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Brand monitoring data

Build your brand with the good graces of your customer through brand monitoring data. Know how people perceive your brand and the impact of your services on your customers and much more. Get every precise visibility of your brand and stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring your brand philosophy.

brand monitoring

What we can do for you

SmartScrapers provides you with data collected on a brand’s unique image. We serve a brand intelligence database to identify and compete with similar brands. Maintain a positive brand image among consumers and identify potential influencers.

market campaign

Measure your market campaign

Tell a story the right way and boost your brand image even further.

industry leaders and influencers

Monitor industry leaders and influencers

Stay on the top of the market by monitoring important keywords and phrases, examining similar content, and exploring numbers of likes and shares on posts to gain important insights into the industry.

Understand your customer

Know your audience perception, preferences, expectations and understand what kind of content is considered valuable by the customers.

strategy emotions

Data-driven strategy for emotions

Make the best decisions for your brand by quantifying the emotions of the customers through data-based analysis.

Brand monitoring data that we provide

We can scrape for your television, news, reviews data, online forums, E-commerce sites, social media, niche websites data, and much more. Accurate data allows you to know what brand people recommend. Marketers can protect the dilution of the brand’s equity by monitoring their brand data.

brand monitoring

Sentiments data

Understand the overall sentiments that people have over the brand. Know if people's sentiments are positive, negative, or neutral.


Reputation and crisis management data

Listen to reviews and feedback and effectively respond and handle those issues to increase people’s trust in your brand and show that your brand is customer - centric.

monitoring channels

Monitoring channels data

Monitor over online news and media, social media, review sites, forums like Reddit, and Quora to identify common comments and feedback.


Competitors data

Analyze your competitors to set a benchmark for assessing how your brand measures up to other similar brands in the competition.

SmartScrapers is a full-service provider. We provide you with Unique, Real-time, and Custom data based on your exact business requirements. Scraped retail location data is never going to be the same as your competitor’s data that you buy from existing providers. We provide unique and updated data you can rely on.

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brand monitoring

Data scraping for brand monitoring lets you run a competitor analysis to measure how your social media and online activity compares to others. We use the latest tools to serve you with accurate, reliable, and structured data. Track your brand’s matrix over time through brand monitoring to see how everything from industry news to changes in your content strategy influences your audience’s growth and engagement.

Tell us your project and we will scrape it for you.