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List of Campgrounds in Slovenia

Number of Campgrounds in Slovenia with email address, phone number, geocoded address, and other key details for download.

Data updated on June 15, 2024
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Download list of Campgrounds in Slovenia

Find new clients and close more deals with the world’s best business leads provider. You can download Campgrounds email and phone number lists for your sales teams. Here is a random sample of 10 records for you to look at the fields and the data that we provide.

nameaddresscityState/TerritorycountryemailphoneReview CountRating Scoresurl
PARK LIJAK kamp resortAddressNova GoricaNova Gorica City MunicipalitySloveniaEmail314.3Link
Tentplek Camping SobecAddressRadovljicaRadovljica MunicipalitySloveniaPhone253.9
Ljubljana Resort Mobile HomesAddressLjubljanaLjubljana City MunicipalitySloveniaEmailPhone643.6Link
Šmica CampgroundAddressLuče MunicipalitySloveniaPhone2194.6Link
kamp lazarAddressBohinjska BistricaBohinj MunicipalitySlovenia00
Kamp PodljubeljAddressTržič MunicipalitySloveniaEmailPhone3514.8Link
Camping car parkAddressŽelezniki MunicipalitySloveniaPhone144.5Link
KMETIJA ČOŽ- KAVBOJSKA DEŽELAAddressIvančna Gorica MunicipalitySloveniaPhone414.7Link
Gozdna kočaAddressDomžale MunicipalitySlovenia00
Dragočajna-Moše turistična zadruga z.o.o.AddressKranjKranj City MunicipalitySloveniaPhone434Link
    "name": "PARK LIJAK kamp resort",
    "address": "Aj**********",
    "phone": "",
    "email": "in**@ca**********",
    "lat": 45.9418922,
    "lng": 13.717559,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Nova Gorica City Municipality",
    "city": "Nova Gorica",
    "star_count": 4.3,
    "rating_count": 31,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
    "name": "Tentplek Camping Sobec",
    "address": "42**********",
    "phone": "********7 00",
    "email": "",
    "lat": 46.352195,
    "lng": 14.1449509,
    "url": "",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Radovljica Municipality",
    "city": "Radovljica",
    "star_count": 3.9,
    "rating_count": 25,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
    "name": "Ljubljana Resort Mobile Homes",
    "address": "Du**********",
    "phone": "******** 845",
    "email": "re****@gp****",
    "lat": 46.0980299,
    "lng": 14.5175543,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Ljubljana City Municipality",
    "city": "Ljubljana",
    "star_count": 3.6,
    "rating_count": 64,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
    "name": "Šmica Campground",
    "address": "Lu**********",
    "phone": "********3 30",
    "email": "",
    "lat": 46.3612859,
    "lng": 14.7363675,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Luče Municipality",
    "city": null,
    "star_count": 4.6,
    "rating_count": 219,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
    "name": "kamp lazar",
    "address": "42**********",
    "phone": "",
    "email": "",
    "lat": 46.30864,
    "lng": 14.0808678,
    "url": "",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Bohinj Municipality",
    "city": "Bohinjska Bistrica",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
    "name": "Kamp Podljubelj",
    "address": "42**********",
    "phone": "******** 436",
    "email": "in**@ca**********",
    "lat": 46.399113,
    "lng": 14.280788,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Tržič Municipality",
    "city": null,
    "star_count": 4.8,
    "rating_count": 351,
    "category_name": "Function room facilities,Campgrounds"
    "name": "Camping car park",
    "address": "42**********",
    "phone": "******** 617",
    "email": "",
    "lat": 46.2419605,
    "lng": 14.0085556,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Železniki Municipality",
    "city": null,
    "star_count": 4.5,
    "rating_count": 14,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
    "address": "Le**********",
    "phone": "******** 626",
    "email": "",
    "lat": 45.9827564,
    "lng": 14.7454504,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Ivančna Gorica Municipality",
    "city": null,
    "star_count": 4.7,
    "rating_count": 41,
    "category_name": "Hiking areas,Catering food and drink suppliers,Holiday apartment rentals,Pastry shops,Carriage ride services,Picnic grounds,Dog parks,Campgrounds,Animal parks,Horse riding schools"
    "name": "Gozdna koča",
    "address": "4J**********",
    "phone": "",
    "email": "",
    "lat": 46.1304337,
    "lng": 14.6229769,
    "url": "",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Domžale Municipality",
    "city": null,
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
    "name": "Dragočajna-Moše turistična zadruga z.o.o.",
    "address": "Dr**********",
    "phone": "********0 02",
    "email": "",
    "lat": 46.174997,
    "lng": 14.41558,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "Slovenia",
    "state": "Kranj City Municipality",
    "city": "Kranj",
    "star_count": 4,
    "rating_count": 43,
    "category_name": "Campgrounds"
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Number of Campgrounds locations by each state/territory

