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List of Restaurants in Texas

Number of Restaurants in Texas with email address, phone number, geocoded address, and other key details for download.

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    Number of Restaurants

Data updated on January 9, 2024
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Download list of Restaurants in Texas

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nameaddresscityState/TerritorycountryemailphoneReview CountRating Scoresurl
King and Cardinal - Cedar ParkAddressAustinTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone11264.3Link
El Borracho TacosAddressAustinTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
HACIENDAS TACO SHOPAddressArlingtonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone204.8Link
Salad and GoAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone274.2Link
Seventy One Bar & GrillAddressWeatherfordTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
SCOREZ SPORTS GRILLAddressWaxahachieTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone284.4Link
Super Pollo AndrewsAddressAndrewsTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone4534.1Link
HOT MUNCHIESAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
Wapo TacoAddressSan AntonioTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone125Link
Mustang CantinaAddressGoliadTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone404.4Link
Bluebonnet NutritionAddressTylerTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
CoppermillAddressZapataTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
Kikka SushiAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
CharleysAddressCrosbytonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone1014.5Link
Lumberjack NationalAddressNacogdochesTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone514.4Link
SalataAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone3044.4Link
421 Coffeehouse & BistroAddressBay CityTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone364.6Link
Andy's KitchenAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone3054.7Link
Salad and GoAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone1144.4Link
Buck's BackyardAddressTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone10684.4Link
DoualaAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
Village Fare Curry StationAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone14Link
Boot Hill Restaurant & Live Music Venue With Indoor & Outdoor SeatingAddressCantonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone464.4Link
Mandie’sAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone523.8Link
TnT SmokehouseAddressLufkinTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone15Link
Sabor a Pasion Estate & VineyardAddressPalestineTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone484.9Link
Lakeview Methodist Conference CenterAddressElkhartTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone974.6Link
ChickFlick's CookiesAddressTempleTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone00Link
Los TiosAddressHoustonTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone7884.3Link
Oak Meadow RanchAddressGainesvilleTexasUnited StatesEmailPhone3074.5Link
    "name": "King and Cardinal - Cedar Park",
    "address": "31**********",
    "phone": "********7768",
    "email": "kc**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 30.5361513,
    "lng": -97.7823906,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Austin",
    "star_count": 4.3,
    "rating_count": 1126,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "El Borracho Tacos",
    "address": "21**********",
    "phone": "********5381",
    "email": "in**@el**********",
    "lat": 30.2423371,
    "lng": -97.7518137,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Austin",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "HACIENDAS TACO SHOP",
    "address": "45**********",
    "phone": "********1540",
    "email": "he***@gi*******",
    "lat": 32.672464,
    "lng": -97.1154383,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Arlington",
    "star_count": 4.8,
    "rating_count": 20,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Salad and Go",
    "address": "30**********",
    "phone": "********0652",
    "email": "in**@sa**********",
    "lat": 29.8139915,
    "lng": -95.7210704,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 4.2,
    "rating_count": 27,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Seventy One Bar & Grill",
    "address": "29**********",
    "phone": "********4134",
    "email": "71**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 32.7567121,
    "lng": -97.6624832,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Weatherford",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "SCOREZ SPORTS GRILL",
    "address": "50**********",
    "phone": "********2012",
    "email": "in**@sc**********",
    "lat": 32.4100776,
    "lng": -96.8435798,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Waxahachie",
    "star_count": 4.4,
    "rating_count": 28,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Super Pollo Andrews",
    "address": "15**********",
    "phone": "********2002",
    "email": "in**@su**********",
    "lat": 32.3372441,
    "lng": -102.5518765,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Andrews",
    "star_count": 4.1,
    "rating_count": 453,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "HOT MUNCHIES",
    "address": "67**********",
    "phone": "********1959",
    "email": "fo**@mu**********",
    "lat": 29.8119287,
    "lng": -95.390724,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Wapo Taco",
    "address": "74**********",
    "phone": "********1498",
    "email": "wa********@gm*******",
    "lat": 29.4449936,
    "lng": -98.635439,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "San Antonio",
    "star_count": 5,
    "rating_count": 12,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Breakfast restaurants"
    "name": "Mustang Cantina",
    "address": "30**********",
    "phone": "********1666",
    "email": "in**@mu**********",
    "lat": 28.665645,
    "lng": -97.393168,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Goliad",
    "star_count": 4.4,
    "rating_count": 40,
    "category_name": "Grills,Bars,Restaurants"
    "name": "Bluebonnet Nutrition",
    "address": "16**********",
    "phone": "********3755",
    "email": "ec**********@bl**********",
    "lat": 32.2395404,
