There is so much you can do to increase conversions for your Shopify store. SEO, branding strategies, online lead conversions, organic marketing strategies, and much more. Along with these, one significant strategy that helps you increase website traffic and boost conversions is social media.

Each social media channel is important for bringing business to your site. A unified social media strategy will go a long way toward supporting your online marketing and increasing sales profits. Social media channels serve as the perfect sales funnel to drive traffic to your Shopify store and increase the likelihood of conversions.

Shopify offers a lot of social media management apps in its app store. From social media icon buttons, social share buttons, and Instagram galleries to creating videos and images of store products and sharing them on your social profiles, there are thousands of social media management apps.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the 10 best Shopify social media apps for 2023. You’ll learn about its features and pricing so that you can decide which is best suited for your Shopify store.

Stay with us till the end of this blog because we’ll share with you a bonus tip to boost conversions for your Shopify store.

Social media statistics: Did you know?

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

You might be wondering why we are so gung-ho about the social media apps on Shopify. After all, it is just a feature through which you can post product images on your social business account or your customers can share product detail page links with their friends. Wait until you hear about these statistics.

  • According to a survey by AddThis, Facebook is the most popular social network for sharing e-commerce products, followed by Pinterest and Twitter.

  • The most shared products on social media are fashion and beauty products, followed by food and drink and electronics.

  • A study by ShareThis found that social sharing accounts for 31% of all referral traffic to websites.

  • 62% of online shoppers have read product-related comments from friends on Facebook, and 75% of them have clicked on the retailer’s website.

  • Shoppers who click on social sharing buttons are five times more likely to buy products than those who don’t.

  • And the main point is that adding social share buttons to the e-commerce product pages increased sharing by 84%.

  • And the icing on the cake is that if you offer rewards such as discounts for sharing products on social media, you can increase social sharing by up to 700%.

The statistics are astounding, and you can clearly see that even the act of placing a social share button on your e-commerce site increases conversions.

What are the benefits of social media apps for Shopify?

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

After reading the statistics above, you already have an idea of how crucial a social media app can be to your Shopify store. Let’s directly explain the benefits to you now.

  • Allowing customers to easily share your products on social media helps you expand your reach and gain new customers.

  • As more and more people are exposed to your products on social media, your brand’s visibility increases.

  • Encourage social media sharing. This will boost traffic to your website and potentially increase sales.

  • By allowing customers to share products they love with their followers, you are improving customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Customizing the share icon can enhance your store’s design and user experience. This might sound like a minor topic, but yes, the social share icon also has an impact on improving the customer experience.

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10 best Shopify social media apps for 2023

There are many good social media apps available on Shopify. Some are standalone apps, while others combine various features into one so that merchants can take advantage of many features to improve customer engagement in their stores.

Without any delay, let’s start listing the 10 best Shopify social media apps. Remember, these are listed in random order. All are good. It’s up to you to select the one that suits your needs.

1. Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS

⭐ Rating: 4.6 (355 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS is a comprehensive social share app that does much more than just help merchants share product posts on social media. It takes care of the entire social media marketing cycle. Through it, you can:

  • Acquire customers

  • Grow your brand

  • Retain customers

  • Advocate for your brand

It is an all-in-one app and the best bang for the buck for social media marketing.

Features of Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS

  • Create, manage, schedule, and review all your posts across multiple platforms all in one place.

  • Sync your social engagement and sales metrics to measure the sales from your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok campaigns.

  • Upload and reuse images for your social media posts and forms. See which posts have contributed most to sales.

  • Consolidate all your links, forms, and promotions into one simple link in your bio.


Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS offers a 14-day free trial. The paid plan is $100/month and includes a lot of features such as loyalty programs, email & SMS campaigns, marketing automation, social scheduling, email capture forms, and reports.

2. Shoppable Instagram & UGC by Foursixty

⭐ Rating: 4.9 (172 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

Bring an Instagram-like experience to your store with this Shoppable Instagram & UGC app. Select the best posts and user-generated content from Instagram and convert them into shoppable galleries for your online store. Engage, inspire, and ultimately influence customers to buy products from the store.

