Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that helps businesses set up and manage their online stores. To make things easier for you, Shopify provides you with add-ons or apps. In the Shopify app store, you’ll find thousands of apps serving you varied features ranging from optimization, analytics, and marketing, to everything in between.

Among these thousands of apps, you’ll find some that help you create banner sliders for your store. Why do you need the banner slider app for your store? Let’s find out more about it here.

What are the benefits of using banner sliders on your Shopify store?

The primary use of any banner slider is for marketing and promotions. From new releases to sales, it is where you keep visitors informed of what your store has to offer. It is a great way to instantly draw customer attention and redirect them to the relevant pages in the store. Here are some of their benefits.

To draw instant customer attention

By using visually appealing images, videos, text, and CTA buttons, you can get the customer to view the sliders first in the store.

To increase your store’s visual appeal

Adding a slider at the top of your store increases its visual appeal. It is the first impression a visitor gets of your store.

To increase customer engagement

A well-designed banner slider has all the chances of attracting customers and keeping them engaged in the store.

To take customers to relevant pages in the store

The Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons on the sliders have the task of redirecting customers to relevant pages in the store.

10 best banner slider apps on Shopify

It’s definitely not an easy task to select the best banner slider app for your Shopify store. There are hundreds of them, and though all of them have some basic features in common, others may offer extended features. It is your task to see if they charge you an additional fee for these features and if it is worth paying for them. Go through your business requirements before you decide on one. Also, go through the reviews to get an idea of their customer service. Many of them have a link to the demo store to help you get an idea of its features.

To make your task easy, we have thoroughly explored the Shopify app store and gathered the best banner slider apps. We hope you’ll find your pick from our list.

1. POWRful Image + Media Slider by

Shopify Ratings: 4.3 (247 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

Believe it or not, what impresses customers the most in your store are the images! It’s hard to sell online without high-quality visual images or videos. Whether you intend to highlight your best sellers or new releases, shoppers must see them before buying. The POWRful Image + Media Slider helps you achieve this and more.

With this app, you can create media slides, customize them to suit your store branding, and publish them in minutes. Expect an increase in conversions as shoppers now have a clear idea of what they will be purchasing.

If your store needs more prominence in image displays, we recommend opting for its Business Plan, which gives you access to all the features in this app plus other 60+ POWR apps for social feed, popup, form builder, map, and more.


  • Choose from multiple layouts, including slider, carousel, video, and hero, to suit your theme preferences.

  • Smooth transitions between images and media for a visually-appealing experience.

  • Auto-repeat feature to prevent unnecessary clicks and ensure continuous viewing.

  • Customize slider speeds to control the pace at which customers can view product images.

  • Add CTAs to each image, redirecting visitors to the relevant links.

  • Protect your images by disabling right-clicking to prevent copying.


Free Plan- 3 media slides, create separate sliders for multiple pages, and unlimited views with POWR branding.

Starter Plan at $4.49/month- 6 slides, custom slider speed and arrow style, advanced slide transitions, and no branding.

Pro Plan at $11.99/month- 10 slides, SEO alt tags for images, custom CSS and JS, and disable right-click for images.

Business Plan at $89.99/month- Access all features in this app plus all other 60+ POWR apps.

What we like in this app

Right-click on images to prevent copy issues.

Auto-repeat feature to ensure continuity in viewing.

2. SmartBN: Banner Slider by Smartify Apps

Shopify Rating: 4.7 (161 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

The SmartBN: Banner Slider app on the Shopify app store makes it easy for merchants to upload, customize, and display a series of banners as sliders. You get to choose from over 40 customizable banner slider templates for promoting your brand and products in an engaging way.


  • Wide range of slider options, including simple fade slideshow and image gallery.

  • Support for video sliders and full-width mode.

  • Create and preview multiple sliders for different purposes.

  • Assign links to banners, allowing customers to navigate to specific products or other pages.

  • Save time with the bulk upload feature and add multiple banners at once.

  • Easily create, edit, or remove sliders and banners as needed.

  • Responsive design with easy adaptation to different screen devices.

  • Generate embedded code for each slider so that you can insert it seamlessly into your page or file codes.


14-day free trial.

Free Plan- For basic Shopify stores.

Basic Plan at $14.99/month- For stores with at least 1 order/month.

Professional Plan at $19.99/month- For professional Shopify shops.

Advanced Plan at $39.99/month- For unlimited advanced Shopify stores.