    "lng": -95.3462229,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Tyler",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Coppermill",
    "address": "20**********",
    "phone": "********2296",
    "email": "re********@co**********",
    "lat": 26.8972173,
    "lng": -99.2640503,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Zapata",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Kikka Sushi",
    "address": "14**********",
    "phone": "********4477",
    "email": "ki***@ki**********",
    "lat": 29.7523834,
    "lng": -95.4999858,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Charleys",
    "address": "21**********",
    "phone": "********1589",
    "email": "re*****@ch**********",
    "lat": 33.6602359,
    "lng": -101.2449638,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Crosbyton",
    "star_count": 4.5,
    "rating_count": 101,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Fast food restaurants"
    "name": "Lumberjack National",
    "address": "30**********",
    "phone": "********9821",
    "email": "au****@lu**********",
    "lat": 31.5430697,
    "lng": -94.6851425,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Nacogdoches",
    "star_count": 4.4,
    "rating_count": 51,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Swimming pools,Event venues,Golf courses"
    "name": "Salata",
    "address": "93**********",
    "phone": "********9333",
    "email": "co*****@sa********",
    "lat": 29.6986385,
    "lng": -95.813753,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 4.4,
    "rating_count": 304,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Takeout restaurants,Soup restaurants,Salad shops"
    "name": "421 Coffeehouse & Bistro",
    "address": "65**********",
    "phone": "********5532",
    "email": "42**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 28.9950675,
    "lng": -95.9182968,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Bay City",
    "star_count": 4.6,
    "rating_count": 36,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Andy's Kitchen",
    "address": "15**********",
    "phone": "********3802",
    "email": "in**@an**********",
    "lat": 29.9950918,
    "lng": -95.7373611,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 4.7,
    "rating_count": 305,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Salad and Go",
    "address": "19**********",
    "phone": "********1414",
    "email": "in**@sa**********",
    "lat": 29.6612785,
    "lng": -95.7156513,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 4.4,
    "rating_count": 114,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Buck's Backyard",
    "address": "17**********",
    "phone": "********9456",
    "email": "in**@bu**********",
    "lat": 30.0708203,
    "lng": -97.8731325,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": null,
    "star_count": 4.4,
    "rating_count": 1068,
    "category_name": "Bars,Restaurants,Bar & grills,Live music venues"
    "name": "Douala",
    "address": "25**********",
    "phone": "********9577",
    "email": "in**@do**********",
    "lat": 29.8503192,
    "lng": -95.8109725,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Village Fare Curry Station",
    "address": "76**********",
    "phone": "********1026",
    "email": "vi**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 29.5371738,
    "lng": -95.7417688,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 4,
    "rating_count": 1,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Boot Hill Restaurant & Live Music Venue With Indoor & Outdoor Seating",
    "address": "54**********",
    "phone": "********8463",
    "email": "ke***@th**********",
    "lat": 32.555641,
    "lng": -95.8522602,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Canton",
    "star_count": 4.4,
    "rating_count": 46,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Live music venues,Diners"
    "name": "Mandie’s",
    "address": "14**********",
    "phone": "********2861",
    "email": "ma**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 29.9209204,
    "lng": -95.3013191,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 3.8,
    "rating_count": 52,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "TnT Smokehouse",
    "address": "16**********",
    "phone": "********5557",
    "email": "tn**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 31.3256329,
    "lng": -94.8000391,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Lufkin",
    "star_count": 5,
    "rating_count": 1,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Mobile caterers"
    "name": "Sabor a Pasion Estate & Vineyard",
    "address": "11**********",
    "phone": "********9500",
    "email": "si***@sa**********",
    "lat": 31.840063,
    "lng": -95.6542129,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Palestine",
    "star_count": 4.9,
    "rating_count": 48,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Event venues,Bed & breakfasts,Electric vehicle charging stations"
    "name": "Lakeview Methodist Conference Center",
    "address": "30**********",
    "phone": "********2711",
    "email": "in**@la**********",
    "lat": 31.6559944,
    "lng": -95.6743115,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Elkhart",
    "star_count": 4.6,
    "rating_count": 97,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "ChickFlick's Cookies",
    "address": "20**********",
    "phone": "********7903",
    "email": "ch**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 31.0758154,
    "lng": -97.4585468,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Temple",
    "star_count": 0,
    "rating_count": 0,
    "category_name": "Restaurants"
    "name": "Los Tios",
    "address": "33**********",
    "phone": "********1313",
    "email": "ca******@ad**********",
    "lat": 29.5909305,
    "lng": -95.6047771,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Houston",
    "star_count": 4.3,
    "rating_count": 788,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Mexican restaurants"
    "name": "Oak Meadow Ranch",
    "address": "44**********",
    "phone": "********5557",
    "email": "oa**********@gm*******",
    "lat": 33.5120663,
    "lng": -97.0509646,
    "url": "ht**********",
    "country": "United States",
    "state": "Texas",
    "city": "Gainesville",
    "star_count": 4.5,
    "rating_count": 307,
    "category_name": "Restaurants,Farmstays"
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Number of Restaurants locations by each city/area

