companies like Mitsubishi Electric, pwc, GameStop, Zipcar, and others are using Appcelerator mobile app development framework.

#8: JQuery Mobile


Tap. Pinch. Zoom – JQuery Mobile is a Touch-Optimized Mobile development framework that improves the user interface with a progressive enhancement. It is the most popular UI framework that hits the touch with feature-rich widgets and that ensures compatibility at iOS as well as Android platform.
For developers, it is easy and comprehend to learn and adapt and deliver scalable results to the online presence. A few of the essential benefits of using JQuery Mobile are-

  • Create pages with limited scripting
  • Delivers a responsive performance
  • Offers Ajax navigation with page transitions
  • Presents an array of theme-able design

Top Plugins of JQuery Mobile are- Content Slider, Pop-up Boxes, Image Slides, and few more ranks the list. That’s what in turn, make your mobile app interacting and interesting.

#9: Native Scripts


Native Script is an open-source Mobile App Framework that builds in Vue.js, Angular, JavaScript, and TypeScript for providing extensible support to Android App Development and iOS App Development. It not only works upon XML layouts but also strives for developing the counterparts for user navigation.
Through this, your app is bound to get traffic with a huge transformation in digital experiences. One can confidently have access to any API directly with JavaScript without any hassle. Few features of using Native Scripts are-

  • Easy to customize as per screen size and device
  • Offers free templates and an array of plugins
  • Reduce the developing time and cost for both developers and clients


#10: Swiftic


Swiftic is a Do It Yourself Mobile app development framework that gives scalable opportunities to different industrial verticals to showcase and promote their business among the wider audience. It does not require coding to create an app and leverage the connections from one control panel.

This has to do more with a personalized application and establishing a unique positioning into the minds of targeted demographics for monetization. So, if you are running a small business and want to stimulate your Brand identity, Swiftic will be a great choice.
A few of the listed incredible features of Swiftic are-

  • Offers an in-app coupons
  • Scratch offers for user engagement
  • Creating branches for customer touch points
  • Manage the menus and ordering
  • In-app promotion through QR stickers, emails, and more


The growth of the mobile market is increasing rapidly where 5.15 billion are unique mobile phone users. This further has grown to 121 million in the past 12 months. With a wider scope, you can encash the vast opportunities to take your business at the pinnacle with constant leaps and bounds.
Here discussed, every mobile application development framework offers a unique set of features and benefits with the powerful support of the innovation and incredible user experience. You need to consider these in detail and evaluate your business requirement to select the best fit with the relevant functionalities.

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