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News monitoring data

Evaluate recent events by scraping news and web data. Extract news data about companies, products, industries, and much more through our advanced web scraping technologies. Get world data, visualizations, infographics, trends, local news, news cycle, and any other type of data you want. Monitor and evaluate every recent event, world trend, or insight.

news monitoring

What we can do for you

We provide a volume of valuable information that helps you monitor subjects of your interests with precision and timing. SmartScrapers can serve you reliable and exact data from websites, blogs, social media platforms, news sites, review sites, and from multiple sources.


Smooth monitoring process

Get structured data to do live monitoring and analysis of all the data feeds easily. Keep an eye on every public information through data scraping.


More comprehensive

Web scraping is the finest solution for the widest, deepest news coverage that allows you to not miss single news or clip.

accurate news

More accurate news clipping

Get a high-powered, customized search profile through the most advanced news monitoring tools in the media monitoring industry.

detailed analysis

Detailed analysis

Every news clip and information includes detailed data that helps in increasing online site ranking and print circulation.

News monitoring data that we provide

SmartScrapers can assist you with media monitoring services, and provide wider access to information, specific topics. We can scrape for you social media platforms, podcasts, publicly available newsletters, online news sites, blogs, forums, etc. We can stipulate exact news sources to monitor by location or industry. We provide data in any customized format that you need

news monitoring
social media

Social media data

Monitor comments, news discussions, reviews, products, brands and get aware of overall consumer perception.

news data

News data

Monitor worldwide news in a cost-effective way through data scraping. Display on your site current news, feature articles on the subject you select.

public profiles

Public profiles data

Share the voice and influence of top public profiles within your business niche.

data feed

Large data feeds

Monitor public relations and extensive data feed to improve media coverage and media relations.Get data feeds such as Hashtag analytics, campaign analytics, market research, etc.

SmartScrapers is a full-service provider. We provide you with Unique, Real-time, and Custom data based on your exact business requirements. Scraped news monitoring data is never going to be the same as your competitor’s data that you buy from existing providers. We provide unique and updated data you can rely on.

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  • Description
  • Reporter Name
  • Images
  • Reporter Profile
  • Country
  • Upload Ttime/Published Date
  • Video Links
  • News Url
news monitoring

Different News monitoring Website Scraping Services


Give valuable insight into the public perception of your brand, company, PR, market campaigns, news, product, services, and much more through news and media monitoring. Monitor media outlets and get every piece of information mentioning particular topics. Be it any information commercial, non-commercial or scientific we can provide it for you.

Tell us your project and we will scrape it for you.