City/AreaPopulationNumber Of RestaurantsNumber Of Restaurants / 100 People
Houston 2.30M6090~1
Dallas 1.30M3415~1
San Antonio 1.43M2182~1
Austin 931.83K2113~1
Fort Worth 918.91K1141~1
El Paso 681.12K1020~1
McAllen 140.27K9451
Plano 283.56K623~1
Arlington 388.13K546~1
Corpus Christi 326.59K438~1
Lubbock 249.04K352~1
Amarillo 198.65K311~1
Lewisville 104.04K289~1
Waco 132.36K287~1
Brownsville 183.89K270~1
Tyler 103.70K268~1
Celina 7.70K2433
Laredo 255.47K227~1
Midland 132.95K221~1
Beaumont 115.28K216~1
Killeen 140.81K215~1
Odessa 118.97K175~1
Denton 131.04K160~1
College Station 107.89K156~1
McKinney 162.90K154~1
Port Arthur 55.34K149~1
Abilene 125.18K143~1
Longview 82.29K139~1
Wichita Falls 104.71K139~1
Grapevine 51.40K137~1
Temple 72.28K134~1
San Angelo 100.45K123~1
San Marcos 60.68K114~1
Victoria 67.57K113~1
Texarkana 37.28K109~1
Galveston 50.18K108~1
Rockwall 42.57K106~1
Weatherford 28.74K104~1
Rio Grande City 14.40K1031
Texas City 47.62K98~1
Pilot Point 4.09K972
North Richland Hills 69.20K87~1
Waxahachie 33.38K78~1
Justin 3.44K712
Nacogdoches 33.89K69~1
Carrollton 133.17K68~1
Lufkin 36.33K68~1
Fort Hood 29.59K59~1
Canyon Lake 21.26K57~1
Corsicana 23.95K57~1
Granbury 9.39K571
Eagle Pass 28.77K56~1
Cleburne 30.02K55~1
Euless 54.22K55~1
Huntsville 40.94K54~1
Forney 18.42K52~1
Fredericksburg 11.09K51~1
Southlake 29.94K51~1
Marshall 23.82K50~1
Kerrville 23.14K49~1
Del Rio 36.15K47~1
Marble Falls 6.28K461
Cleveland 7.86K451
Kilgore 14.95K45~1
Terrell 16.98K45~1
Alice 19.41K43~1
Liberty 9.04K43~1
Greenville 26.52K42~1
Frisco 154.41K41~1
Kingsville 26.23K41~1
Mount Pleasant 16.05K40~1
Paris 24.78K40~1
Palestine 18.29K39~1
Conroe 68.60K38~1
Stephenville 20.12K38~1
Brenham 16.58K37~1
Ennis 19.01K36~1
Keller 45.76K36~1
Angleton 19.43K35~1
Canton 3.75K351
Navasota 7.48K35~1
Lockhart 13.45K34~1
Bastrop 8.23K33~1
Athens 12.79K32~1
Boerne 13.67K32~1
Gainesville 16.29K32~1
Hurst 39.02K32~1
Llano 3.34K321
Seguin 27.86K32~1
Bedford 49.34K30~1
Decatur 6.52K30~1
Taylor 16.70K30~1
Bay City 17.60K29~1
Brownwood 19.03K29~1
Johnson City 1.96K291
Atlanta 5.61K28~1
Beeville 13.28K28~1
Magnolia 1.83K282
Bridgeport 6.38K27~1
Jasper 7.62K27~1
Elgin 9.04K26~1
Midlothian 22.32K26~1
Port Aransas 3.96K261
Port Lavaca 12.42K26~1
Uvalde 16.48K26~1
Big Spring 28.86K25~1
Brazoria 3.07K251
El Campo 11.60K25~1
Haltom City 44.21K25~1
Jacksonville 14.88K25~1
Pecos 9.52K25~1
Henderson 13.53K24~1
Sulphur Springs 16.10K24~1
Alvarado 4.01K231
Dumas 15.00K23~1
Jarrell 1.17K232
Levelland 13.91K23~1
Monahans 7.69K23~1
Poteet 3.42K231
Rockport 10.49K23~1
Zapata 5.09K23~1
Andrews 13.82K22~1
Fort Stockton 8.65K22~1
Sealy 6.40K22~1
Kaufman 7.16K21~1
Anna 11.46K20~1
Burnet 6.24K20~1
Hereford 15.02K20~1
Alpine 5.95K19~1
Bolivar Peninsula 2.42K191
Borger 12.96K19~1
Brookshire 5.12K19~1
Carthage 6.84K19~1
Comfort 2.36K191
Floresville 7.32K19~1
Giddings 5.06K19~1
Glen Rose 2.58K191
La Grange 4.71K19~1
Quinlan 1.44K191
Canyon 14.89K18~1
Commerce 8.89K18~1
