The importance of data accuracy can not be contained in words as it is one of the most important components of data quality. It concludes whether the data is valuable for the project or not. All businesses can greatly benefit from data in multiple ways. However, relying on inaccurate data can create revenue losses for businesses and more problems rather than solutions. In this article, we will talk about how data can transform your business, what is the importance of quality and accurate data, and how SmartScrapers, one of the best and the most professional data scraping service providers delivers high-quality data to ensure business success.

What is data accuracy?

Data accuracy refers to updated and error-free data records which can be effectively used further as a reliable source of information. When we talk about data management or acquiring big data , data accuracy is the first and the most critical element for the standard of data quality framework. Data quality and accuracy are important because it directly impacts organization business intelligence, planning and forecasting, research and development, and other critical activities. If data is irrelevant, incomplete, inadequate, or incorrect it can rattle business processes and also hamper operating efficiency.

Why it is essential to maintain quality data for business success

Generally, there are three major reasons why data quality is important.

  • Insights

  • Analytics

  • Intelligence

The three primary goals a company wants to fulfill with data and these goals are not fulfilled just by acquiring big data. Instead, it is achieved by accurate, complete, timely, and reliable data. Quality data allows you to do expansion in new markets, understanding competition, personalizing customer services, launching a new product or services and so much more. Depending on the industry, data accuracy can make a big outbreak in the business. Data is the king of smart decision making and it allows understanding everything in numbers, charts or statistics. When you follow numbers based on stats, the chances of errors and mistakes become very less.

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How SmartScrapers ensures data quality

Data is a great source to take your business to the next level, and this line applies to accurate data. There is a vast amount of data available today, and if you are not a professional you won't be able to manage and deal with it. That's the reason it is suggested to collaborate with a web scraping services company like SmartScrapers and work with them. At SmartScrapers we ensure that we deliver accurate and insightful data that provides actionable insights to the business. Our clients know that accurate data is a foundational block for business intelligence. That’s why they are working with us over a long period of time because data accuracy is one of our priorities along with guidance and upfront communication.

Data quality is important because data is an asset to the company. Our web scraping services make sure to provide you with a data sheet that is reliable and easy to refer to, and ready to use. At SmartScrapers we work hard to provide you clean data that corresponds to the criteria:

Completeness - Data is considered complete when it fulfills the expectations of the company. Incomplete data is a major problem. Imagine a situation in which you have acquired big data and started working on it but suddenly you found that what you needed out of that data is missing. You can here conclude that the analysis which you will carry out relying on this data would be false. So quality data is all about delivering the complete set of data that doesn't miss any piece of information. Having a huge amount of data that fails to show even a single important fact is the same as not having data at all.

Consistency - If you wish to make smart, insightful, and data-driven decisions for your project or business then you must have data that is consistent. Consistency is the key to success, but sometimes inconsistency happens in which you are missing some information like the source of the data or timing of data extraction. This means that Intra data source consistency is more important to consider as Inter-data consistency. At smartScrapers we deliver consistent data that can be easily accessed and is fully complete. We review the data sets to see if they are the same in every instance.

Accuracy - The term Accuracy refers to the degree to which the data sets or information accurately reflect an even or object described. For example, if an employee has left the job, but the system says he is still getting paid on the payroll, that information is inaccurate. At SmartScrapers we conduct a data quality audit to ensure data accuracy and data integrity.

Wrapping up

To make progress your company needs data it can trust. The importance of data quality is closely tied to the success of your business. Getting insights from inaccurate and unhealthy data can be dangerous for your company. At SmartScrapers we have a team of experienced data enthusiasts and you can leave all your crawling and scraping work on us and free yourself from all the data issues. Working with a professional web scraping company will understand your data needs and deliver reliable data for you. Data quality is a goal and you must never compromise with it.