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Research and Journalism data

Researchers and Journalists require large amounts of data for accurate analysis & reports. We can assist you to get research and journalism data such as weather, third world development, crime, local and global trends data to power your next research project or news story.


What we can do for you

The quality of a research project is highly dependent on the quality of data that is used. We can scrape for you social media sites to discover trending news topics, data to back up arguments and claims made in stories, data for infographics, and much more. We deliver reliable data which allows you to perform fault-less analysis.

global trends

Local and Global trends

Get newspapers and social media data to identify and monitor over local and global market trends.

crowd sentiment

Know the crowd sentiment

Measure crowd sentiment by gathering data from vast sources across the web. .

historical data

Get historical data

Draw graphs and patterns based on historically published data.

major publications

Index all major publications

Extract economic data, census data, data of research papers published over the web to support your research.

Research & Journalism data that we provide

We can scrape for your data such as publications data, crime data, social media data, crowd sentiments, weather data, historically published data & thousands of data from different sources and of multiple types. We use the latest technologies to serve you with the latest, accurate, and structured data.

research jornalism
weather data

Weather data

Observe the weather of specific places and draw insights about the climate based on the same data.

development data

World development data

Make reports and write research articles by getting development data of various developing countries.

legal data

Crime & Legal data

Support your research with statistical data, historical records, court cases data & more from law enforcement agencies.

media data

Social Media data

Recognize trends using social media and newspaper data. Get insights from social websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Reddit.

SmartScrapers is a full-service provider. We provide you with Unique, Real-time, and Custom data based on your exact business requirements. Scraped real estate data is never going to be the same as your competitor’s data that you buy from existing providers. We provide unique and updated data you can rely on.

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Different Research and Journalism Website Scraping Services


There is a lot of data required for research, and it is publicly available over the web. With SmartScrapers we can help you to leverage the data over the web and serve structured data that can be used readily. Get the latest news and actionable insights in any format you need. Be it anything, we can scrape big data for you.

Tell us your project and we will scrape it for you.