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Extract Data From AUTO1 Group

Extract Cars From AUTO1 Group

Extract Selling And Buying From AUTO1 Group

AUTO1 Group is basically for the used-cars market. It is a platform for those who want to sell used-cars and buy used-cars. It’s an automotive digital leading page.

They provide a broad digital network of AUTO1 group. Therefore consumers get an easy way to sell their used cars and their Remarketing solutions. We extract data for dealers to help and partners sell their inventory of used vehicles.

It is a vast wholesale car platform. We extract data from the AUTO1 group, for dealers and consumers.They offer the largest selection of used cars in more than 30 countries, across more than 80 brands and all price points. Here we extract data about all selected companies and all selected brands which they have mentioned.

They give information in many languages like French, English, Portuguese and many more. Here we extract data regarding this too. They have a good investor relationship so here we can extract data for publications, news, and upcoming events.

They adore Technology. The way they apply new technologies at AUTO1 Group makes them reinvent the used car industry as part of our daily job.We extract data about this from the AUTO1 group.

They strive for innovation. They are at the forefront of creating smart and innovative products that meet the needs of our customers worldwide. We extract data about their new innovation and products.

Scrape Data From AUTO1 Group

It is an online second hand car market website. We provide information about the selling, buying, operations, and users. So, we scrape data from the AUTO1 group which provides the right information.


What Can We Do?

Here is the list and screenshot of data fields we will be extracting from AUTO1 Group:

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Download Data from AUTO1 Group

1MARKETINGOur international Marketing departmentcombines effective data-driven performance marketing with innovativetechnical solutions to enhance customer experience and drive growth to oursuccessful B2C and B2B brands
2TECHNOLOGYWe see product and software developmentas highly creative processes which produce business and technology products.The combination of the two forms the basis of our success
3OPERATIONS AND LOGISTICSWe ensure that transportation andafter-sales processes run smoothly. Besides that we create strategies to build, manage, and expand the European logistics network of AUTO1 Group
4PURCHASINGPurchasing evaluate cars onsite and offer the market price. Together with Customer Service we support our customers throughout the entire process of the car sale.
5SALESSales is the spearhead towards our core B2B distribution business. Our Sales Managers acquire new business partners, ensure sustainable corporations and form the vital touchpoint between AUTO1.com and cardealerships

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