Online reviews from customers have created a new pace in marketing communication. The word of mouth from the customer and a published review can influence the customer's opinion. Companies always ensure that they satisfy and please their customer by offering the best product or service. In this process, customer reviews can help brands to understand what results their efforts are bringing in.

In today's online world customers prefer to buy a product only after carefully analyzing the available reviews. And the products with more positive rankings are likely to be trusted more by the customers. Product reviews and feedback are valuable sources of information to the companies who want to grow their company, brand and improve customer loyalty. In this post, we will tell you about what is review scraping and why you need review scraping. And we will also guide you with how you can make data-based knowledgeable decisions for your business.

What is Review scraping?

Review scraping is the process of extracting review content from the website using bots. The web scraper is used to find data underlying in the HTML. And then extract & save the review data in a structured format.

What is the importance of customer reviews?

Collecting customer reviews can benefit your store immensely and they can also be your social proof for your shop's visitors. Generally corporates who want to do their product monitoring or launch a new product into the market consider scraping Amazon’s reviews. However, There are numerous advantages of scraping Amazon’s reviews, and they are of huge importance in many more ways. We have compiled a few points below.

Better customer understanding

Examining reviews given by your customers benefits your company to understand overall customer satisfaction. This is because customer feedback makes the company clear about what the customer wants. Using these insightful review data you can effectively solve the issues faced by the customer and thereby create a positive and happy shopping experience for the customer.

Credibility and social proof

Since the world is involved digitally we all became social creatures and now we are more interested in knowing what others say about the product or before making our own buying decisions. Review sites allow us to do this online in just a few clicks.

Reviews can boost your SEO

Besides customer understanding and social proof, reviews become important to get more visibility over the web with the help of SEO(Search Engine Optimization). This is because the customers' reviews are fresh and user-generated content on your website. As reviews are user-generated content they provide your website with valuable keywords that constantly get updated by the customer. And guess what - Google loves those websites that add new content and it decides where to rank the page on SERPs.

Building trust

The visual elements in the review section like Review Stars help in building customer trust at the first sight. The same thing goes with your Google Ads. Those eye-catching stars can lead to a significant increase in the number of click-through rates. Always remember trust begins before the shopper visits your website and star ratings are a huge part of that.

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Why do you need web scraping for reviews

Online reputation monitoring

If you are a large-scale company with huge product categories it becomes tough to monitor the reputation of each product separately. But no worries web scraping can do this for you in just minutes. Web scraping can help in extracting review data which can act as an input to different marketing and product development analysis. And it can also act as a tool to measure users' sentiments about the product and the organization.

Optimizing dropshipping sale

DropShipping is a business type in which the sellers accept the order but don't keep any goods or inventories in the stock. Review data is highly beneficial to them to bundle the product list, sell the product that has a high ranking, and sell according to the customer's need and thus following the market trend.

Doing Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis can be effectively performed with review data. Such type of analysis helps in identifying users' emotions towards the product and this can help the sellers to improve the product and also prospective buyers to understand public sentiment about the product.

A few words

Reviews are beneficial for the customers and review scraping is beneficial for the brands. Online reviews are here to stay for long on your website and if you do not start encouraging them you tend to lose. As reviews appear the best source to drive consumers' attention, encourage them to buy, and also build brand trust. If you are looking forward to involving yourself in the process SmartScrapers can serve you with accurate and insightful review data so as you can monitor & enhance your online reputation and brand loyalty.

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