Crockett 6.55K18~1
Cuero 7.12K18~1
Fairfield 2.91K181
Hillsboro 8.32K18~1
Jourdanton 4.28K18~1
Lampasas 7.69K18~1
Chandler 2.95K171
Eastland 3.83K17~1
Fulton 1.54K171
Kountze 2.08K171
La Vernia 1.26K171
Pampa 18.18K17~1
Snyder 11.77K17~1
Sweetwater 10.81K17~1
Alvin 25.79K16~1
Blanco 1.89K161
Bonham 10.08K16~1
Carrizo Springs 5.90K16~1
Cotulla 4.22K16~1
Gilmer 5.19K16~1
Kermit 6.43K16~1
Mineral Wells 14.75K16~1
Mount Vernon 2.75K161
Bandera 877.00152
Buffalo 1.89K151
Center 5.21K15~1
Crandall 3.24K15~1
Dalhart 8.37K15~1
Graham 8.87K15~1
Mineola 4.63K15~1
Pearsall 9.98K15~1
Quitman 1.83K151
Raymondville 11.14K15~1
Sanger 7.75K15~1
Schulenburg 2.92K151
Florence 1.23K141
Hallsville 4.07K14~1
Hearne 4.46K14~1
Hempstead 7.11K14~1
Marfa 1.73K141
Mont Belvieu 5.19K14~1
Plainview 20.92K14~1
Smithville 4.10K14~1
Columbus 3.63K13~1
Ferris 2.53K131
Lindale 5.69K13~1
Meridian 1.43K131
Muenster 1.61K131
Prairie View 6.37K13~1
The Colony 41.78K13~1
Wharton 8.73K13~1
Winnsboro 3.34K13~1
Colleyville 25.49K12~1
Farmersville 3.45K12~1
Gonzales 7.54K12~1
Grapeland 1.42K121
Hondo 9.12K12~1
Junction 2.44K12~1
Madisonville 4.64K12~1
Perryton 9.25K12~1
Willis 6.31K12~1
Woodville 2.48K12~1
Anahuac 2.32K11~1
Bullard 2.83K11~1
Falfurrias 4.96K11~1
Ingram 1.82K111
Lamesa 9.43K11~1
Luling 5.76K11~1
Refugio 2.85K11~1
Robstown 11.58K11~1
Seadrift 1.47K111
Shepherd 2.42K11~1
Silsbee 6.69K11~1
Three Rivers 1.97K111
Bellville 4.26K10~1
Bowie 5.13K10~1
Breckenridge 5.59K10~1
Brownfield 9.74K10~1
Caldwell 4.28K10~1
Clarksville 3.19K10~1
Gatesville 15.72K10~1
Goliad 1.99K101
Marlin 5.68K10~1
Mexia 7.41K10~1
Muleshoe 5.18K10~1
New Boston 4.69K10~1
San Saba 3.03K10~1
Sullivan City 4.19K10~1
Vernon 10.57K10~1
Yoakum 6.02K10~1
Ballinger 3.77K9~1
Brackettville 1.66K91
Brady 5.55K9~1
Clifton 3.36K9~1
East Bernard 2.30K9~1
Hamilton 2.94K9~1
Henrietta 3.01K9~1
Italy 1.90K9~1
Kenedy 3.42K9~1
Nevada 1.01K91
New Braunfels 70.54K9~1
Shiner 2.14K9~1
Teague 3.57K9~1
Waskom 2.18K9~1
Anson 2.33K8~1
Bishop 3.15K8~1
Childress 6.10K8~1
Cisco 3.79K8~1
Coleman 4.39K8~1
Comanche 4.20K8~1
Crane 3.90K8~1
Crystal City 7.50K8~1
Dilley 4.22K8~1
Emory 1.25K81
Flatonia 1.40K81
Fort Davis 1.20K81
Freer 2.73K8~1
George West 2.63K8~1
Grand Saline 3.13K8~1
Haskell 3.23K8~1
Hawkins 1.29K81
Hooks 2.74K8~1
Jefferson 2.05K8~1
La Pryor 1.64K8~1
Mathis 5.04K8~1
Merkel 2.62K8~1
Olney 3.18K8~1
Pittsburg 4.60K8~1
Premont 2.66K8~1
Quanah 2.44K8~1
Shamrock 1.99K8~1
Slaton 6.07K8~1
Weimar 2.16K8~1
Whitney 2.10K8~1
Yorktown 2.15K8~1
Big Sandy 1.37K71
Cameron 5.46K7~1
Clyde 3.77K7~1
Corrigan 1.54K7~1
De Leon 2.15K7~1
Eldorado 1.81K7~1
Franklin 1.61K7~1
Goldthwaite 1.86K7~1
Littlefield 6.09K7~1
Mart 1.91K7~1
Mason 2.14K7~1
McGregor 5.06K7~1
Needville 3.06K7~1
Ore City 1.19K71
Roby 621.0071
Sabinal 1.72K7~1
Seminole 7.45K7~1
Spearman 3.38K7~1
Van 2.69K7~1
Van Horn 1.93K7~1
Wellington 2.17K7~1
West 2.88K7~1
Alvord 1.40K6~1
Aransas Pass 8.53K6~1
Aspermont 868.0061
Bangs 1.58K6~1
Big Lake 3.31K6~1