Features of Shoppable Instagram & UGC by Foursixty

  • Integrate fully customized shoppable Instagram and UGC galleries into any location in your store.

  • Get access to the best and most influential posts that @tag or # mention your brand and display them on your store.

  • Showcase your influencers and their shoppable content in a perfect homepage gallery so that customers get a fully immersive influencer shopping experience in the store.

  • Schedule the posts on your Foursixty dashboard and preview them before you publish to get a feel of how your feed will look on your Instagram profile.

  • Measure influencer activity and get insight into customer engagement analytics.


Shoppable Instagram & UGC by Foursixty offers a 21-day free trial for you to test its features before subscribing to the plan. The basic plan is the Core Plan at $50/month. But you can access only the Instagram scheduler, advanced Instagram analytics, and the ‘Shop Insta’ full page. The Complete Plan for $300 has extra features like UGC and product page galleries. If you want influencers to have their profiles on your store, you have to pay $500/month and go for the Complete Plus Plan.

3. Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist

⭐ Rating: 4.8 (1,890 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

If you have a complete marketing strategy in mind for customer acquisition and retention, go for the Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist app. It has an amazing suite of tools to boost customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Here are the features available in it:

  • Loyalty and Rewards

  • Wishlist

  • Reviews

  • Instagram UGC

  • Social Login

Let’s explore the Instagram UGC feature more since we are interested in it.

Features of Growave: Instagram UGC

  • Fetch UGC featuring your products from Instagram through branded hashtags and mentions.

  • Make multiple shoppable galleries in your store to organize and display the content.

  • Display shoppable galleries across your site, from product and collection pages to the home page or dedicated landing page.

  • Customize the galleries to match your branding or choose from a variety of beautiful layouts.

  • Tag and display multiple products on one image or video to demonstrate how well your products fit together.

  • Display customer photos on specific product pages for shoppers to see how the product may look in real life.

  • Monitor product performance and customer engagement with powerful metrics.


Growave: Loyalty & Wishlist offers a 30-day free trial period. The Basic Plan starts at $9 per month, and all the features are available for 75 orders per month. The Starter Plan is similar but is for stores with up to 150 orders, and the Mediium Plan is for 500 orders per month. The Growth Plan has all the features for stores with up to 1,000 orders per month.

4. Outfy- Automate Social Media

⭐ Rating: 4.7 (1,239 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

A complete package to post product images on social media and promote your products, Outfy - Automate Social Media is one of the best Shopify social share apps that we didn’t want to miss at any cost. Create and promote content on every major social channel, automatically or manually. Wait, there’s much more to it. Let’s find out.

Features of Outfy - Automate Social Media

  • Connect your Outfy account with six social media networks.

  • Select a product and post it immediately, or schedule it for another date.

  • Make use of the preset templates for sales and promotion announcements.

  • Create a collage, GIF, or video to announce a deal or coupon code for your online store on your social media accounts.

  • Create smarter hashtags for your products to increase their visibility and reach a larger audience on various social media channels.


Outfy - Automate Social Media offers a 7-day free trial for any plan you select. The first is a Free Forever Plan that allows only one auto-product post every day. The Starter Plan is available for $15/month and has additional features such as auto-product posts and creating collages and GIFs. The Pro Plan is $30/month, and its highlights are promotional sale posts and product videos that you can manually create and post. The Ultimate Plan costs you $60/month and lets you automatically create product posts, collage posts, product video posts, and promotional sale posts.

5. CedCommerce- Facebook & Insta

⭐ Rating: 5.0 (762 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

Meta is the world’s leading social media platform. E-commerce merchants are now using Facebook and Instagram to attract new customers to their stores. Shopify allows you to integrate your store with both of these platforms. By doing so, you can easily set up a Facebook shop, sync inventory, sell products from Facebook or Instagram, and run ads on them. The CedCommerce - Facebook & Insta app allows you to do that and much more.

Features of CedCommerce - Facebook & Insta

  • Seamless setup of Facebook Shop and linking your Meta Business account with the Shopify store.

  • Bulk product uploading based on profiles.