What we like in this app

Embed codes to place sliders anywhere in the store.

Bulk upload feature to add multiple banners at once and save time.

3. Image Slider Pro by EnormApps

Shopify Rating: 4.5 (122 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

Showcasing banner images in a slider format on your store is a great way to tell a story or make a point. The Image Slider Pro available in the Shopify App Store, helps you showcase images in a slider layout for better lookbooks. With this, you can customize slider speed, add text to it, and manage links effectively from the backend. Redirecting customers to products or external links is easy with a simple click.


  • Create banner sliders and carousel sliders to highlight images.

  • Easy uploading of large and bulk photos.

  • Control the slider speed to match a proper viewing experience.

  • Add text or comments to the image to provide additional context or description.

  • Link images to specific products or external sites.

  • Fully mobile-responsive design to ensure optimal display and functionality across devices.


7-day free trial.

Free Plan- Allows only 1 slideshow, 5 images, and 3 layouts with branding.

Basic Plan at $6.99/month- Allows up to 3 slideshows, uploading 100 images, and accessing 3 layouts with no branding.

Professional Plan at $12.99/month- With this, you can create up to 8 slideshows and upload 300 images.

Premium Plan at $19.99/month- The benefits increase with access to all features, creating up to 12 slideshows, and uploading up to 600 images.

What we like in this app

Controlling the slider speed to provide viewers with a seamless viewing experience.

Adding text or comment to the image for additional information.

4. FoxSell Slider & Carousel by Smooth Apps

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (22 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

An advantage of having sliders on the home page is that they highlight products that sell. Through the FoxSell Slider & Carousel app, you can showcase your best-selling products on your home page with carousel and banner sliders. Moreover, it also gives you an insight into the sales and revenue generated from the sliders so that you know which product display really helps.


  • Create sliders for specific products or categories.

  • Customize to show one product with an enlarged view or multiple products with a compact slider.

  • Built-in lazy load feature for faster loading and improved page speed score.

  • Zoom on images and hover functionality for better product visualization.

  • Include the “Add to Cart” button directly on the product slider.

  • It ensures a mobile-optimized experience.

  • Customize sliders and carousels to match your theme and brand colors.


7-day free trial.

Basic Plan for free- 1 home page slider, lazy load, custom product slider, and text customization.

Professional Plan at $9/month- Slider on 3 pages, link collection, add to cart button, and color and sale label customization. Advanced analytics report also included.

Business Plan at $15/month- This allows you to have sliders on all pages with best-seller automation and best-seller ranks on products.

What we like in this app

Lazy load feature to improve page speed while providing a better browsing experience to customers.

Adding the cart icon directly to the slider so that customers can add products with a click.

5. GG Product Page Image Slider by Gigilabs

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (244 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

Instead of the monotonous product image display, make it more engaging by displaying the images in a slider format, improving the shopping experience for customers. Replace your standard product page with high-converting sliders by installing the GG Product Page Image Slider app. Enhance customers’ navigation experience by displaying products in a slider, grid, or carousel format. Make your photo gallery optimized for mobile browsing, allowing customers to swipe through product images and videos within the slider.


  • It supports a range of features, including an image slider with arrows and thumbnails, zoom capability for images, and hover magnification.

  • Merchants can use a built-in video player that supports YouTube and Vimeo videos.

  • Include multiple images per variant, allowing customers to see different angles of the product.

  • Choose from multiple gallery layouts, featuring both images and videos in the slider.


7-day free trial.

Free Plan: Just the basic slider.

Pro Discounted Plan at $4.99/month

Pro Plan at $8.99/month

What we like in this app

Built-in video player for YouTube and Vimeo videos to increase customer engagement.

Including multiple images per product variant to make buying decisions easy for customers.

6. Slider Revolution by ShopiDevs

Shopify Rating: 4.8 (49 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

Banners can be used in myriad ways, and the Slider Revolution app is proof of that. As a merchant, you may have to use banners for purposes other than promotions. This app built by ShopiDevs has over 200 ready-made slider templates ranging from sales, product promotions, 404 error, maintenance, and coming soon. In addition, it has more than 20 add-ons to create sliders or carousels in no time.


  • Create image sliders, carousels, banners, and product sliders.

  • Build landing pages, front pages, coming soon pages, 404 pages, and more.

  • Utilize the visual interface and drag-and-drop editor.