Buna 2.14K6~1
Burkburnett 11.04K6~1
Calvert 1.15K61
Centerville 903.0061
Coldspring 899.0061
De Kalb 1.66K6~1
Denver City 4.86K6~1
Dimmitt 4.20K6~1
Edinburg 84.50K6~1
Floydada 2.77K6~1
Frankston 1.17K61
Friona 3.89K6~1
Hallettsville 2.59K6~1
Hemphill 1.22K6~1
Karnes City 3.37K6~1
Linden 1.98K6~1
New Waverly 1.04K61
Presidio 3.90K6~1
Ranger 2.46K6~1
Richland Hills 8.10K6~1
Rogers 1.21K6~1
Roscoe 1.32K6~1
Rosenberg 35.51K6~1
Rusk 5.62K6~1
Seagraves 2.76K6~1
Sierra Blanca 553.0061
Somerville 1.38K6~1
Tahoka 2.57K6~1
Vidor 10.95K6~1
Wills Point 3.55K6~1
Wink 1.06K61
Albany 2.01K5~1
Asherton 1.08K5~1
Baird 1.48K5~1
Benavides 1.32K5~1
Clarendon 1.94K5~1
Colorado City 4.12K5~1
Cooper 2.18K5~1
Daingerfield 2.45K5~1
Diboll 5.40K5~1
Electra 2.71K5~1
Ganado 2.10K5~1
Godley 1.07K5~1
Grandview 1.61K5~1
Harper 1.19K5~1
Hico 1.33K5~1
Honey Grove 1.66K5~1
Iowa Park 6.34K5~1
Medina 3.25K5~1
Memphis 2.14K5~1
Mentone 19.00526
Nocona 2.94K5~1
Post 5.35K5~1
Rio Hondo 2.44K5~1
Rockdale 5.61K5~1
Saint Jo 1.04K5~1
San Augustine 2.01K5~1
Sonora 2.86K5~1
Stockdale 1.56K5~1
Tulia 4.76K5~1
Winters 2.56K5~1
Alto 1.22K4~1
Bertram 1.39K4~1
Deweyville 1.02K4~1
Dublin 3.66K4~1
Eagle Lake 3.65K4~1
Edgewood 1.45K4~1
Elkhart 1.32K4~1
Gorman 1.05K4~1
Groesbeck 4.30K4~1
Hamlin 2.04K4~1
Iraan 1.29K4~1
Itasca 1.63K4~1
Jacksboro 4.42K4~1
Leonard 1.97K4~1
Lexington 1.18K4~1
Lyford 2.61K4~1
McCamey 2.06K4~1
Menard 1.42K4~1
Nixon 2.46K4~1
Overton 2.54K4~1
Palacios 4.63K4~1
Princeton 8.94K4~1
Rosebud 1.37K4~1
Seymour 2.65K4~1
Sour Lake 1.77K4~1
Stanton 2.94K4~1
Stratford 2.07K4~1
Tilden 261.0042
Vega 900.004~1
Wheeler 1.66K4~1
Wolfe City 1.42K4~1
Woodsboro 1.48K4~1
Archer City 1.75K3~1
Caddo Mills 1.47K3~1
Garden City 334.0031
Granger 1.52K3~1
Holliday 1.71K3~1
Idalou 2.34K3~1
Kerens 1.57K3~1
Kirbyville 2.13K3~1
Liberty City 2.35K3~1
Milam 1.48K3~1
Naples 1.34K3~1
Newton 2.40K3~1
Panhandle 2.34K3~1
Plains 1.62K3~1
Rocksprings 1.12K3~1
Rotan 1.44K3~1
Sunray 1.93K3~1
Taft 3.09K3~1
Trinity 2.75K3~1
Troup 1.97K3~1
Valley Mills 1.18K3~1
Whitehouse 8.19K3~1
Bogata 1.11K2~1
Canadian 3.01K2~1
Channing 360.0021
Crosbyton 1.70K2~1
Earth 1.01K2~1
Fort Hancock 1.75K2~1
Hale Center 2.09K2~1
Huntington 2.14K2~1
Knox City 1.18K2~1
La Grulla 1.70K2~1
Matador 581.002~1
Mertzon 758.002~1
Morton 1.89K2~1
New Summerfield 1.11K2~1
Olton 2.14K2~1
Paducah 1.12K2~1
Pleasanton 9.83K2~1
Rankin 844.002~1
Runge 1.06K2~1
Santa Anna 1.03K2~1
Silverton 672.002~1
Spur 1.21K2~1
Stamford 2.97K2~1
Stinnett 1.86K2~1
Sundown 1.42K2~1
Thorndale 1.32K2~1
Timpson 1.15K2~1
Wortham 1.03K2~1
Abernathy 2.74K1~1
Anton 1.13K1~1
Batesville 1.07K1~1
Blossom 1.55K1~1
Boling 1.12K1~1
Booker 1.64K1~1
Claude 1.22K1~1
Crowell 866.001~1
Dickens 255.001~1
Gail 231.001~1
Groveton 1.02K1~1
Gruver 1.19K1~1
Lockney 1.69K1~1
Mauriceville 3.25K1~1
Miami 589.001~1
Munday 1.34K1~1
Petersburg 1.13K1~1
Ralls 1.90K1~1
Roma-Los Saenz 10.22K1~1
San Diego 4.37K1~1
Sebastian 1.92K1~1
Tatum 1.38K1~1
Wallis 1.29K1~1