  • Real-time synchronization of inventory and orders.

  • Display your existing catalog on Facebook Shops and Instagram Shopping.

  • Make it easy for potential customers to discover your products through posts, Stories, and Search and Explore.

  • Seamless buying and checkout experience for customers on Facebook and Instagram platforms.

  • Create and run ads based on your brand’s needs.

  • Advertise products and target shoppers based on their interests, demographics, and behavioral aspects.

  • Monitor your marketing campaigns and view reach, impressions, spending, and return on Ads.


Free to use. No subscription is required. But the checkout on Facebook and Instagram is available only to US merchants.

6. Post Studio - Social Auto Post

⭐ Rating: 4.8 (803 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

If you are a small business owner, you cannot just sit back and wait for customers to come to you. You have to put in extra effort and be active on social media to attract followers. If scheduling posts is too much work when you are focused on other aspects of your business, you can simply integrate the Post Studio - Social Auto Post tool with your Shopify store. You can use this tool to publish your offers and products from your store to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds.

Features of Post Studio - Social Auto Post

  • Choose from pre-built, high-converting post templates.

  • Automatic time-limited discount templates to attract followers.

  • Create automated workflows for weekly coupon redemption reminders.

  • Create posts for products and post them immediately, or schedule them for some other time.

  • All new products added to your store get automatically synced with Post Studio.


Post Studio - Social Auto Post offers a 7-day free trial. Then you can select a Free Plan that allows one campaign and three campaign types. It also includes the video maker. The Pro Plan is a paid plan at $7.99/month that allows up to five campaigns, unlimited posts, automatic discounts, and custom branding. The Ultimate Plan is available for $19.99/month and allows unlimited campaigns. Go for a plan that suits your business requirements.

7. Onollo: Social Media Marketing

⭐ Rating: 4.7 (171 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

For those of you wanting to leverage the power of social media to maximize conversions, Onollo: Social Media Marketing is the best for you. The autopilot feature in this app is an end-to-end social media publishing smart automation tool to help you create, post, and manage your social media content from the store. It has a built-in AI prediction algorithm to show the best time to schedule a post to maximize its reach. It is synchronized with your store catalog data and enables you to create high-quality posts with just a few clicks.

Features of Onollo: Social Media Marketing

  • Access, edit, and publish your product catalog data with a few clicks. You don’t have to download images or copy-paste product names, descriptions, or prices.

  • Auto-schedule option to generate and schedule smart posting at the right time and frequency.

  • Auto-posts are allowed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

  • Schedule posts for multiple media pages at once.

  • Track all your social media postings on the Onollo calendar.


Onollo: Social Media Marketing has no free plan. But it offers a 7-day free trial for each of its paid plans. The Starter Plan is available for $8/month, with 50 posts allowed per month. You can access limited templates and two autopilots. The Pro Plan, at $12/month, allows 350 posts per month and five autopilots. The next higher range is the Super Pro Plan at $24/month, which allows unlimited posts and 20 autopilots. The Agency Plan for $50/month has all the features that can be used without any limits.

8. Minta Automated Social Videos

⭐ Rating: 4.5 (584 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

We know that promoting products through video is challenging, expensive, and time-consuming! But Minta Automated Social Videos automates the entire process for you in a few minutes. It is your one-stop shop for content marketing. With one click, you can automatically design images and videos and share them on your business social media accounts. It helps you create branded images and videos and manage your social media efficiently to maximize CTRs for your store.

Features of Minta Automated Social Videos

  • Get unlimited creatives for generating images and videos.

  • Create high-quality images and videos for your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok social channels.

  • Customize videos; do everything from changing images to adding music and more.

  • Automatically schedule posts for your social media platforms.

  • Use the content scheduler to schedule posts up to 2 months in advance and gain maximum impressions.


The Free Plan allows up to five posts per month with limited access to image and video templates. The paid plans have a 7-day free trial period. The Pro Plan, at $35/month, allows 70 posts per month and gives access to pro templates and music for videos. The Advanced Plan is $55/month, and you can post up to 180 images or videos per month. The Enterprise Plan at $499/month allows customized posting and access to all the features with no limitations.