State/TerritoryPopulationNumber Of CampgroundsNumber Of Campgrounds / 1K People
Radovljica Municipality 8.78K121
Bled Municipality 6.89K51
Bohinj Municipality 4.85K51
Ljubno Municipality 1.10K44
Cerknica Municipality 6.17K41
Kamnik Municipality 16.67K4~1
Žalec Municipality 9.19K4~1
Tolmin Municipality 3.53K41
Ljubljana City Municipality 272.22K3~1
Logatec Municipality 8.94K3~1
Ankaran Municipality 3.28K31
Bovec Municipality 3.03K31
Nova Gorica City Municipality 20.75K3~1
Jezersko Municipality 568.0035
Kobarid Municipality 1.12K33
Kočevje Municipality 8.11K3~1
Dol pri Ljubljani Municipality 241.0028
Dolenjske Toplice Municipality 882.0022
Ivančna Gorica Municipality 3.21K21
Kranjska Gora Municipality 2.61K21
Moravske Toplice Municipality 735.0023
Divača Municipality 1.36K21
Nazarje Municipality 872.0022
Pivka Municipality 2.09K21
Podčetrtek Municipality 578.0023
Postojna Municipality 9.18K2~1
Sežana Municipality 6.04K2~1
Jesenice Municipality 19.32K2~1
Vipava Municipality 1.77K21
Domžale Municipality 19.86K1~1
Gornja Radgona Municipality 3.16K1~1
Izola Municipality 13.45K1~1
Loška Dolina Municipality 539.0012
Luče Municipality 413.0012
Medvode Municipality 6.65K1~1
Municipality of Apače 543.0012
Ajdovščina Municipality 8.21K1~1
Braslovče Municipality 383.0013
Brda Municipality 971.0011
Brežice Municipality 8.00K1~1
Cerkno Municipality 1.60K11
City Municipality of Novo Mesto 24.18K1~1
Piran Municipality 14.41K1~1
Ptuj City Municipality 18.16K1~1
Šentilj Municipality 9.53K1~1
Šentrupert Municipality 329.0013
Kranj City Municipality 45.60K1~1
Železniki Municipality 3.08K1~1
Šoštanj Municipality 5.27K1~1
Tržič Municipality 6.67K1~1
Vransko Municipality 808.0011
Zagorje ob Savi Municipality 9.46K1~1

How many Campgrounds are there in Slovenia?

There are a total of 117 Campgrounds in Slovenia as of June 15, 2024.

List of Campgrounds in Slovenia

Download the list of 117 Campgrounds in Slovenia as of June 15, 2024 based on phone number, email, and both.

Number of Campgrounds in Slovenia with Phone Number


Number of Campgrounds in Slovenia with Email


Number of Campgrounds in Slovenia with Phone Number and Email


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(Google Earth) file formats.

Data of Campgrounds in Slovenia with/without Website

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Number of Campgrounds in Slovenia with website


Number of Campgrounds in Slovenia without website

List of Campgrounds in Slovenia By Ratings

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Number of 1 star-rated Campgrounds in Slovenia


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The total number of Campgrounds in Slovenia is 117.

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There are 91 Campgrounds in Slovenia with phone numbers.

There are 60 Campgrounds in Slovenia with email lists.

There are 55 Campgrounds in Slovenia with both phone numbers and email lists.

The total count of Campgrounds in Slovenia with a website is 89.

The total count of Campgrounds in Slovenia without a website is 28.

There are 92 5-star rated Campgrounds in Slovenia.

There are 15 4-star rated Campgrounds in Slovenia.

There are 1 3-star rated Campgrounds in Slovenia.

There are 0 2-star rated Campgrounds in Slovenia.

There are 0 1-star rated Campgrounds in Slovenia.

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