How many Restaurants are there in Texas?

There are a total of 32071 Restaurants in Texas as of January 09, 2024.

List of Restaurants in Texas

Download the list of 32071 Restaurants in Texas as of January 09, 2024 based on phone number, email, and both.

Number of Restaurants in Texas with Phone Number


Number of Restaurants in Texas with Email


Number of Restaurants in Texas with Phone Number and Email


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Data of Restaurants in Texas with/without Website

Download the list of Restaurants in Texas as of January 09, 2024 with and without website information.


Number of Restaurants in Texas with website


Number of Restaurants in Texas without website

List of Restaurants in Texas By Ratings

Download the data of the number of star-rated Restaurants in Texas as of January 09, 2024.


Number of 1 star-rated Restaurants in Texas


Number of 2 star-rated Restaurants in Texas


Number of 3 star-rated Restaurants in Texas


Number of 4 star-rated Restaurants in Texas


Number of 5 star-rated Restaurants in Texas

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The total number of Restaurants in Texas is 32071.

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There are 28968 Restaurants in Texas with phone numbers.

There are 4475 Restaurants in Texas with email lists.

There are 4301 Restaurants in Texas with both phone numbers and email lists.

The total count of Restaurants in Texas with a website is 23760.

The total count of Restaurants in Texas without a website is 8311.

There are 18289 5-star rated Restaurants in Texas.

There are 9911 4-star rated Restaurants in Texas.

There are 1168 3-star rated Restaurants in Texas.

There are 178 2-star rated Restaurants in Texas.

There are 155 1-star rated Restaurants in Texas.

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