  • Easy customization with animation effects, Google fonts, and custom colors.

  • Create banners with multilingual and RTL(right-to-left) support texts.

  • Integrate social media content into the sliders from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram.


7-day free trial.

Basic Plan at $6.99/month- Create up to 1 slider.

Professional Plan at $15/month- Create up to 3 sliders.

Business Plan at $29/month- Create up to 10 sliders.

Enterprise Plan at $89/month- Create up to 40 sliders.

What we like in this app

Multilingual and RTL support to reach a global target audience.

Integrating social media content into the sliders to create engaging slides.

7. Carousify: Collection Slider by SolverCircle

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (6 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

The reason why we have this on our Best Shopify Banner Slider Apps list is that it serves the purpose of attracting customers' attention to what is important when they are on the collection or product page. Through this, you can set up banner slideshows to show special offers or details relevant to that page. For instance, if you have 50% off on t-shirts, you display this information in a banner slider on top of the t-shirt category page or on all of the individual t-shirt product pages, thereby attracting customer attention.


  • Display individual slideshows on specific collections or product pages.

  • Set links on the banners to redirect customers to relevant pages or products.

  • Customize banner styles to suit store branding.


3-day free trial.

Premium Plan at $9.99/month.

What we like in this app

The banner sliders on collection/product pages are an innovative way to highlight offers.

8. Multi Page Responsive Slider by Zestard Technologies

Shopify Rating: 4.2 (8 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

A benefit of a banner slider is its ability to attract customer attention instantly. As a merchant, you can pack in as many promotions as you want in a slideshow and redirect your customers to the relevant pages in your store. The Multi Page Responsive Slider is what you need. You can engage your customers by displaying an array of content quickly and easily. This way, you provide shoppers with easy access to information and increase conversions.


  • Create responsive and informative sliders to showcase various content.

  • Easy search and filtering options for categories and items within the sliders.

  • Create one or more sliders or multiple pages as needed.

  • Flexibility to set different slider styles for each slider.

  • Customizations like setting slider time and content animation effects.

  • Shortcode generated for easy integration of sliders into any desired location.


7-day free trial.

Paid Plan at $4.99/month.

What we like in this app

Automatic shortcode generation to paste into any location. This gives you the flexibility to display the banner anywhere in your store.

9. Layer Slider by SEO Blocks

Shopify Rating: 4.9 (17 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

Slideshows are more exciting than static images. But what happens when you take sliders to the next level? SEO Blocks succeeds in attempting it. The result is the Layer Slider app available for you on the Shopify app store. This app helps you create layers in sliders to give an animation effect. You can create stunning presentations with enhanced visual effects.


  • Easily build your sliders using a drag-and-drop editor on a visual interface.

  • Enjoy the convenience of creating animation layers in sliders.

  • Feature multiple offers simultaneously and include multiple CTAs for each offer.

  • Highlight new content in your store using rotating images.

  • Multi-select and resizeable layers for added customization.

  • Select from a range of customizable slider templates to suit your store’s design.


9-day free trial.

Basic Plan at $6.99/month- Create up to 1 slider.

Standard Plan at $9.99/month- Create up to 3 slides with multilanguage support.

Advanced Plan at $16.99/month- Create unlimited sliders.

What we like in this app

Taking banner slider designs to a whole new level by creating animated layers and improving customer engagement.

10. Elfsight Image Banner Slider by Elfsight

Shopify Rating: 5.0 (3 Reviews)
10 Best Banner Slider Apps for Shopify

The Elfsight Image Banner Slider is a no-nonsense app that does what the name suggests. It has no add-ons or additional features to distract you from its main purpose. And it serves its purpose very well- to create image sliders to attract customer attention to your store. This app uses a simple, minimalistic visual interface to help you create slides with effects.


  • Customize text, CTA buttons, media, and content overlay positions on the slider.

  • Link sliders to relevant products, collections, or other pages on your store.

  • Give image effects to the slider to get customer attention.

  • Sliders optimized for different devices.


7-day free trial.

Unlimited Plan at $5.99/month.

What we like in this app

The dashboard is simple and minimalistic, with an easy understanding of its features.

Wrapping Up

So, we hope that this list helps you select the best banner slider app for your Shopify store.

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An app is a great way to reach customers where they are and retain them for the long term. So, why not install the Swipecart app from the Shopify app store and see your online business grow? Contact us if you are interested in starting your m-commerce journey.