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Adaro is an integrated coal mining company. Adaro Indonesia’s Coal Cooperation Agreement was signed in 1982. They regulate business spans all over the world based on the main structures like energy utilization, mining coal, power plants.

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There are several challenges that the mining industry is currently facing under this pandemic, shutdown, lower demand for extractive products. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused global havoc and impacted almost every aspect of human life and the global economy. The mining company is immune to such impacts. We extract information about the ratio of income and growth.

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They produce millions tons of coals over the years.They supply many countries in the world. We extract data about the location of consumers and shipments from Adaro. We extract data about operating subsidiaries and are positioned as an individualistic. They run different types of business simultaneously Adaro services, Adaro powers, Adaro Logistics, Adaro land, Adaro Water, Adaro constructions, Adaro capital, and Adaro foundations. We extract brief information from Adaro.

Scrape analysis data from Adaro

They are extremely aware of publications. Here more information Adaro, they publish a yearly report by side. We extract data from snapshots of Adaro energy, management reports, the pit-to-power business, human capital, corporate governance, Adaro finance.

Scrape Data From Adaro

It is an integrated coal mining and energy company. We provide information about mining, power plants ,land assets, constructions and logistics. So, we scrape data from the Adaro. Which provides the brief information.


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1March 8, 2022Report on the 2022 AGMS Agendahttp://www.adaro.com/files/news/berkas_eng/2022/ADRO%2020210308%20-%20Penyampaian%20Mata%20Acara%20RUPST%202021%20-%20English.pdf
2May 27, 2020Summary Minutes Of the 2020 AGMShttp://www.adaro.com/files/news/berkas_eng/1932/ADRO%2020200527%20Ringkasan%20Risalah%20RUPST%202020%20Final%20English.pdf
3May 20, 20202020 AGMS Press Releasehttp://www.adaro.com/files/news/berkas_eng/1929/ADRO%2020200520%20AGMS%20PR%20English%20Final.pdf
4May 12, 2020Revised 2020 AGMS Ruleshttp://www.adaro.com/files/news/berkas_eng/1925/Ralat%20Tata%20Tertib%20RUPS%202020%20Final%20English.pdf
5May 12, 20202020 Revised AGMS Invitationhttp://www.adaro.com/files/news/berkas_eng/1923/ADRO%2020200512%20RALAT%20Pemanggilan%202%20RUPST%202020%20Final%20English.pdf

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