9. FLATLAY Social Commerce

⭐ Rating: 5.0 (84 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

Social media promotion is all about influencers! Then, why not collaborate with them to promote your products on social media? Integrate the FLATLAY Social Commerce app with your Shopify store, and you are in for a treat on social media. This app is an end-to-end social commerce automation tool for you, influencers, and customers. You get to create and post content on your social media handles and also invite the right influencers to share posts on their profiles. Together, you can build a successful journey.

Features of FLATLAY Social Commerce

  • Integrate products with one click and filter them by product vendor, tagged with, status, inventory, and type.

  • Build your portfolio of shoppable items in the FLATLAY app’s marketplace and allow influencers to share it on their profiles.

  • Create campaigns according to your business’s needs.

  • Search and invite influencers to campaigns.

  • Run affiliate sales and product referrals through a content loyalty program.

  • Analyze reports of all sponsored campaigns that include influencer reach analysis.


FLATLAY Social Commerce has a Free Plan that allows only custom content uploads and campaigns. The Pro Plan at $99/month allows for inviting 100 creators monthly, social audience insights for 100 people, and running two private campaigns. The Premium Plan at $299/month allows you to invite 1000 creators per month, have social audience insights for 500 profiles, and run 5 private campaigns. The Enterprise Plan costs $5000/month with no limitations. You can take a 10-day free trial to decide on the plan you need for your store.

10. AAA Social Share Marketing

⭐ Rating: 3.5 (34 Reviews)

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

The AAA Social Share Marketing app on Shopify encourages your customers to share products on social media and helps you increase social traffic to your store. Add Share icons on the product page or sticky social icons on the store to connect users with your social profile.

Features of AAA Social Share Marketing

  • Provide instant offers on products and carts to customers and get more social shares.

  • Prevent abandoned carts by incentivizing them with offers and discounts on the cart page through social sharing.

  • Encourage customers to share on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to increase your audience’s reach and boost traffic to your store through social channels.

  • Insert “Thank You” coupon code popups when customers share product pages on their social channels.

  • Put sticky social icons on your store to encourage visitors to follow your social profiles for the latest updates.

  • Get report modules to track the number of clicks on various social media buttons.


AAA Social Share Marketing offers an Unlimited Plan for $9/month with a 30-day free trial.

BONUS TIP- How to maximize conversions for your Shopify store?

Ever thought of a mobile app for your Shopify store? Do you know that you are missing out on a great opportunity to maximize your Shopify store conversions if you aren’t planning on a mobile app for your store? Are the high costs preventing you from having an app? Or is it that you have zero technical skills and maintaining the app is not convenient for you?

10 Best Shopify Social Media Apps for 2023

No worries; we have you covered. The no-code app builder Swipecart lets you convert your Shopify store into a mobile app in minutes without coding. This is available on the Shopify app store. You can easily add plugins and integrations to enhance the features of your app. Similar to adding apps from the Shopify app store, Swipecart has various widgets, plugins, and integrations to enrich social media management for your app.

  • The Social Login plugin allows users to log in to the app through their Google, Facebook, or Apple profiles.

  • The Share Button on the Product Detail View page allows your customers to share the product link with their friends.

  • The Social Links widget on the home page allows you to add your social media links to the home page to encourage app users to click on the links and follow your social channels.

  • Integrate Marsello: Loyalty, Email & SMS with your Swipecart app to create posts for your social media profiles and increase conversions.

The benefit of creating an app on Swipecart is that you can carry forward all your store integrations into your app.

There are hundreds of plugins and integrations available on the no-code app builder Swipecart. Together with its easy-to-use visual interface, reusable widgets, and automation workflow features, you can build an amazing app for your Shopify store and reward your loyal customers with a personalized shopping experience.

Wrapping Up

So, which of these 10 social media apps do you have on your Shopify store? What is your experience with these apps in your store? Let us know. And try building an app for your Shopify store on the no-code app builder Swipecart. This is a customer conversion-maximizing opportunity you should not miss at any cost!